We ate ONLY Christmas Foods for 7 DAYS! | Would You Try This Challenge?

– Y'all, we attempted to eat, – [Both] Christmas food, – for seven (upbeat music) – Stings

– So sick of Christmas food – It was awful, it was awful – You never think you're gonna sick of, – No – the best holidays food ever, but – No, it was the worst, but, speaking of holidays we are starting a 12 days of Christmas sales on our website, starting December 1st

You should check that out by clicking the link in the description box below – Down there – And the information right here – Over there – Because you guys know you want scrunchies and mascara and all the kids and things and OMG

Okay, sorry I want to go into the group of foods because you guys are going to be very entertained by the struggle that we went through – Oh, yes – Okay, ya'll, I am at Walmart and I'm about to pick up all of the Christmas food that we are going to be eating for the rest of this week I'm prepared to live off of candy canes and gingerbread for the next seven days Those are not healthy in anyway

I'm trying to think of healthy Christmas foods, I can't think of any 'Kay we found the Christmas food aisle All of these candy canes and all of this candy, I mean I feel like this is every kid's dream to live on pure sugar But I feel like after a couple of days, I'm going to get sick of it pretty fast ♪ Hear the sleigh bells ring and ♪ – I have a cart load of Christmas foods, popcorn, eggnog, Martinelli's, gingerbread, every basically Christmas food you can possibly think of

We'll see how this goes Day number one of eating Christmas food and it is currently 9 am I'm going to my first class and I'm eating a Christmas brownie because it was the easiest thing to grab I'm also drinking water

Hopefully, I don't run out of energy and my brain stops working because I'm feeding it nothing but pure sugar, but we'll see (laughing) – I had to go get Asa lunch 'cause he is visiting and I had to carry all of this delicious food that I couldn't eat all the way back with me A lot of our friends and stuff are like what exactly consists of Christmas food? Oh yeah, that's a very good question because it's a really broad spectrum Candy canes, gingerbread, things like that or you can even have Christmas themed things like cosmic brownies that are Christmas trees, club crackers, Christmas themed Got turkey here, some people eat turkey on Christmas

Pecans, because people eat roasted nuts Burgers or fries or grilled cheese or all those things, you can't eat anymore, which is basically every cafeteria food here – [Asa] And I'm excited for it – And I get to eat my turkey and club crackers Apparently, just plain pecans, really gross

They have a little bitter taste to them Here is my dessert guys, I dunno You guys will have to comment down below if you think that we should have just stuck to like gingerbread and candy canes and that is it, or if you think stuff like this counts Where it's like Christmas brownie, but it's not really Christmas but I mean honestly, who can blame us eating gingerbread and candy canes for seven days, this isn't exactly, healthy We're trying to stay semi-nutritional while doing this challenge

– So I'm in the cafeteria and all my friends get to eat normal food and I get to eat a candy cane But look at what they get to eat Mac n' cheese and like a delicious food and vegetables and fruit Foods that I just don't get the luxury of eating because that's just not Christmas, Christmas is all about the sugar, so candy canes it is – Dinner time

I attempted to make the mashed potatoes (tape screeching) They're just like a ball – They just roll – I borrowed somebody's fast food salt they got from Whataburger Didn't have any milk, didn't have any butter, so we used water, and this is probably the most disgusting meal I think I've ever eaten

– [Asa] Yay, so much nutrition I'm going to make you a turkey sandwich – Without cheese, just bread and turkey – [Asa] Okay (Bailey imitates crying) – Cheers to the, – [Both] First day

– of Christmas food – Christmas food only – [Brooklyn] Candy canes – Martinelli's – Turkey slices

– Turkey slices, mashed potatoes This is the good stuff – This is Christmas food I enjoy – [Bailey] Agreed – So the cafeteria was just too unbearable today

I was not about to sit in the cafeteria, while everybody else got to eat their regular food and I had to eat Christmas food So I decided to come home and scavenge for something minor-ly substantial So I think I decided I'm going to have a roll with turkey slices on it Turkey is Christmas and a roll is Christmas, so putting them together still counts as Christmas right? Hopefully, fingers crossed because I am starving and I really just want to eat something I'll probably have a nice little glass of Martinelli's to go with it

And yeah, that'll be my first meal of the second day of eating Christmas food ("The 12 Days of Christmas" – Instrumental) – And I had a super early morning this morning I had an 8 am and so I just grabbed a little gingerbread man to go That's what I had for breakfast

And it's kinda the awkward in between stage, in between lunch and dinner but I'm hungry so I sat down to make myself some food and I think I came up with, club crackers and turkey So I'm going to have crackers and turkey as my main and then a gingerbread man cookie thing 'cause it's very Christmas-y And I don't know about you guys, but this is my favorite Christmas snack, Muddy Buddies This is about as healthy, I mean besides like the pecans Everything is dessert

Already feel my body craving some sort of, burger or protein or something, but it's not been too bad Last night I just was like, I have to have food and the only thing that was there was the potatoes (spooky music) Those ended up being gross, but I woke up this morning and I was rejuvenated and ready to eat Christmas food ♪ Oh what fun it is to ride ♪ ♪ In a one horse open sleigh ♪ – Time to eat my crackers and turkey Today I was eating my gingerbread men on the way to class and people were looking at me like, "Is that your breakfast? "Why are you eating a gingerbread man?" And so, people have definitely been noticing that we're only eating Christmas foods

Cheers to day two of just eating Christmas foods ♪ It is to ride in a one horse open sleigh ♪ – Woo! Good Morning you guys, it is day three of eating nothing but Christmas food Wow, I look so stinkin' cute right now I just woke up, I have an 8 am

class, so I'm going to eat some pecans for breakfast I'm starting to get kinda tired of the options of food that we have, so pecans it is and then hopefully by lunch I'll be feeling the turkeys and crackers again because that's all I got to eat So we had to come back because all of our friends went to Nemo which is a cafeteria here at Baylor, which doesn't have Christmas food – No, I feel less energized because, – We're not getting any protein, – we're not getting any substance – or nothing – The struggle is real with the Christmas food y'all

– I've never tried shortbread cookies so I feel like it's an experience I can have since it's Christmas-y right? Okay, I'm going to try it They're not bad They don't really taste like cookies though they taste more like crackers Alright this is good enough for me, this is gonna be a part of my lunch today – This is the hardest thing I've ever had to do

Look at how good all this looks I brought with me some holiday popcorn, gingerbread man, and a candy cane, love it so much Sue's over here eatin' this delicious looking popsicle here And I'm over here eating my candy cane Delicious, it's my fourth one in three days

Love it so much, it's so good It is day four of the only Christmas foods challenge and I am dying If I have to look at another candy cane or eat another stinkin' gingerbread man, I think I might vomit (bubble popping) So it is the morning time which means it's time for breakfast So I decided I'd go ahead and try and eat something different, which is an apple pie

You just gonna have to suck it up and eat what you got and I'm really, really tired of eating gingerbread and candy canes (sighing) Yes like how adorable this is It's like so tiny and small It looks like legit pie, even though I'm not like a huge fan of pie, I'm sure this will taste good after eating candy canes and gingerbread for the last day or three days – I'm in the cafeteria and I can't eat any food and I'm here with a friend and she gets to eat this delicious salad and I get to eat, cookies

Pray for me 'Cause the last potatoes didn't turn out so well Real potatoes, so that we can actually eat some sort of food, – Substance – dessert – [Bailey] Look at this, these delicious potatoes all of it for Brooklyn and I

– I am so ready to eat an actual meal – [Brooklyn] So we get this The other room mates get the veggies and the Tostitos – [Bailey] We were gonna share the eggnog Emily likes eggnog

– Nice – [Bailey] And then we have apple juice here Brooklyn and I are sticking to the potatoes 'cause that's Christmas food – This is going down the throat so fast So as you know we are eating Christmas food for this entire week, but what we forgot to mention was that we are also traveling to the People's Choice Awards this week

We pack a bag filled to the brim with the food that we can eat So we have, my candy canes and everything I think as the week goes on the more desperate I get So the other day I wanted to eat a package of almonds So we got out a marker and we wrote Christmas almonds on it and I ate them

So we're just getting more desperate as time goes on – We are in LA currently and yes we did pack an entire backpack full of Christmas food It actually got stuck in security and they went through it and they were like, "Just not gonna ask any questions on this one" I'd probably give a limb for some real food right now Here Brooklyn have a candy cane

Delicious, right? Are you tired of eating candy canes? – [Brooklyn] Mm-hmm – You guys, I legit just woke up and I had a nightmare about Christmas food I had a nightmare about Christmas food I literally, candy canes were chasing me and you guys think I'm lying, but I'm dead serious right now It is, I think, what time is it? It's day six

We have two more days to go We can do it We can do this, we can do hard things Hola, so this morning I vlogged myself waking up because I had a nightmare about Christmas food, but, I bet you guys are wondering wait, weren't you just in LA? So yes we traveled home yesterday, well I guess yesterday night, this morning We landed super early and then I got back in bed and then that's when I woke up with the nightmare, so now we are currently back in Waco and Brooklyn and I are desperate for real food

Like my taste buds, I'm pretty sure are dead Like, if I put Christmas food in my mouth, it would probably taste like nothing right now So we made a plan and I hope you guys support this We are des-perate for food So Brooklyn's like, "What if we just go get normal food and "sprinkle Christmas sprinkles on it and it counts?" and I said, yes, because my body needs nutrition

We might go get some fried rice or something again and sprinkle some Christmas sprinkles on top Desperate times call for desperate measures So – [Bailey] We got Christmas sprinkles – We got the Christmas sprinkles

– [Bailey] Look it, this makes it count – It's Christmas food – Look at that go – Reindeer rice, is this reindeer food? I think we are eating Christmas food Oh look here's a little sprinkle

– [Bailey] Ready and, and there's quite some real food – Mm, I forgot what this tasted like – All is done, I don't ever have to eat another piece of gingerbread if I don't want to – Well, we potentially will have to when Christmas actually happens – I might have a little bit of, – PTSD – over Christmas foods

– In this video, honestly But it is done and we are complete – I do not recommend doing this challenge – No I would not either, but y'all be sure to subscribe to our channel Check it out, big red button down below

– I don't know why you wouldn't, 'cause we're fun So subscribe to us, go subscribe, – Click here on the screen – we're going to count to five, ready? – [Both] Five, four, three, two, one – Click that subscribe button, okay – That's all we have

– Bye guys – Bye – Love ya! (lips smooching) ♪ Only once a year, only once a year ♪

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