Turning Our Sister into Our TRIPLET

– Good morning Good morning

– You said 11:30, it is 10:30 – Good morning, Kamri – I do not appreciate you lying to me – This morning or today, we're turning Kamri into our triplet She already kind of looks like our triplet, so it's not gonna be that hard

Are you ready? So basically that entails wearing the same outfits, wearing the same makeup You gotta come down stairs, we're going to give you a little makeover – [Kamri] You said 11:30! (upbeat music) – [Bailey] All right Brooklyn, show me your outfit Oo, now look, we're matching Oo, cute

One, two, three – I am way taller than you guys Do you see how short you are? – The height difference is The height difference is comimal Okay here's the thing though, how are we doing our hair? Also we have to do your makeup My hair, short Y'all's hair, long We should do like two braids into a ponytail or something like that

– I'm just gonna do, just a little bun – I can't do buns My hair even in a ponytail is like this – [Kamri] Kind of like Brooklyn has her hair? – Can we do two French braids? – My hair doesn't, it won't stay in the French braids – [Kamri] It won't do a little bun, like this? – These people don't understand short hair

So we came to a compromise, didn't we? – Yes we decided to French braid our hair – Braid, braid, and then there's me, with my little bun cause I can't braids, my hair is way too short for that – Kamri has been running away from us, literally for the last hour, because she doesn't want to do her makeup – She never wears heavy makeup, and we don't wear like heavy makeup, but she like wears no makeup – Nothing

– And so she doesn't want us to put makeup on – My face reacts anytime I put a lot of makeup on So, as soon as we put it on we got like two hours before I have to take it off – Beside the point, you're still, we're still putting makeup on her, we'll just maybe have to modify a little bit Even we don't look like, you need to put lipstick on

– I did put lipstick on – [Kamri] You're gonna make me wear lipstick? (laughs) Are you kidding me? – [Bailey] Yes, Kamri – I hate lipstick – Just a friendly reminder, if you like this, that we are all wearing, they're on our shop So make sure you check out the link in the description box, because they are currently available, and they're stinking comfortable and cute and I don't know why you wouldn't buy them

So go check it out We have pulled Kamri's makeup from the depths of where it was hidden, and we are about to start doing it She is hesitant, I can tell, but I think it will look good, and I think that we can do it in a way that will hopefully not irritate her skin – [Bailey] The magic is happening, but show her the beauty, show the beauty blender – Yeah, Finn chewed it

– [Bailey] That is due to Finn – Finn ate it – I don't know why he loves chewing them, but Look, here's the culprit He likes, "I'm not looking at you cause I know it was me

" – [Kamri] Hey, Finn – [Bailey] He's all up in your business, Kamri – I know, he's all over me all the time – Ta-da, we're all done One, two, and three

– I'm too tall for the screen We do not look similar This makeup makes me look less like you guys – No, open your eyes a little wider There you go

My eyebrows look so dark – No, you're just – So do mine though

– So do mine – Guys, I think I'll stick with no makeup – [Bailey] Do you think we look alike? (cricket chirping) – Yeah – Who's the cutest triplet? – She like hesitated for such a long time – That was a very long response

– Who's the cutest triplet? – He's got the beauty blender! – [Brooklyn] Finn! – [Bailey] The culprit! No, no sir At least he has the decency to look ashamed No, sir – Who's the cutest triplet? – (mumbles) me – [Bailey] You? You're not a triplet

Let's go ask other people if they think we look the same Do we like the same? – You guys have always been triplets to me – [Kamri] I don't think we look similar – You're the lagging triplet, always have been – [Kamri] Where do you see it? – [Bailey] Do we look the same? – I mean, pink hair's different, but the braids, you guys have always looked the same

– I don't see it – [Bailey] I feel like I have ducklings following me You guys are just following me in a trail, and we all look the same (knocking on door) – [Paisley] May we come in? (door creaks) – Oh my gosh – [Bailey] What do you think? – So much stripes

– [Bailey] Do we look the same? – Yeah – [Bailey] Would we look, do we look like triplets? – Yeah – [Bailey] Would you, like if you didn't know we weren't, would you think we're triplets? – That's a hard question, cause I've known you for four years – [Kamri] Look at how tall I am – So something that we do every day is, we make and post tiktoks

So Kamri is going to be doing a tiktok with us, one of our dance tiktoks If you don't know, Kamri's not much of a dancer – She used to dance, and now she does sports – But we're gonna try and teach her a dance tiktok, cause that's something that we do and we're trying to make her be our triplet So we'll post and you guys can, I mean you can go check it out when this video is posted

I'm just gonna set this up, so you guys can kind of see what we're doing (upbeat music) (upbeat music) (upbeat music) – She's frustrated because she says she doesn't have the synchronization we do – I can't – We just think at the same time naturally – Naturally, it just happens

Three, two, one Dab, go, go, go (mumbles) – [Bailey] Two, one, go Dab, hit, hit, hit, out This is gonna take forever

(upbeat music) – [Bailey] She's crying, are you crying? – You're run I'm losing my mind – [Bailey] You trying to be a triplet when you're not – This is Kamri trying to make tiktoks with dance cordination, when she's not coordinated (upbeat music) – Woo, we finally did it

Kamri did the tiktok We finished finally, after like an hour of jumping up and down Oh my gosh, I'm tired – Hello Don't mind me and my dog

– [Bailey] What do you think? – Oh, I have triplets, except ones got pink hair – Yeah, you know – That's kind of the (mumbles) – That's what dad said too – Did you guys do her makeup too? – [Bailey] Yeah

– How do you feel about this, Kamri? – Finn, don't eat the toast! – [Bailey] He's been naughty on this video all day We caught him trying to eat her beauty blender too – Well don't put it back on my plate, I'm not gonna eat it now – Yeah, you shouldn't – [Bailey] What do you think of the makeup? – I don't like it? – [Bailey] But your lashes do be popping though

– Yes they are – @ Lash Next Door – This isn't how I wear them every single day – [Bailey] So we put up a Tiktok, and people are commenting, "Wait, twins or triplets?" And someone else said, "Y'all look like triplets, with your matching hair" "Thought you were the same person for a second

" So, apparently we're not the only ones, that feel like we look the same today Can you believe just the two of us came out of that? Imagine putting her in there too – That would have sucked Okay, another Brooklyn and I do as twins is we're able to finish each other sentences We call it twinepathy, so we're gonna see if Kamri had that for trinepathy

– You have to test me first, like start a sentence, – This is such an unfair advantage – Okay – and see if I can finish it – I'm thinking of a shape – This is not finishing a sentence

– Triangle – Finn is really – Cute

– Cute – That's just, this is so bad – I can't wait to – Eat pizza – No – Go to bed – No I'm gonna think of a shape and I'm gonna have Brooklyn guess it, and then we're gonna do the same thing to Kamri

She's also gonna guess, and see who gets it right Okay ready, I'm thinking of a shape – Square – Circle – Kamri got it

(laughs) Okay, you're turn, do an animal or something – I don't think this is (mumbles) – This is just not statistically true at all I'm thinking of an animal – Giraffe

– Tiger – Yes, It's a tiger – Oh Okay, Kamri, you go – Wait, how is that work? – Yeah, how does that work? – If you're our triplet, we should be able to do it to you too

– I'm thinking of a color – Red – Blue – It's red – Yes

– So what else, let's try something else Okay, on the count of three say the first word that pops into your head, you two One, two, three – Rock – Pool

– Oh we were close – Close, all outdoor stuff We're gonna do it, ready, one, two, three Bread – Phone

– Oh, not even close – Bread? – Bread? – I don't know, it's the first thing that comes to your head I had toast this morning Kamri, me, ready One, two, three

– Blue – Red – Colors – Okay, kind of close Ready all three of us, one, two, three

Bug – Tree – I don't have a word in my brain We finish each others – Sandwiches – Sandwiches – That's what I was gonna say – That's what I was gonna say

– Oh my gosh, we're triplets – Oh, look at that – That's so crazy, – What – that they knew what I was gonna say This is so tragic

– Oh my gosh – That was bad – We're not even on our game right now either, Brooklyn – We finish each others sentences – Sentences

Just on a daily basis – Daily basis – We can't predict it – Dict it – And you're really trying

– Me trying really hard – Really trying here – You know you can't, you can't, it's like it just happens, sometimes we'll just be saying stuff and it will, or sometimes we'll come into the same room and be singing the same song and the same tune – At at the same time – Yeah, but I do that too

– At the same pitch – Anyway – No, it doesn't happen the same way as me and Brooklyn – Obviously, we are not triplets It has been proven, as if we didn't know that before

– Not mentally That doesn't mean we all don't look the same though – [Brooklyn] As we go to bed – [Bailey] Goodnight – [Brooklyn] Kamri, we're triplets, which means we all have to share your bed

– [Bailey] Come on down – That is not a thing that happens – [Brooklyn] Bailey and I have shared a bed for the majority of our lives – [Bailey] The majority of our life – No, you guys have two beds

– Lay down Get under the covers, get comfy – It's too cold in here How do we do spooning with three people? – Oh, come on – Does this mean I'm the ultimate big spoon? – Yay

Comfy Goodnight – This is not how triplets sleep (upbeat music)

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