– Look how short it is (she laughs) – Put the hoodie on

– All right lets see – Every one is giving us weird looks already, we're not even in the restaurant yet I'm still shaking ♪ This is how we do it when your walls are falling ♪ ♪ This is what- ♪ – Hey guys – Hey guys – this is Brooklyn and Bailey – this is Brooklyn and Bailey – and in today's video, and in today's video, – I actually will not be here at all

It will only be Asa – Bye Brooklyn and their twinning and it's super fun But a portion on this video is sponsored by JCPenney and Arizona Jean Co and don't forget that our Arizona Jean Co holiday pics are out so you can shop them at JCPenney or JCPcom and you all click the link down below – Click – Make sure you click guys – They're really cute

– Click the link – We're wearing it right now – Yeah, look good Also, they have brand new cutoffs of us in the stores, so go to your local store, take a selfie with us, tag us in the picture Give a cardboard me a giant hug because they are life size, – Yes So it'll be like hugging me

– Please come say hello to us – Yes, in the store – In the store – As a cardboard form – As a cardboard form

Let's go see Asa and I attempt to twin for 24 hours Okay, you guys So we are on the hunt We're currently shopping for our matching outfits that we're going to have to wear all day tomorrow So it's going to be kind of difficult

trying to find the outfits – Yeah, we'll see if we can try to find something but – Because we have to find athletic wear that matches, norma wear that matches and pajamas – Pajamas Pajamas are going to be the hard part actually

– Yeah – But we're going to do it So right now we're shopping in JCPenney We're going to try and find stuff that matches Asa says we should wear these

– Yeah if only we had another one – You look like you're from the Nazis, Wait, let me try it on – Now that's cute – I'm like I'm from the two thousands like the 2000, like this is 2000 – I like it, cute

I like it It's really cute – I know (camera clicks) – We can't find anything else so red flannel it is But we're going to go hunt – Oh yeah

in the women's section and see if we can find – let's if can find a matching one, or if I just need to wear a men's So we're over here like in the girls section and Asa pulls this up and says, "We should try these" – Yeah Remind you this is the little girl's section

This boy, he wants to try it on anyway – I just think it would be fun – That we'd be cute matching panda – We'd be cute – Asa just stop

Why is it even on this over here? Who is that? That's me Okay so update, we're having a hard time with the athletic wear because like things don't exactly match and we can't really go across back and forth between women's and men's athletic wear – Yeah it's all the way across the store – So I found these leggings with this scrunch on the side, which I thought were cute We just found these black pants for him, but now like what do we do about the top

– what do we do about the top? – We don't know what we're going to do about top – Well – We're going to look We're going back to the men's – Back to women's after we went back to the women's because we're having a very difficult time finding athletic shirts that coordinate

So we decided once again, that I would wear the men's shirt and just cut it to make it look a women's shirt (he laughs) Here we are – Voila just decided to get men's Oh, and we figured out that we both have black bands, so we're going to wear those He's getting ready

He tried on his panda pajamas to see if we can pull them off I'm like crying I hope they work Asa (Door opens) (she laughs) Oh my gosh

– Look how sorry it is (she laughs) – Put the hoodie on – All right let's see – can we please? – Yeah (They laugh) – These are our matching PJ's guys

Cute So we were like set on the pandas and stuff, but then I found these super cute matching set of pajamas where it's like the woman's nightgown looking thing and then the guy's has a matching shirt and pants and I kind of died a little inside because it's so cute So I said, "I think this is what we're going to actually wear" So we're in the red flannel tops as ourcasual outfit and then the red flannel pajamas later on and then the black athletic wear and the pandas sadly are getting kicked to the curb Okay and that's a rest

– Success So we found some cute slippers to go with the pajamas There's a lot of flannel, – So much red flannel – But I think it's because the holiday season's coming up – Yeah – And so that's just everywhere

Altogether it was a success We're going to match tomorrow all day – All day – I wonder what people will think We're literally going to the public gym tomorrow and at Baylor and everyone's going to be like, "Oh, there's those YouTubers

" – There's us – Oh well it's going to be fun So until tomorrow – It'll be fun So for this outfit, obviously we're going to just spend our day in this

And the first thing we wanted to do was go to lunch – Go to lunch – Now I've been craving fried chicken, this girl likes fried chicken, so we're getting fried chicken and it's gonna be interesting to see how people react to us matching I mean even just walking from our apartment to the car, I saw like four or five different people just kind of do a double take Like almost

It's not weird enough to be weird, but also at the same time I think they're like, "Are they matching?" They're either like, "Oh, that's cute" Or they're like, "That's weird" And I can't really tell which one it is

– We really didn't tell them – I'm pretty cute I got the jean shorts on, he's got the jean shorts on We kind of like are coordinating here with the flannels obviously So it'll be interesting to see what people think at lunch

But yeah, that's where we're headed right now and I'll update you guys when we get there Update on our lunch adventure – Update We're now going to get pancakes because we're inside here we're sitting and we're like you know what? We're kind of feeling pancakes not fried chicken – Yeah

– I'm such a girl I'm like, "I want fried chicken" "No wait, I want pancakes" "No wait, I want Sushi" "No wait I want all the things

" – I can almost eat like anything right now – So far it's been a little crazy adventure We made it So far no weird looks – No weird looks

– Our waitress didn't even blink an eye – I don't know I don't know what it is Maybe this is more normal – Maybe she game us little cute little smirk

(he laughs) But that's it – Maybe this is more normal than we think – Yeah maybe it is I'm waiting for the PJ's – Yeah

Honestly the pajamas – That'll get I think that's really going to get people – a couple of laughs The food has arrived Yum yum

Yes – So excited Okay, let's dive right in And here's the aftermath We were starving – So full now

– Coma over here – Oh man this worth it – We were so hungry – This's just so worth it though – I'm going to go in, there're other kids in there

Brooklyn– – Nobody knows – None of our friends that we're twinning today – has seen us – twinning so far So we're going to go in and see what they think – See what they think Hey – Oh, why are you all matching? – What are you guys doing? – We're filming a video – Uuh you guys are so good

– He's a good boyfriend then – Yes he is – I was forced – Of course – Just kidding – Cute couple bond

– Wait, why are you matching? – It's for our video We wanted to see what people thought Is it weird or is it cute? – What? Do they know you I don't think they know you – I think it's cute

– Thanks – We try – We tried – What's this, another outfit? – Yeah – So extra

– That was Kamri – So this is mine and this is his and we're matching And we're currently headed to the gym Brooklyn and Kamri and Payton And we're going to go rock climb because they have that here at Baylor

And this's the first time I'm going and I'm a little nervous because I– – Yeah me too – I get like halfway through the rock climbs I'm not scared of heights but I kinda like freak out so we'll so – Yeah me too so it's okay – We'll see

– But we look cute matching and stuff You guys know I had to get a a men's So this is crop I just kind of cut it and I cropped this so it looks more like feminine But it's the same shirt

Asa here is about to go So far no weird looks about our small date – Yeah – Kamri is giving us the weird looks Go Asa

As you're slow Oh and challenge accepted he said, "No ma'am" I was feeling a little can we go over here – I'll cream him – He's all the way up there

There's Brooklyn Brooklyn is up there, Asa's up there We're all the way down here Zooming in and out I'm next I think

Ooh go Asa This is so hard, the jumping – You guys check it out Bailey's turn She's killing it She's probably like, 1500 feet, 20 feet up in the air

– Usually 100, usually – She's about halfway there Good job bae – What are you guys saying? – You're almost there – You're almost there

– You can do it Yeah She kind of looks like a spy when she's coming down here Look at her – We've made it out but I'm still shaking

– It was so scary when you go – I just got up I got on to like steps on the way up and then I'm like, "Oh my God this is really high" – Although I can do it It's really high when you're up there

– We both made it successfully And our instructor the he was like, "You guys are matching" She was like, "I love it" And we were like, "Oh you know" – Yeah you know

We were so nervous we almost told her it was intentional, – All right so this is outfit number three – Out fit number three – Look at us go So we're in coordinating pajamas – Oh yeah

– We are so excited We're going to go get Pazookie looking like this Our waiter is probably going to think we're crazy – But who care? – Look at this, we both have matching little booties – Oh yeah

– Why are we so cute? (he laughs) I'm so excited to go get pazookie Every one is giving us weird looks already We're not even in the restaurant yet This is so awkward – We are currently in Bj's right now and we just got keso some chips and we're just hanging out, but somebody came and saw Bailey and took a picture but– – She thought I was cute

– Yeah she said she was cute – She said it was cute that we were matching – Maybe this is something we need to do more often Check this out Look how big this salmon is

Oh my God are you excited? – Oh the goodness has come Asa is over there like, "Yes" – I'm so full but I'm still excited – He got cholate chip I got shuffled chocolate, comment down below which one would you get? Definitely this one

– No definitely this one, definitely this – I don't know it depends – So good on whether you're a chocolate lover or not I am Oh it's falling over

This what I'd get We're about to stuff ourselves rotten – All right Bailey is about to do the Tortilla tossing – You guys don't know the legend If you get one on that thing over there

You get supposedly the first part and I want to see if this girl's – Oh oh – We're going to try

– All right – Oh my gosh – Oh so close – This's so salty (They xcream) – So cool

– So Hannah What do you think of us matching? – I honestly think it's a couple goals and I just aspire to one day have a ring by spring like he tossed you out (They laugh) Actually real talk it's really cute – Oh thank you – Did you guys go to BJ's like that? – We did – Solid

Proud of you – Hopefully you guys enjoyed watching this video and seeing Asa and I make a fool of ourselves, but winning Although I thought we looked cute – I think we looked pretty cute – I don't know – All right a few words

– So if you guys liked the video, you should definitely go subscribe to our channel by clicking the button right over here and to see more of our videos, you guys can collect the button right over here We love you guys so much Bye ♪ When your heart is burning ♪

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