We COPiED Famous YouTube TWiNS iNSTAGRAM Photos! | Dolan Twins, Merrell Twins, Niki & Gabi, & MORE!

– My back is not flexible, it's like a board! (upbeat electric guitar music) – Tried to chisel my jaw line I tried to give myself boyish looking eyebrows

(camera shutter clicks) – [Shaun] Look at that right there – I can't move my arm! – Right there (upbeat electronic guitar music) – [Both] Hey guys, it's Brooklyn and Bailey – Today's video we are going to be recreating some awesome YouTube twins, and Instagram twins, and Musically twins

– Yes – All of their Instagram photos – So we created like the Merrell Twins, the Dolan Twins, Lisa and Lena, – [Both] the Rybka Twins, Niki and Gabi – [Bailey] We took like so many of them – We tried to hit all of the various twins that everybody seems to be all about right now Because there's a lot of us actually It was hilarious

– [Bailey] It was hard, it was hard! – [Brooklyn] It was kinda hard – I think being the Dolan Twins was the hardest part of all – That was so funny, that was really funny – I think we pulled them off pretty well though, I gotta say, I don't know – I agree, but before we get on to the video we have a big announcement, so we have some awesome 'meet and greets' coming up with JCPenney

– Yes, so basically at these 'meet and greets', we will be giving 50 dollar gift cards to the first 50 people who arrive at the 'meet and greets' and while you are there waiting for us in line they will be providing free braids – [Both] And a lip look – I mean I don't know why you wouldn't come

– They'll doll you up, make you look good – It's like a spa day, it's really nice – So the dates for the 'meet and greets' are – So there's on on July 26, which is in Austin, Texas – [Bailey] And then the one on July 27, and that one is Orlando – [Brooklyn] Then there's one on July 28, which is in Charlotte – [Bailey] And then there's one on July 29, which is – [Both] In New Jersey – So come, we want to see all of you guys there, come get the gift cards for the first 50 people, get your hair braided – We are so excited to see you guys so please, please come! – We wanna meet all of you guys! – So click the link in the description box below to check out more information about the 'meet and greets' – ♪ Down there click the box below ♪ – Now let's go onto the recreating video (whooshing sound) – Hi guys! – It's Teagan

– And Sam – [Both] And we are the Rybka Twins and welcome back to our channel (whooshing sound) – Okay you guys, the very first set of twins that we're trying to recreate are the Rybka Twins So we got lucky enough to hopefully have some wings near our downtown area So we're gonna go check it out, drive there, but we currently have their outfits on

We have the white tank tops – I don't know what's more realistic, these dirty white Converse for the shoes, or these (laughing) – We have other Converse, don't we have other Converse? – I don't think so, I think they wear shoes like these in their picture though – Yeah so we have the white tank tops and the leggings that we are wearing, which they are wearing and we're going to braid up our hair Hopefully we look enough like the Rybka's to pull this picture off

(whooshing sound) Okay so we're currently searching the downtown area, here's Rachel, everybody say hello to Rachel She just got her eyebrows done so she's hiding them But we're searching for the wings down here in downtown I'm not sure if we'll be able to find them or not We think there are wings on the wall but

– I have a vague memory of there being wings on the wall, – I think she's getting it mixed up with our hotel – but maybe that was in California – [Kamri] No there's some

– [Shaun] We'll try to find an alleyway right here – It's okay, we're gonna look and see if we can find them – [Shaun] Hopefully down these alleys, okay? – Okay, we're gonna look

– [Shaun] I think it's this one – Let's look at this one, anyone see wings? There's a peace sign, a peace sign – [Bailey] The wall Brooklyn was thinking of was in California and the only closest wing wall is like 40 minutes away so we are just going to pose and edit the wings into the picture because that's what happens when you don't have wing graffiti here close to you (camera shutter clicks) – Oh my gosh, it's literally concrete! – I got you! – Brooklyn, go! – Go! – [Rachel] Get on the ground and then push off – Oh my

♪ So run away with me tonight ♪ ♪ 'Cause it feels like I'm dreamin' ♪ ♪ When I'm wakin' up next to you ♪ ♪ And my wild heart is beating ♪ ♪ because it's beating next to you ♪ – [Shaun] Get your braids down – I'm trying but I don't want to push her down – [Rachel] Lift your legs – I can't hold it! My back is not flexible, it's like a board I think it hurts – We're gonna swap places, cause we're gonna see if I can do it any better than Brooklyn over here – I don't know it's harder than it looks, people! – [Kamri] I wanna see if I can do it – Yeah but now let go

– [Kamri] That's better – With me on you (camera shutter clicks) Nope! Whoa way to sabotage me – [Kamri] Okay I wanna see if I can do it, let me see – [Rachel] Back strength! (camera shutter clicks) – [Shaun] Arms

♪ When you run away with me, cause I will run away ♪ ♪ I will run away ♪ – This one's the best one – Close enough, my hands – [Bailey] I don't know if you can see but we're gonna edit wings into that

(camera shutter clicks) ♪ And my wild heart is beating ♪ ♪ because it's beating next to you ♪ – My hands are bruised, Kamri punched me in the face – My back is scratched, I think – We're calling the gymnastics today – That proves to you guys man, that was hard – Yeah, oof

(whooshing sound) – Hey guys I'm Niki – And I'm Gabi Okay so we are dressing up as Niki and Gabi as you can tell I have the fun blonde hair, the dark roots Bailey's got the rockin' blue hair going on over here I wonder, do you guys think she should change her hair to blue instead of pink? Instagram poll up here in the 'I' button Vote on whether you think Bailey should dye her hair blue or keep it pink

– I don't know I'm pretty diggin' the pink but – I think the blue looks pretty dang cool I don't think any of these wigs really worked on me but they all look like they work on Bailey so

– I don't know how that works, I don't know – Go figure – [Bailey] I caught Gabi, asleep on the job! Wake up! Wake up Gabi

– I'm so tired (whooshing sound) ♪ Oh I'll be just fine ♪ ♪ I'll let go ♪ (whooshing sound) (wind blowing) (camera shutter clicks) (wind blowing) (upbeat electronic music) ♪ I'll be okay, I'll be okay ♪ (camera shutter clicks) ♪ I'll be just fine ♪ (whooshing sound) (upbeat electronic music) (whooshing sound) – [Both] Hey guys! – I'm Veronica – And I'm Vanessa – And today, Brooklyn and Bailey are going to recreate our Instagram pictures (whooshing sound) – [Bailey] Brooklyn is having a bit of some complications – I have too much normal hair

– [Bailey] Because she has big ole braids – It doesn't go anywhere, I can't do anything about it – But it looks pretty good on me cause I have short hair You can't even really tell – [Brooklyn] She looks like the girl from the ring

(television static) (suspenseful music) (television static) You could kind of actually pull it off and I don't like it (laughing) (clapping) It looks kinda real and it's kinda scary – Do I look like a Merrell Twin? – [Brooklyn] I mean not necessarily but you look like a person – Thanks guys I cut my hair myself – [Brooklyn] So its kinda scary

(whooshing sound) (upbeat electronic music) (whooshing sound) – Okay so we have bananas, we have the shirts, we have the hair, we even got the dimples We have everything, we even got the cord and the bag – We just have to get a self-timer picture going here, so that's going to be the hardest part I think – Yeah okay ♪ I turn my head and hold it high ♪ – Okay and you're gonna look just straight forward and smile like this

Yeah – ♪ Hello, it's me ♪ – [Shaun] ♪ You've been lookin' for ♪ – [Both] ♪ I can see it in your eyes ♪ (whooshing sound) – [Shaun] Hey Kamri, did you get the good shot? – Not yet – [Shaun] What? – Not yet I feel like I'm gonna break this – [Shaun] Be careful! – It's scary

♪ If someone had told me that I will take all ♪ – Woot! – Rain! – [Shaun] It decided rain? Here we got Kamri trying to figure out – Watch out, I'm gonna put the windshield wiper on – [Kamri] Ah, you're gonna spray me! – Okay, hurry, hurry

– You're gonna have to go from inside – [Kamri] Okay – [Shaun] You gotta do it on the inside

(laughing) Look at that right there – I can't move my arm! – Right there (rain pattering) – I'm just a human tripod Ahhh – Kamri! – I can't move my thumb! – Come on! – I can't bend it! – Ready, set, go (camera shutter clicks) (upbeat electronic music) (whooshing sound) – Hey guys, we are Lisa and Lena (upbeat guitar music) (whooshing sound) – [Bailey] Hey guys so we have turned into Lisa and Lena

Should we go blonde? Click the information button with this poll, voting on whether or not you think we should dye our hair blonde after seeing us in these wigs – [Girl] If this video gets one thumbs up – Oh yes – It's really just a great look – [Bailey] Which are you Lisa or Lena? – I am Lisa

– [Bailey] And I'll be Lena! – There you go (camera shutter clicks) (upbeat guitar music) (whooshing sound) – I'm not gonna look at it (upbeat guitar music) – It's such athat's a really bad angle – [Kamri] It's the only way to get it! – You need to get up a little bit – You to come kneel like right here – Yeah kneel Is this a better angle? – That actually works

– Yeah know what! That's right (dog growling) – [Shaun] No put that hair back down, yes there we go It looks really good (dog barking) – She's more like leaning on her but like – And Brooklyn you lean your head a little bit on her too – Yeah, there you go (upbeat guitar music) (camera shutter clicks) (upbeat guitar music) (camera shutter clicks) – We're going onto the next one, I really don't like wigs Can I just throw that out there? In the Texas heat, in tennis shoes, leggings, a big T-shirt, and giant wig full of hair it gets pretty hot out here

So we're gonna go onto the next one, hopefully we have better luck with the wigs (laughing) (whooshing sound) – What's up guys? – Hey – It's us, we're back It's the Dolan Twins, oh don't mind the beards that's all part of an Instagram thing we did the other day – Yeah, yeah, it got a lot of likes

– Yeah – It was good (camera shutter clicks) – Okay so now Brooklyn and I are doing the Dolan Twins so I did notice that the Dolan Twin that I am doing has an earring (whooshing sound) – Oh I don't know which one it is – To pardon I don't know how to tell them apart

I should know this we're twins we should know this Ethan or Gray, not really sure which one, but one of y'all has a feather earring and this one came out a bit bigger than I thought but you know what, it does it justice, and then he has a little rhinestone too so got that covered – So we're gettin' our makeup on, our beards on, our eyebrows – Then we're gonna put our wigs on, we're gonna do the whole shebang – We're gonna look like boys

– We're gonna chisel our – Jawline – Chiseled jawline, just like they have

We're gonna try and do it as best as possible (camera shutter clicks) ♪ Give it your all ♪ (camera shutter clicks) Okay I have tried to chisel my jawline, I tried to give myself boyish looking eyebrows Now it's time to give myself a green beard, just like they have – [Both] in the picture – This is gonna be very interesting – I'm still chiseling my jawline up in here You can see (whooshing sound) [Kamri] Bailey you look scary

(razor buzzes) (laughing) – This earring is cracking me up because it's so much bigger than the one that's in the picture, it just – [Shaun] It's hyperbole! – Aw man ♪ Stretchin' upwards ♪ – [Shaun] 'Kay they have more squinty eyes

– [Kamri] And tilt your head down – [Shaun] Bailey more squinty eyes, more squinty eyes – [Kamri] There you go (camera shutter clicks) – Okay (laughing) – Brooklyn looks like George Washington and my nails are painted we do not make good boys

We do not make good boys – I think I could cut my hair short what about you? (laughing) (camera shutter clicks) ♪ Your control ♪ ♪ Give it your all ♪ (whooshing sound) – Thank you guys so much for watching! I know we did our best in recreating your favorite twins – We tried, we tried – It's not as easy as it looks, but you guys should definitely vote on this 'I' button up here on which one you thought we recreated the best I know there were several good ones, but – I personally think we probably did the Dolan Twins the best – I don't know, Lisa and Lena, – I thought that was pretty accurate – Veronica and Vanessa, I mean, Rybka's, they were all pretty decent – Maybe Rybka's those were pretty good

– And then you guys should definitely comment down below on which city you can come to for the 'meet and greet' if you can, definitely comment down below If you want more information on the 'meet and greets' click the link in the description box below – Click down there, all right you guys don't forget to subscribe to our channel by clicking the button right over here and if you wanna see more of our videos click the boxes over here, and that is all we have so we'll see you guys next week! – Bye y'all! – Bye! (upbeat electronic guitar music)

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