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[MUSIC – "DECK THE HALLS"] -Hey, guys It's Brooklyn and Bailey, and it's the Christmas season, so as you can see, we're wearing our matching elf sweaters and hats, and we need to take a picture

Do you have your phone? -Yes, I do -We need to take a picture This is a rare occurrence where we– -I think– -Aw, those are cute -It's a selfie -Nope

It's not a selfie -What is it? -An elfie -It's an elfie #elfie -#elfie

-Because we just took a selfie dressed like elves -Elfie -New invention -Oh my gosh -Anyways, today's video is on some ugly sweaters that we picked out for you, and there are three types of sweaters for Christmas

There is– -Ratchet -Ugly -Ugly -Ugly, and the cute ugly -Semi-ugly

Well– -It's like ratchet ugly, semi-ugly, and cute ugly So we will show you some examples of each sweater in each category today -The first category of sweaters that we have for you guys today is Ratchet Ugly, so this is our very first sweater I'm excited to show you all Ta da! Can you see? There are fishing polar bears wearing scarves and– oh, are they fishing? Are they sledding? -They're skiing and ice skating -Wait

This dude is fishing -Oh -This dude is fishing -This one's ice skating -And that one's sledding

And they're all dressed up all wintery and stuff and it's really– -The fabric's different There's some texturized gold thread and stuff -Yes We all want to wear polar bears -You know you do

So cute This was a new addition to our Christmas sweater collection We got it from Walmart, so I guess you can go find this polar bear sweater there if you really want to -Yes, yes -This one, I must say, is probably the ugliest one we have

-This screams "old grandma" to me -This screams, I've worn this sweater way too many times It's worn out and nasty -It's got candy canes and then poked out holly berries -And the little leaves, and I'm not really sure– -It's knitted

It's knit, too -Yeah, and it's heavy, really heave And I'm not really sure if this is a black that's been worn down to a gray -I'm not sure -Or if it's a really dark gray

-We got this one from EBay EBay is really good for last minute ugly Christmas sweaters -This one we got last year, and it was just our last minute one And I'm pretty sure, if you'll follow us on Instagram @BrooklynandBailey, then you will have seen us wearing these as twinners last year And they have little pop-out wool angels on the front

-There's some knit, and then there's cloth, and they've got these halos They've even got hair that pokes out -And they have this straw feeling, like stars knitted into the cloth On the back even they have it, too -But these match because, you know, we're twins, and it's really fun to match ugly sweaters

-Yeah And so we found these ones on eBay as well last year for our last minute little Christmas sweater [INAUDIBLE] Those are all of our ratchet sweaters -Next up, this pile is our semi-ugly sweaters So our first one, this one, was from Walmart

And we decided this one was semi-ugly only because it has this popping out scarf and little bobble thing -I wore this one to school, and some people were like, oh, that's cute, and some people were like, oh, that's a cute ugly Christmas sweaters -So we put it in the semi-ugly little bin, and there's this little penguin with a scarf And I think the penguin is fuzzy -He's fuzzy

-He's soft He's really soft -It's cute -So we got this one at Walmart -And it's got the cute– let me turn this back– it's got the cute stripes on the back, and we got this one from Walmart, which is awesome

And this one is our longest one It's almost like a dress -A sweater dress -It's this really tall Santa Claus, and the Christmas trees are sparkly It's really sparkly

-And it feels [INAUDIBLE] -This one's really long, so when I wear it I just wear it with leggings or jeggings or something really comfortable Do you want to show the back? It's polka dotted, too We just got this one from a local thrift shop because– -Their stuff is really good for old Christmas sweaters -Yeah, but you want to get them before the Christmas season because if you go into a thrift shop during the Christmas season, they'll be like, too bad

You don't get anything because they're gone -Okie dokie Last Christmas sweater for the semi-ugly Christmas sweater section -Ho, ho, ho Santa's eyeballs actually pop out of his head

-And there's little jingle bells -This is kind of an awkward view from the side, but from the front– I don't know if you can tell that they pop out, but they pop out from the side They're little beads -And then he's got this giant, fuzzy beard -And his beard is actually soft and fuzzy, and then it has the colorful gold– -Where did we get this it? -Oh

It also has pearls on it, too Walmart, I believe -Yes This one is from Walmart -Walmart has a lot of Christmas sweaters, so if you really one, go to Walmart

And last but not least in our semi-ugly pile are the twin elf sweaters They have sparkles on the belt and on the shoes, and the rest of it's just knitted stuff -Green knitted sweaters -Well, and it has the head chopped off so that you are the elf on the sweater, if you couldn't tell -It's cute

-We got these sweaters from Body Central, but we also saw Santa versions at Target -And another elf version from Delia's -I'm pretty sure you can find this sweaters all over the place -A version of it If you look for it, I'm sure you'll find it

-Now it's time to do our cute Christmas sweaters So the very first one is kind of the corresponding sweater to the penguin one, but we didn't think it was as ugly as the penguin one This is the reindeer, and he's got little lights twirled around his antlers -And the back of it is just the stripes again -My mom thinks this one is semi-ugly, but I think it's cute

-I think it's cute I wore it to school and got lots of compliments on it -Yeah She wore it to school We got this one from Walmart again, same as the penguin

The next sweater we have is this black one, and it's an eyelash sweater so it's super soft and comfortable This one kind of reminds me of a Minnie Mouse version of a reindeer -Yeah, because the silver and the red and the black all coordinate -Really random -Yeah

This reindeer is just made out of sequins and stuff -Yeah It's really cute We got this one from Walmart Walmart is really good, again, for buying ugly Christmas sweaters

-So many sweaters This one -There's lots of sparkles I realize there's lots of sparkles– -To deal with the Christmas season -And sequins

-I don't know, something about it -Related to sweaters and Christmas -This one's not actually a sweater, sweater It's a sweatshirt, so you would wear it like a jean jacket or something and be super cute -So it says "Merry and Bright," just like you want your Christmas to be, merry and bright

-Where did we get this one? -We got this one from American Eagle -So American Eagle has a very cute sweater And this next one is actually a men's sweater -Well technically, my mom got it from the men's section for herself and then bought my dad a corresponding sweater -A matching sweater

Why did you say "corresponding?" So fancy It's a matching sweater -It's a corresponding sweater -It sounds like she's doing a math problem Corresponding

-That's probably why Anyway, so this was a men's sweater It's got little reindeer on the side and it's a button down -Little snowflakes -It's super, super, super, duper cute on

This sweater has a folding down neck, which is a really popular And then we did find this sweater in the men's section, but lots of Christmas sweaters are gender neutral, so girls or guys could wear them, even though you might find it in the men's section -Matching -So we found this one from H&M, and that's where we got this -I'm sure we'll be adding to our Christmas collection of sweaters right now

We even have two that were supposed to be coming– -From American Eagle -And they didn't come because the shipping did not work Bah humbug, shipping It did not come -But one of them was a really cute polar bear, and then the other one was a little cute rabbit wearing reindeer antlers

-It was so cute It was one we were so excited to show you I'm sorry we didn't get to do that Again, bah humbug, shipping Anyways, be sure to comment below what your favorite ugly or cute Christmas sweater was

-That we had in our stockpile over here -Yes And if you guys don't have any elfies, be sure to show us y'alls' ugly Christmas sweaters by hashtagging #BBChristmasSweater, and we'll make sure to check all of your ugly Christmas sweaters out -Super excited to see them Thank you guys for tuning in, and we'll see you guys next week

-Bye -I smell weird -It's not vanilla -Is it birthday cake? -Yes [LAUGHING] -Look at me! Me and my spidey senses

-Six, seven, eight -One, two, three, four One, two, three, four One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight -I can't do this


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