Twins TRY Skydiving in Hawaii! Would You Do It?

(upbeat pop music) – [Both] Hey guys! – Today you're gonna see Brooklyn and I jump out of a perfectly good plane – At like 10 to 12,000 feet, hurdling 120 miles per hour at the ground with barely a piece of fabric to save us

(screaming) – Like literally a piece of fabric like this big – But it was really exciting I'm trying not to terrify you, but it was really fun – Skydiving was literally amazing – It was so much fun

– So my mom and her friend Jinger, like six years ago went skydiving and they promised Brooklyn and I when we turned 18 that they would take us – They would take us And they did they kept their promise and it was amazing – Yes – And Jinger, being the awesome lovely YouTube aunt that we have paid for us to go skydiving so give her a little love and subscribe to her channel by clicking the link in the description box below or the information button up there and don't forget to also subscribe to our channel by clicking the red button down below, subscribe button

– That says subscribe – Yes – Now definitely let's move on to watching Brooklyn and I jump out of a plane Let's go Good morning you guys

It is four o'clock in the morning and we have gotten up this early before the rooster crows to go skydiving That's right we are gonna jump out of a plane today Am I ready for this? Not really Everyone else is really excited but, I, honestly am a little nervous because you guys know, I have a huge fear of planes, even though I ride on planes literally all the time to travel So I don't know why I'm jumping out of one

It's gonna be me, Brooklyn, Cameron, Asa, and I think Jinger Is mom jumping Brooklyn? – Yes she is – And my mom are jumping today It's gonna be very interesting to see how this goes Hopefully everybody is safe, hopefully everything goes well and I'll let you guys know

– Okay, so we're here (giggles) This is happening We are skydiving, we're legit Six years ago Jinger asked us if we wanted to go skydiving with her when we were 18 And here we are, six years later, actually doing it Woo! (heavy rock music) I think mom and Jinger are gonna go first 'cause they both jumped before right? – Um, does that make us pro status? That's my only question

– Yes, pro status – Pro status jumper – So you can see the sky dive signs right there We're all I'm excited, Cam's excited, Asa's is excited Bailey's freaking out and mom and Jinger are just trying to act like they're cool and like they've already done this before – Um, please, act like we're cool? Girl, this comes natural – Alright

– To see more craziness that's Carl and Jinger Carl and Jinger channel – Check out their channel – These guys do insane things – Like this (laughs) – Watch out

– [Brooklyn] Here they go, they are the first two So skydiving goes in twos So I think Bailey and Asa are next? – No what about us? I thought we were gonna go together man – [Brooklyn] I thought for sure you'd want to go with Asa – You guys were born together you gotta jump together

– We're twins! – [Brooklyn] Okay, whatever works – [Man] Just don't die together please (inspirational pop music) – [Dad] How ya feelin'? – Nervous (laughs), pretty good – [Mom] Do you think everyone's gonna freak out watching you jump out the plane? – I think you're gonna freak out watching me jump out of the plane I think you're gonna be more nervous than I am

I am, like, oddly not nervous – [Mom] I will be nervous until the parachute opens then I'll be like eh – [Guide] Well we're about to head up, jump out of the plane Is this your first time? – It is our very first time – It's our first time jumping out of a plane

I'm oddly calm right now but I feel like I will be screaming my head off when it actually happens – [Guide] That might happen – [Man] Screaming is good – Ahh – [Guide] Anything you want to say before we go? – Do it if you want to do it

Just go for it – I love you family (laughs) (electro-pop music) – [Dad] What do you thing they're saying in the plane right now? – I don't think Bailey's saying anything I bet she's too nervous I bet she's just, she goes quiet when she gets super nervous so I think she probably just silent

– [Dad] And Brooklyn? – Brooklyn I think is probably chatting, trying to not think about it – [Dad] Yeah There they are, right in the middle of the screen (pop music) (pop music) (screaming) (pop music) (screaming) (pop music) – Oh my God Oh, that's so cool

(pop music) – Woo! – Woo! Hello guys! – How ya feeling? – I'm feeling great – Pull down on the right tug all the way down (pop music) – Congratulations – Thank you! – Look at the view (pop music) – [Dad] Good job Bailey! (cheering) – What'd you think 'a that? – That was so cool you guys! Oh my heavens

– You did great up there – Thank you – Nice job – Thank you – You think you'd try it again? – Oh yeah

– Alright – How was it? – That was so cool – [Dad] Aw, reunited at last – Aw – [Asa] (laughs) – No that was so cool

– Yeah? – I mean you get up there an it it's like literally, you can't even like make out anything and then you're jumping out of a plane and it's just like so surreal – [Dad] Were you scared? – I was, I was shaking pretty bad before I jumped out but – [Dad] Once ya jumped

– Once he opened that door I was like alright, let's go And we just went – [Dad] (laughs) – [Mom] Woo, Brooklyn! (pop music) And? – That was so cool! (laughs) I wanna do it again – [Mom] Told ya – We got to the, we got to the outside and I was just like (screams) like right before we went

I was so excited I literally did not get scared Like, I thought I would get scared and I was not scared at all – [Mom] That's awesome – It was like so– – [Mom] Even when you're feet were dangling? – No, I was like, probably more excited when my feet got out of the plane

I wanna go again (cheering) – We made it! – That was so good! – Oh man Okay guys so we just jumped, but these guys are now jumping Cameron how ya feeling? – I'm really excited I'm super pumped

(laughing) Yeah – Asa how are you feeling? – Oh, I'm so excited (camera shutter clicks) – Breathe in breathe out Let it go as much as you can – [Bailey] Are you sure you're not nervous? – Yeah, I'm just gonna go up and just take off

– [Bailey] It's honestly so good – If I don't feel like – [Asa] I'm so excited – I really think I'm gonna feel like a secret agent, ya know, like flying out, like a special army soldier – [Bailey] Ooooh here he goes, here they go, Asa, Cam

(pop music) – So we're standing here waiting for Cam and Asa to jump outta the plane – Woo! They're gonna do great – I'm ready with the camera, take pictures – Who's the most nervous, Cam or Asa? – [Both] Cam – Cam, Cam was all tough

– Cam was trying to be tough – But inside he was just quivering – But he's not (upbeat pop music) – [Bailey] Oh my gosh he's still free falling – [Brooklyn] Oh, he's still free falling! There goes the parachute

You can hear him screamin' – [Bailey] Woo! – Woo! Yeah, awesome – Nice job up there – Woohoo! (pop music) – Woo! – Yeah brother (pop music) – [Bailey] What'd ya think? – It was awesome! – [Bailey] You did so good! – Woo! It was so fun – [Brooklyn] How was it? – I felt like a freakin' secret agent and it was killer

(laughing) (pop music) – Okay, I know that was terrifying to watch but I want you guys to comment down below who you would be more like if you went skydiving So I didn't think I was gonna be nervous and then I showed up and was super nervous – And then I thought I was gonna be terrified and then I showed up and I literally was not afraid at all Even jumping out of the plane I was like yeah! – I don't know who's not terrified by jumping out of plane I was terrified

– Me, I guess I'm not terrified by jumping out of a plane – So comment down below on who you would be more like if you went skydiving, if you would go at all Maybe you wouldn't go at all, I don't know but tell us down below (pop music) – Don't forget to subscribe to our channel by clicking the little button right over here and the lash next door which I'm wearing right now is still selling so click the box right here and get some of your very own and you guys can see my mom and Jinger's skydiving by clicking the box right over here I think that's all so we will see you guys next week

– Bye guys!

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