Twins Share EVERYTHING for 24 Hours

– Good morning everybody, woo hoo! Today– (record scratches) Why are you chasing him? – He has something in his mouth (Bailey laughs) – Today, Brooklyn and I are sharing everything for an entire day which I actually honestly

we used to do this when we were younger a lot – We shared everything – We had the same room, clothes – Now, we have our own closets, our own bathrooms, our own bedrooms, our own beds

– My own boyfriend – Our own cars, like, we don't share much of anything anymore – Besides face (upbeat music) – This morning we're gonna share makeup and– – I just think we're gonna get super annoyed because we like recently split everything up and to go like back– – Yeah, we definitely did We used to have one makeup bag, like do you remember that like? – How did we do that? – That was not that long ago

– That was like a year ago – What the what? – Never again – No – Anyway, we have to share makeup Who's makeup are we sharing? Yours or mine? (Brooklyn makes noises of disgust) – Rock, paper, scissors

– Yours because mine- – is clean – No, rock, paper, scissors – Rock, paper, scissors – No, – yours because mine is clean – Ready? Rock, paper, scissors

– No Yours – Rock, paper, scissors (lazy music) – Oh! Are you kidding me? (record scratches) Yes! We're using yours! Her makeup – She's disgusting – I'm not disgust– That is rude Here is the makeup bag that were gonna be sharing today Voila! Do we have to like share like you use it then I use it? Or be just like– – This is so gross – Taking out like – This is really gross – We used to share makeup like literally a year ago

Pour me the foundation – Don't use my brushes – I'll just use your beauty blender – No, don't use my beauty blender Here, you can use this one Feeling we're not the same shade – This doesn't look like my shade at all Go figure on that one This looks very much like not my shade

Am I using this? – No Those (mumbling) No, no, no, no, – Pick one – You don't, you don't, you don't use that brush like that anyway Here (lively music) (laughs) – Excuse me? I look like I painted mustard on my face – Is peanut butter (Brooklyn laughs) – You use this? Look at how naturally yours look! Mine looks no! Literally look! That is bad! So bad you would think because we're twins we wear the same shade

Apparently not – Skin is different for everyone – I need your beauty blender to make this like natural, this looks so bad right now – Noooo! – I'll use the back side! – No! – Which side–? (Brooklyn yells) I have to use it! – No! That is so gross – Then wash it after (mumbles) – You– No No

No, no – Wash it with soap – You only need this one – Give me that – No, I'm using this right now (Baily laughs) – I have to blend this so it looks like peanut butter on my face! (lively music) (crickets chirping) Yikes There is one makeup brand we do share: Lash Next Door

We both use this, so, this is like the one, one of the few things that we actually do wear that's the same – I really don't think it's a (mumbling) – You know? Like, the thing is it might not look that bad, but it's not my makeup, you know? So it just feels like wrong You know what I mean? Like you just don't feel like yourself if you're not wearing your makeup – That's true – This is the end result

It looks better than– on camera than it does in real life (Bailey laughs) – My looks great! – I feel like I don't look like myself at all! – I look fine! You look like yourself You look the same (Bailey scoffs) (Bailey scoffs in slow motion) – I don't like sharing makeup – I don't either – (Bailey grunts) I wanna do my own

– Okay! So, I obviously need to get dressed because I'm in sweatpants right now So, we have to share everything, right? In theory, we have to share our things, so – In theory

– In theory, we have to share clothes, so – What does that mean? Like share one item of clothing or like we– – I thought it would be funny if we tried to fit into one thing – Then we– it's not possible, though

We can't– – But we can, we can at least put it on, and like be stuck together for a minute, and then we can put on like matching outfits or something – Ma– oh, matching outfits No – So, we're gonna try and get into one item of clothing Don't know what it is yet, but we'll show you when we do 'kay, so, Bailey and I attempted to put on the same shirt, but we– we buttoned up from the bottom so that we got it right this time when we put it on (Brooklyn groans) – This is extremely difficult – I'm getting choked Do we look like we're one in the same? We share everything Even our clothes (laughs) And now we're gonna go put on matching outfits (mumbling) not being the same golden – Let's go! (laughs) We found the matching pants to the ones I'm currently wearing

So Brook is gonna put them on so we're matching outfits, too 'cause we are sharing clothes! – [Brooklyn] I am naked – Oh! (silently laughs) She's changing right now, so we will get back to you as soon as she's done changing (waiting music) Ta-dah! – Now that I'm clothed – [Bailey] Ready? Ta-dah! (playful music) Sharing clothes! Wo-hoo! We haven't honestly matched like this since our switching videos Here is (mumbling) – Hi! – [Bailey] Guess what? – What? – [Bailey] Brooklyn and I are sharing everything today, which means we share – Me? – [Bailey] You! (Brooklyn laughs) We share you (laughs) – Bye! – [Bailey] Guess he's taking us both on a date! – Me? – [Bailey] You! – [Brooklyn] Double the trouble– – Damn – [Brooklyn] Double the dollar bill – Don't worry We're paying So you don't have to pay double – Oh, okay – Bummer! What's the point on going on a date then – He goes– Oh, okay, that's fine If you– – I'll do it

Who else (mumbling) to go on a date? (laughs) – This is included – We're supposed to share everything! – See? – I think the seat in the car is included now– wait, you can't– there we go – [Asa] Now there buckle up – Come sit on my lap! (Brooklyn groans) – Oh my! – Get comfortable! – [Asa] All right – Buckle up! – My hip is– – Buckle up! (Brooklyn yells) – My hip is pressing into this door – [Asa] Here – Oh boy

– [Asa] It's here to that – Oh boy Oh, ow, my boob – This is– – Ow! My boob! – This is– This is what it was like when we were in the womb (Asa laughs) – We were like this

Hello Okay, but for real No, no! For real this is illegal So we're not going to share a seat (Bailey laughs) Okay we're going to the drive through because it's so warm outside we wanna eat outside, but! Since we're sharing everything today, that means we also have to share food

So what are the– – No! (no in slow motion) – Whatever you want I get too – No! I'm so hungry! (Bailey laughs) – Then we should just order a very large meal We're getting fried chicken – Their honey-butter biscuits are really good – Yes! Hey, what are we getting? (crickets chirping) – [Asa] Chicken! – She doesn't know One of the other things that we don't normally share is Finn The dog! – Not the responsibility but we share the dog! – So

– Bailey doesn't like to take care of him when he's naughty – No! That's not true I take care of him a lot But! We are gonna take him on a walk

Together As twin-dog parents How cute! We got the leash and we're ready to go! Let's go Finny! – Come on! – [Bailey] Let's go! – Let's go, let's go on a walk! – [Bailey] Go for a walk! Wow! We're doing such– Oh! We're doing such a good job! (laughs) Okay let's go! (more laughs) Finn got tired (laughs) The end of our day Bailey's about to eat Ah-ah-ah-ah

We're sharing everything – No! No! No! No! No! – We are sharing everything for today! Give me the popsicle! (Bailey groans) – [Bailey] Brook! That's a big bite too! Oh my gosh – (muffled) Here you go You're welcome – We have spent the entire day sharing everything, and now it's time for us to go to bed and we realized that means sharing toothbrush I'm just not That is like crossing a line – If we are sharing everything – But we can at least share a sink We're gonna share toothpaste instead because we're not disgusting humans that share toothbrushes – Oh my god, I would cry I can't do that

This is so gross! – Taking out like – Don't use my brushes – I'll just use your beauty blender – Don't us my beauty blender Noooo! – I'll use the back side! – No! (both yell) (fighting in slow motion) (toothbrush rubbing against teeth) (classic animated music) (muffled) I'm so tired after a long day One of the things that I completely forgot about once again 'cause I'm so used to having my own freaking stuff is that I have to share a bed Good thing we have a queen size bed now – We haven't done this since we were like – Fourteen? – No Younger than that

– No, we had like a– we shared a room (mumbling) – We shared a room but like– – around like twelve to thirteen? fourteen? – But not a bed The last time we had a bed together it was like ten – No, bed? We were like ten I don't remember – We were little children – I don't wanna (Brooklyn makes a sound with her lips) But there's not space – Which side is yours? – The left – Brooklyn's side – Bailey rolls in cakes in her sleep too RIP me Here is to not get a good night's sleep

– I cannot believe this – Boo – Back to our childhood we're throwing it back (laughs) – (whispers) Hello – (whispers) Hi (laughs) You're so close to me – Good night! – Good night!

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