Twins MOVING OUT | Saying Goodbye to Freshman Year & Bonus ASMR????

– You're not moving out This is the worst day of my life

– Are you crying? – [Bethany] No I'm not crying! (laughing) (upbeat electro music) – Woo hoo! – [Brooklyn] Goodbye college, goodbye Baylor See you in three months Okay y'all, it's April 26th and Bailey and I both have our last final on May 13th And the Baylor rule is that you have to be moved out by 24 hours after your last final Bailey and I are moving a bunch of our furniture out today but honestly, I don't even know like what I'm going to do

Everything's going to be so empty It's going to be so strange and we're moving it into a storage unit here in Waco Yeah so we're going to have a big moving party today Guys, this just is a big signal for the fact that freshman year is actually coming to an end and wow that's insane Alright, I'm on hour, I think this is like two or three of moving stuff and we kind of have a system in place now where I've moved all the furniture out here and then I'm moving it to the elevator

They're taking it down, moving it into the truck So it's me, Tina, Cameron, and Antoine right now that are moving everything, but we are making progress Look at the room Isn't this crazy? There's Jensen, she helped me move all of this But yeah, doing good

(upbeat music) Y'all (Laughing) moving is hard Look at my hands right now They're like, oh you can't see it, they're like covered in all this like black stuff You can see I have, it doesn't look like much, but I have like, actually have quite a bit in the back of this car There were only two things that we couldn't get in the truck and in this and that was the giant like three headed lamp and then the big carpet from our bedroom

Other than that, we basically just got our entire apartment like cleaned out, like it's done I'm feeling good, everything's great I am sweating like none other, um, this is now, I started at two o'clock so this is now like, I'm on hour three and a half of moving So not really that bad I will show you more of the storage unit when I get there

– [Brooklyn] We adulted today, signed all the paperwork Then we borrowed a truck, got a bunch of friends, moved all our stuff into the truck and then moved it in here Look how much space we have, by the way Friends? Just one friend (Laughing) We adulted

Woo hoo! – The light bulb's burnt out but past that it's a perfect storage unit – [Brooklyn] Yes and I got a lock, learned how to use it today, guys – This round of moving in is done There will probably be another round coming, um, in between finals, where we like, take down the wallpaper, and clean and all of that But until then, we have moved all the big furniture out and I will do like a little pan view of what it looks like right now in my apartment because it is scary empty

Um, and I'm going to live like that for the next like, two weeks so there we go Alright y'all, just finished taking two finals for the day I took 1305 and calculus And calculus, honestly, could've failed, could've gotten 100%, have absolutely no idea I'm returning my mail key so, um, I'm officially no longer a Baylor resident because my mailbox is not open to mail anymore

As of next semester, I'm going to have a house that it's going to be delivered to so buh bye mail key We finished calculus and so this is our celebration – We're hiding! (suspenseful violin) (laughter) They can't see us! – We finally finished calculus so this is the celebration How do you feel about it? We just took the final (Breathes deeply) Yeah it was pretty hard

– If I passed it would be a miracle – Mhmm But it's over – My consolation prize – Cheers to calculus being over

Yes (laughter) – [Brooklyn] Aww what a good way to finish the day after a calc exam – [Man] Oh yikes (chatter from a group of people) – (clears throat) Okay good morning you guys Yesterday I took my calculus final and I don't have anymore finals until the last day, and then I have three

So, I have from now until that day to basically get the entire apartment cleaned out, packed up, put in the storage unit or put in my car, and I'm planning on, like, living out of a suitcase for the last day, which means I have two days to get all that done So, that's what I'm going to be doing for the entire day So, I'm just going to vlog everything that I'm doing Hopefully, you guys enjoy Okay, see this mural? I am taking it down

Just a sticker, guys So, it should peel off pretty nicely like this (paper crinkling) Oh my word, this is going to be weird seeing this wall plain (crinkling) Oh almost there No more mural on this wall

We do have these decorations like this and these and the crosses on the walls that I am about to take down Here we go! I'm also going to peel these crosses off They're just stickers just like the wallpaper outside is too Whoa, look at the wall It's like so empty

I'm going to have to deep clean it of course, but, Oh my word Ew, look how gross our mirror is See, this is why I need to clean the bathroom (Upbeat techno music) – [Bailey] Time to take the big boy down Goodbye! All that hard work

What are we going to do? – It's going to look so boring in here – [Bailey] It's kind of satisfying – I mean, kind of in a weird way (paper peeling away) Moving out is exhausting Like, it's like not even 9:30 and I'm so tired

– Brooklyn and I are going to basically load up the car and take all the stuff that we packed to the storage unit and hopefully we'll be done taking apart the apartment for the year (suspenseful violin) – Still have a lot of work to do – But we're going to get it done today because I have to study tomorrow so that's what's happening – [Bailey] So, now we have one, two, three, four, five, six bins, a couple of scrapes and bruises, and a heck of a ton more to go – Hi, I'm taking a chillax back here in the back of the trunk

– [Bailey] Oh yeah, also FYI our car broke down – She didn't break down

Bailey is just very dramatic about the whole thing – [Bailey] Here, here – The car just was not in good shape, something was wrong with it and so we sent it home with my dad when we met them at the peach farm, and we took this car home Everyone's parents are helping them move out and we were like – [Bailey] I think that's kind of funny because everyone has like, one bed Like, you know? They like one person stuff, and like one room – And we have two people stuff and an apartment and we were like mom and dad are you going to help us move out and they were like, no We're just huffing and puffing out here

– [Bailey] It's been really difficult – We're trying to recruit our friends to help us – [Bailey] And this is probably going to be the first of three hauls – No, I'd say two – [Bailey] The second one is going to the storage unit, the third one is going to stay in the car

So, I can drive it home on the 13th – Finals week too – [Bailey] Yeah, so studying too, on top of all that Hey – Hi

– [Bailey] Thanks for coming to help Guys, this is what happens when you move an apartment Everyone else is moving a dorm room and we are moving an entire apartment And it's not easy Oh that's going to stab somebody

– Okay, we have one more bin we need Go get the empty bin – [Bailey] Okay, bye (upbeat techno music) – It's getting dark Antoine's over here still helping us carry all our stuff out

I'm taking the trash out with a little wagon We still have deep cleaning to do and stuff but I think we might do celebratory ice cream once we're done moving everything out And then we'll come back home and deep clean – Okay so we couldn't get the TV

to fit anywhere else so Antoine's holding it very carefully – I'm wearing my seatbelt – In his lap And it's like, what? Nine o'clock? – Yeah, almost 10:00 I think – We still, we don't have that much left

Like, we're really doing okay – We're doing okay – We're doing mediocre But, we're on our way to being done He is killing it today! Holy crap, that's huge

Oh – That's the hardest part – You're joking It's 1:00 am

I think And the reason that we're still moving stuff is because we took a big ole break and we went to BJ's for dinner because we worked hard today Since we took a break, we're struggling (laughter) – We really are struggling – But it's okay, because we started at like six o'clock – You're not

You're not moving out This is the worst day of my life (laughter) – Are you crying? – [Bethany] No, I'm not crying! I don't cry, no! – [Bailey] It's 1:50 in the morning, this is it guys Somebody shut this trunk – [Anna] Nice

– [Bailey] Victory – We did it – [Bailey] Yes, teamwork (laughter) – Hello – [Bailey] We moved! – It's actually one o'clock in the morning

We're hungry and it's one o'clock and it's our last night in the apartment And we ate beef stew a lot this year so it's kind of like a fun memory to eat it on our last night So, at one o'clock in the morning we're making beef stew and we're eating it How's it going? – It's hard work – So, she has to unscrew them, then take the marble stuff off and then screw them back in

So, she's working hard over here, but it's the last (screws fall) for finishing touches Then we throw away any other trash that we see, vacuum the floor, pack up everything, sleep one more night, and we're done – It's our last night in our dorm room I'm kind of sad like, you know? You go your whole life and you think about oh my gosh I can't wait until I live in college and I'm in a dorm room, and now this is the last time that I will be in this dorm room Everything is gone

I'm out tomorrow morning and I'm probably never going to see this apartment again And we're back to what it originally was Which is completely empty I've got my final wagon of stuff My suitcase

I just said goodbye to all of my friends And I'm really sentimental but I'm not going to cry I refuse to cry because I'm going to see them again in three months, so it's just a break But, I'm mostly sentimental because it's like the end of an era Like, I'm thinking back on it and like did I spend it the way I wanted to? Did I make all the memories I wanted to? I remember like yesterday, the day that we moved in and what that was like and how scared I was, and if I was going to make the right friends, and if I was going to be able to get through my classes, and now here I am nine months later literally two semesters in, moving back home and my first year of college is over

Like, you never get that back I'm so sad I'm not going to cry Okay, that is that We are all moved out

Look at this car I have to drive this home and it is 7:30, so, I still got a ways to go I've got two hours of a drive I haven't eaten dinner yet I still have to stop at the storage unit, but I'm going home today! We moved out successfully, guys

Goodbye college, goodbye Baylor, see you in three months (energetic techno music)

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