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(both gasping) – [Both] Aw we were so cute (bright pop music) – Next picture

(both gasping) (laughing) – Are you freaking kidding me? – Woo! – [Both] Hey guys! – It's Brooklyn and Bailey, and today's video's going to be a Twin Which Twin challenge, so basically Kamri has pulled some old photos of Brooklyn and I, and we have to guess who is who – We're gonna be hitting buzzers, and whoever gets the most correct out of all the photos wins – Mhmm It's gonna be really hard because there are some old pictures where we look the exact same – Literally the same

– Which is funny because, I mean, we're twins, so we always look the same, but there's some that look more alike than others – Like clones But before we get on to the video, be sure to check out Bailey and I on musically, it's @brooklynandbailey and, let's get on to the video – Okay

– If I win, Bailey is going to have to buy me ice cream three times this month – And if I win, Brooklyn has to clean the closet and make my bed for two weeks – One week – Two weeks – One week

– One and a half – One – One and a half – One – One and a half

– One week – Alright First picture – [Bailey] Okay, aw, look at how cute our shirts are – [Brooklyn] Ah this is so hard

– Okay, um, I think I got it (buzzer rings) Brooklyn is on the right with the pigtails, and I'm the one with my hair down (bell chimes) – Ah – Woo! Okay – It's so sad that I can't tell who I am– – I know! – in these pictures

– [Bailey] Ah! This is the cutest picture ever – [Brooklyn] Oh my gosh – [Bailey] I've never seen this one before – [Brooklyn] Look at our cute little matching headbands – [Bailey] Oh my gosh, someone's eyes look purple, because they're wearing a purple shirt

You were the only one (laughing) that smiled like that (buzzer rings) – Ah! – Okay, Brooklyn's the one in the green, I'm the one in the purple (bell chimes) Bam! Woo! – I need to start guessing – Yeah, yeah, yeah It's 'cause Brooklyn was the only one when we were little that smiled like that this

Next picture (both gasping) – [Bailey] Oh my gosh Look at our cheeks Aw! – [Brooklyn] We're so cute! But this is so hard – [Bailey] What are we wearing? What are we wearing? Okay, um

– Fifty fifty shot (buzzer rings) Bailey's on the left, Brooklyn's on the right? (bell chimes) Yeah! – Ah, I was gonna say that – One down for me – Oh my gosh that's so cute – One down for me

(both gasping) – [Both] It's so cute! – Oh, little marshmallows (buzzer rings) – This is a wild guess Brooklyn on the right, Bailey on the left (bell chimes) Woo! – Yeah, because look, you are always doing the weird faces – I'm just ugly in all the photos – You are always doing the weird faces

– I just am always like (smirks) – She looks really sad in this one – Anything but smiling (both laughing) (both gasping) – Oh no! – I've seen this one! Aw, I just wanna squeeze my little cheeks – We're so cute

(buzzer rings) Dang it! – Hmm, Brooklyn on the right, Bailey on the left (buzzer beeps) Aw! – [Bailey] Oh! We do not look like ourselves in this picture – [Brooklyn] Yeah this looks funny We look like black here – [Bailey] We look like boys

– [Brooklyn] Yeah – [Bailey] We look like boys (buzzer rings) Bailey on the right, Brooklyn on the left (bell chimes) – That's what I was gonna say – It's cause I'm always wearing, the one with yellow

– Yeah, that's what I was gonna say! (both laughing) – [Brooklyn] Dang it – [Bailey] Oh, those eyeballs Look at those eyeballs! – [Brooklyn] Striking, those are so pretty – [Bailey] So cute One of us has got a binky

(gasps) (both buzzers ring) – Dang it! – Brooklyn's on the right, I'm on the left, because she's always stealing my stuff (bell chimes) – Dang it, that's what I was gonna say – Oh! She's even yanking on my binky! She stole my bottle, she stole my binkies, – Oh, stop – Look! It's proof in this baby picture – I'm just a dominant twin, alright? – Whatever

Look at me, I'm just like, "Okay, sure, you can have it" (both gasping) – [Both] Mom! – [Brooklyn] She looks like she's 12! – [Bailey] She looks like she's a little tiny, tiny teenager! Oh, whose face? (both laughing) The baby on the left? – I know, wait I'm gonna guess – You've gotta be on the left – Brooklyn's on the left, Bailey's on the right (buzzer beeps) – [Both] Oh!! – You're kidding me! – I'm the ridiculous face this time

– That was you! That was you! – Oh my gosh Look how cute our little swimsuits are too – [Both] Aw – [Brooklyn] I have no idea (buzzer rings) (both giggling) – This one's really hard

– Brooklyn on the right, Bailey on the left? (bell chimes) Yeah! – Oh, okay – Woo – That was bad – That was really hard (both laughing) – [Bailey] Oh, we both look like you in this picture! – [Brooklyn] Are we sure that's us? I don't think that's us! – Okay

(buzzer rings) Uh, Bailey's on the left, Brooklyn's on the right (bell chimes) Because I'm smaller, and I was a smaller baby So, that's why – [Both] Aw (buzzer rings) – Brooklyn on the left, Bailey on the right

(bell chimes) Ay, ay, ay, oo, oo, look at me go! It's easier to tell now that we're a little older – I'm so cute – Look at Brooklyn, she's like (posing) (resolving music) – [Both] Ooo (laughing) – Uh

Okay – Brooklyn on the left, Bailey on the right (buzzer beeps) No? That's wrong? It's Brooklyn on the right, Bailey on the left, that's what I was gonna say – I seriously can't even tell who I am in these pictures – No, you can tell 'cause like envision your face, matching this

Look at us, being all sporty – [Both] Aw! – [Bailey] We look so happy – [Brooklyn] We look so cute This is the cutest thing I've ever seen in my life – Oo, I don't know, I don't know, I don't know

(buzzer rings) – Brooklyn on the left, Bailey on the right (bell chimes) Oh yeah I was gonna say, if I got that wrong, I'm guessing wrong on every single one of these – Look at how excited we are What did we get? – Barbie slippers

– [Bailey] Barbie slippers, aw! – [Both] Oh my gosh! (buzzer rings) – Brooklyn on the left, Bailey on the right (bell chimes) It's obvious, just obvious You just look like you, I don't know I can't pick out me, but I can definitely pick out you – You have chubbier cheeks

– I had chubbier cheeks Look at me, look at us, so cute, oh my gosh – I've never seen this picture before – Me neither – [Brooklyn] Oh, that is super creepy, I can see– (buzzer rings) but I haven't even looked at it for five seconds! – Brooklyn on the right, Bailey on the left

(bell chimes) – I didn't even get to look at it – I remember those coats – We look like, scary – We look like cute little school girls (gasps) – [Brooklyn] We are bunnies! We are definitely bunnies, and I have no idea who is who

(buzzer rings) – Brooklyn on the left, Bailey on the right (buzzer beeps) – Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh! – You don't get a point – I know, but that means you don't get one, so then I'm obviously gonna still celebrate (gasps) – [Brooklyn] Aw! – [Bailey] My dad looks so different! – [Brooklyn] My mom's hair cut though! – Oh my, they both look so young (buzzer rings) – I know who's who

Brooklyn on the left, Bailey on the right (buzzer beeps) Are you freaking kidding me? I don't smile with my eyes squinty like this! Bailey does – Yeah! – I always smile with my eyes wide open This is not me! Look at it, that looks like you – That is you

– Look at the difference That is not me – That's Brooklyn – That's not me We look the exact same

What! I'm just gonna try to guess it, I'm gonna be wrong Brooklyn on the left, Bailey on the right (buzzer beeps) (clapping) I should just do the opposite of what I think – We look so similar – I thought we decided you had chubbier cheeks

– One of us is chubbier – That one's chubbier (gasps) – [Bailey] Darling (buzzer rings) – Brooklyn on the left, Bailey on the right (bell chimes) Okay, finally

– Yeah, aw, that's a cute picture – I got one, I got it right – [Both] Oh! (both buzzers ring) – That's really easy – Yeah, that's easy – Brooklyn's on bottom, Bailey's on top

(record player stopping) Wait – No – Wait – It's the other way (buzzer beeps) Look at my eyebrows

Look at my eyebrows You know that it's me based off my eyebrows – I don't know My whole life is a lie (both laughing) I'm so confused

(laughing) – [Bailey] Oh no! Oh no! We look the exact same (buzzer rings) – I'm gonna go Brooklyn on the right, Bailey on the left (bell chimes) Yes! – Okay Okay, people! – Gonna reclaim my– – I was just gonna say we were pretty cute babies – We were cute babies

– I won! I won! ♫ Deep down, I know you've got the heart of a champion – Okay, we get it Okay, we get it Alright – I won! – Everything is just confusing (buzzer rings) It was just confusing

– I won – Now thank you guys so much for watching, if you wanna comment below on what picture was y'alls favorite I know there were some in there that I've never even seen – Oh yeah – Didn't even know existed

– Super cute ones – Who knew – If you guys haven't subscribed to our channel, click the button over here to join our YouTube channel family Also, if you wanna watch more of our videos, click the buttons over there, and we'll see you next time Bye! – Bye! – Love you guys! (bright pop music)

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