Undercover Fan Page… GONE WRONG! | Brooklyn & Bailey

– Day one of us being an undercover fan page (camera lens clicking) How everyone is like no, I'm going to Galveston, no

– [Bailey] You're like, we are getting hardcore– – Rejected (funky music) – [Both] Hi! (funky music) – Hey guys, it's Brooklyn and Bailey, and in today's video we went undercover as a fan page which was kind of crazy because there's this whole lifestyle I wasn't even aware of Y'all can do some insane things – There are some crazy things – Good edits

– You guys are good at editing – So good! – Just saying, that's a lot harder than I thought it was But before we get on to the video, we are now selling our brand new scrunchies So if you guys haven't checked those out Definitely click the link in the description box below or the information button that is about to pop up So go check those out right now! They are literally adorable and if you didn't know, they changed from being the ones with the wire in the ears, to now the big, floppy, super cute scrunchies

So go check those out right now Okay you guys, let's get onto this undercover fan page – Okay guys, day one of us being an undercover fan page Of course, the first step is making the fan page Which is what we are doing right now and I already have like a personal Instagram

And we have our public Instagram and Bailey has a personal Instagram So all of our emails have already been used – Yes – So we have to use our– – So I'm using my – [Both] Old school email – So we're trying to figure out what our username should be

– Mary Ann Stevens – No I don't like that Scarlett Rose? – I do not like that – We need to be something like super dramatic like a book type name Katniss Everdeen! (laughing) – Edith Gray

– Ew, Edith Gray – Rosie Gray? – So we are officially Rosie Gray Brooklyn and Bailey's number one fan page – Brailyersuniverse – Universe? Ah, Braileyersuniverse is not taken

What profile picture are we gonna do? All Bailey's camera roll, – I have so many pictures of– – [Brooklyn] It needs to be like– – One that we posted before – [Brooklyn] Uh-huh – [Bailey] This is our– – [Brooklyn] Wait, wait we have to add something in our– – [Bailey] Edit profile – [Brooklyn] In our bio – [Bailey] Biggest – [Brooklyn] BB fan

Follow for follow – [Bailey] BB fan– – [Brooklyn] Page – [Bailey] Fan page Follow for follow, done We need to post and edit! – [Brooklyn] We're gonna go make our very first edit

I'm impressed with y'all IDK how you make all these edits, I don't know how to do– – [Bailey] I'm not good at this Whoa, this one – [Brooklyn] That one We're doing good, look at us fan paging it up

Our first post! Okay, Bailey is going in and following a bunch of fan pages – [Bailey] I already followed like all of these – We have our first follower – [Bailey] Who is it? – It is B+Bareflawless I'm following them, right? Yes, I'm following them

– [Bailey] Aw, thanks B+Bisflawless! – Thanks B+Bisflawless! You're our first follower, you're so sweet The BB Braileyer community, we just support each other (laughs) – [Bailey] Okay, then – Which one of your Braileyer fan members do you think will figure it out? Do you think any will figure it out? – [Brooklyn] Ansley, Ansley will – I think she'll figure it out too

– [Bailey] Ansley will know Come on Ansley, pull through – We're putting our trust in you, Ansley (laughs) So we just got a comment on our fan page – 'Cause we're smart

– Because we're smart and used a profile picture that we haven't actually posted – So– – We got a comment that was like, where is your profile picture from? – Somebody got tweeted – So we're about to go tweet it so it's like – [Both] Oh, we got it from their Twitter – They just tweeted it – Just barely

– Because Bailey used a picture that isn't even there yet – Oops – They're all like, where did you get that? – Oops, sorry guys I'm trying to find where this picture's from – We should start posting like fact edits where it's like actual facts that nobody else would know about us

Like Brooklyn sleeps– – They know everything – With a pink pillow, or like– – Do you? – Bailey has a purple toothbrush – Where did those pictures go? – So today is day two of our fan account – [Bailey] In case you guys are wondering, yes we're in the lobby of a hotel, we came to the Girl Up convention – We have ten followers

And we posted four posts This is our first one, it got eight, nine, 10 likes All of our followers liked it – We're trying to get into the fan account DMs that we know exist 'cause we're in them on the main account – I'm slightly offended because I, like, commented on other fan pages' accounts and no one even responded to me

– [Bailey] Brooklyn, don't you know we're not to that position yet – We have to progress – [Bailey] We have to progress – I feel like we need to post more everyday – [Bailey] Yeah

– So that we get more followers – [Bailey] Okay We realized that we have a fan account and we've never once– – Commented on our posts – [Both] On our own posts – So now I'm commenting and I'm saying, my queens, follow for follow, I'm a new BB fan page, post! – [Bailey] See if that gets us anywhere

I went and, like, spam followed a bunch of other fan pages so now we're following like 176 fan pages – We have 17 followers now – [Bailey] We have 17 followers – Woot woot, we're getting somewhere guys We're getting somewhere

Day two, doing pretty good – [Brooklyn] Amy just followed our fan page That gives me 49 followers This is day three guys – 49 followers

– [Brooklyn] Day three of going undercover – I say we're doing pretty good We're doing pretty good – [Brooklyn] Yes, thank you I am gonna try to like, I mean, we've gotten comments and stuff, but we haven't really interacted

What we need to do– – We might start a GM – [Brooklyn] GM – Might have to start one – We have 53 followers – [Bailey] Camry went undercover a little while ago

How many does yours have? – 271 – [Woman] You also shouted yours out though – [Bailey] Zero! Camry shouted hers out! – I had to! It's part of the thing – [Woman] But you weren't going to tell them? [Bailey] Ours is organically grown – 53

– [Woman] They tagged a picture – [Camry] Uh-huh! – [Bailey] That was Camry – Oh, I was gonna say – [Bailey] We have organically grown our 53 followers – [Camry] Wait what days is yours on? – [Bailey] Three – [Brooklyn] This is our third

– Yeah on day three I had like 30 or 40 and then it like stopped a little bit – [Brooklyn] Come on guys – [Bailey] Whaaaat! – We just hit 100 followers on our fan page (applause) Bailey and I are in Guys, we are officially in

– [Bailey] I have spent several hours just DMing people, trying to, like, contact them and get them to talk to me And I finally got one fan page to talk to me, in particular And it ended up being Ansley who said that she would help me out, she was very nice And then she helped add me into some GMs with the actual fan pages So now we're involved in a bunch of fan page GMs

Huh, Brooklyn? – Oh yeah, so we're getting the insider scoop on all of y'all and your fan pages These are all of the DMs that we're in And we finally made it, guys We are at 100 followers – [Bailey] We're in the GMs

– We're in the GMs – [Bailey] We're trying really hard to, like, not be overly, – Suspicious – [Bailey] Suspicious I don't know if we're doing a good job or not – I'm getting into it

I have my highlights going here I even did the questions pool, you know So that was fun and I have, like we just hit 100 followers So I just posted on my story about that I did something like this about us hitting 3

5 – [Bailey] You know, look at us go, guys – We even, like, thought we would try to enter an edit contest So we're doing pretty good – [Bailey] We're doing pretty good over here

So Brooklyn and I are doing meet and greets with JC Penney and we're going to four cities One of them is Jersey City in New Jersey So I went ahead on our fan page account and answered in the GM 'Cause they were talking about who could go and who couldn't And so I said, "OMG I might be able to go to the New Jersey one

" And all these people are saying, what, lucky! So cool! OMG same And I'm like yeah, I'll be able to go to all four, but that's a minor detail Just a little one 125 followers, guys, that is success right there I say we're doing pretty good so far

I don't know if anyone suspects us yet I feel like Ansley might, but I feel like Camry told us that she was in a GM where they thought maybe we were Brooklyn and Bailey And that some fan pages were being extra nice to new fan pages because there was a possibility that any of those people could've been us 'cause they think we're going to do an undercover fan page So, I don't know Okay

– [Both] Someone says I can't right now – We asked if we could FaceTime them I'm sorry Nope Failed

We're getting rejected guys This hurts – [Both] Hi! (laughs) – [Both] Yeah, this is real – Surprise! – We just wanted to surprise you and say that we're not actually Rosie We're actually Brooklyn and Bailey

We went undercover (both laugh) You know what, good for you though because it's been like 20 minutes of us trying to get someone to pick up – [Both] Hi! – and you were the only one who would pick up So that's awesome, thank you for doing that (laughing) We love you! – We love you too

– Can you help us get some of the other fan pages to FaceTime us too? Awesome, okay thank you But we're going to say goodbye but now you know you were the first one to find out – That we went undercover (laughs) – Well, it was so nice to meet you Yeah of course, thank you

– Bye – [Bailey] So we FaceTimed her and she's trying to help us get everyone else to say yes – [Brooklyn] Everyone is like no – [Bailey] And everyone is like, no I'm going to Galveston No, I can't do that right now

And we're just giggling over here like we are getting hardcore– – Rejected – [Bailey] It's okay guys They don't know, that it's – [Brooklyn] I would be busy too – [Bailey] I would be too I would be like, no, I can't right now

So hopefully thanks to Brayliespancake we can get some friends on our FaceTime It's been a good 20 minutes or so, let's try Okay somebody DMed us and said they want to talk to us – Boom! – We're calling them I'm so excited

Oh, oh (laughs) – Oh, the girl we tried to FaceTime earlier– – Said she can FaceTime now – [Both] Hi! (laughs) Hello – So as you can see we went undercover (laughs) We went undercover as our fan a page, so we've been trying to FaceTime everyone and say hi

– Yeah – Sure – Sounds good to me Well it was good talking to you We're gonna go see if we can get anyone else to answer

But you were the second person to find out about us being an undercover fan page Okay, bye! – Bye! – So she is going to add us to another GM – Galentine's GM, which is like the top – It's the ultimate – high class ultimate GM – We found out the hierarchy – We are getting added into all the ultimate GMs now

(screams) We made it in the hierarchy of fan pages – Now I'm texting in this GM, saying, anyone wanna FT? – FaceTime – [Both] Hi! – Yeah

Hi! (laughter) – [Both] Hi! – Oh, thank you! So we've been obviously, obviously we went undercover, – [Both] as a fan page – And so we are trying to DM people so I'm really glad you answered Oh my god! – Aw! – Well hi everyone Hello Aw we're so glad

I'm glad you answered – It's so good – It's awesome – It's amazing – It's so awesome

– We're having so much fun – Yeah Well thank you so much for FaceTiming with us – And answering – And answering and everything

And tell your family we all say hello and we love them all Hi family! – Bye! – Bye y'all! Nice to meet you guys (blows kiss) – [Both] Aw she was so cute – Oh my gosh I liked her Okay we got this going, now let's go, yeah

Okay (upbeat music playing) – [Both] Hi! – Aw, thank you – That's so sweet – Like so obviously, we went undercover as a fan page So we were trying to FaceTime other fan pages and let them know

So you're like the fifth person I think, that's found out, or maybe sixth person – Thanks – Thank you – So thanks for FaceTiming us and answering the call It was great to meet you

– [Both] Bye! (blows kiss) – She was cute – She was cute! – [Both] Hi! (laughs) – So obviously we (laughs) obviously we went undercover as a fan page and so you're one of the first people to find out about it – Yes! – Aw! – Oh my gosh, that's so fun – I know like, you're in college right now too which is like where we are right now – Oh

– That's rough Aw thank you! – Well I'm glad we got to FaceTime you, thanks for answering I know it's really quick and short but thank you so much It was nice talking to you – [Both] Bye love you

– Aw she was cute – Thank you guys so much for watching this video and hopefully you enjoyed seeing us go undercover as a fan page And if we FaceTimed you, hopefully we had a good chat 'Cause I thought it was all fun – Yeah, thank y'all so much for being supportive fans

– Yeah – We love all of you guys It was such an amazing experience, so thank you guys for that Now if you haven't subscribed to our channel, why haven't you done so? Click the red button right here to subscribe to our channel Go do that right now

And to watch more of our videos, click the button right over here – And don't forget we are selling scrunchies, so click the box right here in the middle, if you want to go check those out Now we'll see you guys next week – [Both] Bye y'all! (blows kiss) (upbeat music plays)

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