We Dressed Like Identical Twins for a Week!

(energetic music) – Is it twin day? – [Bailey] No (laughter) – [Brooklyn] Are you ready for five days of this? – Oh, wow

– So that's the kind of stuff we've been getting all day – Hey guys! – Hey guys! – It's Brooklyn and Bailey – It's Brooklyn and Bailey – And in today's video, we did something that we have never dared to do before (sighs) – We tried– – It took a lot of convincing for me to do this

– We dressed the same for five days – Like identical, we had I think a couple slight differences, so if you guys can spot those, comment down below what those differences are – But it was just interesting, like we never dress the same, so everyone was freaking out, it's really cool to see the reactions, so let's get on with it – Alright guys, day one of matching We've already gotten comments from nearly all the Majestics

They're all like, are you really wearing– – Guys, are you wearing the same shirt? – the same outfit? – It's, we have on– – We've never done this, like honestly we never match And now– – White converse, blue jeans, striped top – I don't know if I would consider my converse white They're definitely like so dirty, but it's okay – And our hair, I tried to do Bailey's style, I tried, but my hair's also like three times the length and heaviness and it was just like sinking and it looked like Princess Leia and it just wasn't, it wasn't working

So I did a similar style, so we still look very much the same But yeah, day one of matching, here we go So we are in Miss Schlonger's room She isn't in here right now, but we are just waiting for her to come in and we're gonna catch her reaction to us matching All the girls in the locker room just kinda stared at us

– [Bailey] They just were like– – They were like– – [Bailey] What, I don't understand – So we'll see how Dolly reacts and we'll catch it on camera – [Bailey] What do you think of our outfits? – Oh, you're twins – [Bailey] We're twinning – Oh my gosh, look at you, even the socks

– [Brooklyn] Day one of five, are you ready for five days of this? – Oh wow (laughter) – [Brooklyn] Bailey's like no – At least your hair is different – [Brooklyn] Barely– – [Bailey] Barely – Barely

– [Brooklyn] 'cause I couldn't get it in that style – She couldn't do it Do you like that we're matching? – It's weird because you're never matching – [Bailey] It's so true – Hi, matchies

– [Bailey] Hey – What's the point? Is it twin day? – [Bailey] No (laughs) – [Brooklyn] She's so confused She just like looks at us like we're crazy – [Bailey] Successful

Hi, May Tay – Hi, what you're matching I'm gonna run into the wall – [Bailey] Why are you going backwards? What do you think of our outfits? – I'm curious as to why you're twinning Why do you look this way? I mean, I get that you're a twin and all, but I mean

– [Bailey] Where are you going? – Backwards This is very unusual – So I just came home and I saw Brooklyn was wearing this shirt, and then I looked back and Bailey's wearing the shirt, and I was like what is going on? You guys don't normally match, but then I realized you guys were filming this video – [Brooklyn] Even Kamri was confused (laughs) – [Brooklyn] That's saying something

– It's a little bit, you guys look like completely Siamese Twins though With her hair like that – [Bailey] It's scary, right – It is weird – [Bailey] We had so many people– – We got home, just FYI, but today in the cafeteria, we were walking to get to another class, Bailey and I, side by side, and– – She was ashamed to walk near me because everyone kept giving us weird looks

– I was, everyone kept giving us– – So I walked up behind her and hooked my arms into hers– – So we looked liked– – And she was like stop it and I was like no – I was like stop, stop, people are like, looking at us and then everyone, just all their heads turned in the cafeteria And there was this table with like the assistant principal and the principal and the– – They literally clapped when we walked by – They started clapping when we walked by – They were just like yes

– Did they think you missed the memo for Twin Day? – Yes – I think they all thought we missed the memo for Twin Day – So it, we have like Relay for Life at the end of the week and we do dress up days at our school for Relay for Life and yesterday was Twin Day, so everybody kept saying, oh you guys missed the memo, yesterday was Twin Day No No

– [Brooklyn] Hold up, y'all Before we continue with the video, we just wanted to let you know that we have a meet up in Dallas, Texas on May 12th, so you guys should be there We're super excited to meet up for our mascara, so it's just lots of exciting stuff going on, so you guys can check in the description box down below for more details on that Now, let's get into the video – Let's go

– Hey guys, it is day two of matching outfits and we have these little pin stripe jumpsuits Bailey, do you want to stand up and– – Dun, duh, duh, dah – [Brooklyn] The only difference today– – No, don't say it We're gonna make you guys guess – So

– Everyday we're gonna wear a small thing that is slightly different Whatever item that you see that's different for each outfit, you have to comment down below – So do you want to show them my outfit then? – [Bailey] Sure So here's Brooklyn's Alright, challenge has been administered

There has been every single day something different between our outfits and you guys are just gonna have to guess what it is – Alright, y'all, day three of us matching outfits – Day three – This is today's outfit It's a little nice t-shirt, jeans, and converse again

See if you guys can tell what different on my outfit today Comment down below on what it is and we, of course have a second set of matchers – Hey guys! – Hey guys! – Introduce yourselves – Okay, so I'm Brock and then that's– – I'm Boston – We're the Brock and Boston channel

– So we recruited some other twins to do this with us – They're visiting us, they are from Utah – Yes, we are – Their mom is with Betty's, right? – Yes – We're all involved in that– – Yes

– And it's super fun – So to subscribe to their channel- – Yeah – You guys, should definitely do that, click the link in the description box below, go subscribe – What's your channel name, guys? Just shout it out for them – Brock and Boston

– So go check them out, – Brock and Boston – They're super fun and obviously adorable in their nice little outfits, ladies they're single so– – We're not alone– – So go subscribe – On the matching thing – Hey guys, so it is day four of us matching We decided to wear lazy outfits today because all we did was stay here in Oklahoma and watched movies – Yeah, we rolled out of bed late, we just kind of chilled

– Now we're driving home – Had a nice breakfast and now we're driving home – Let me show Brooklyn's outfit And then mine looks exactly the same Wow

So what do you guys think of us matching? – When you came here yesterday, it was really kind of off-setting, I didn't know what was going on 'cause you don't normally match, so it threw me for a loop, I assumed something was up though I like it though, I mean – [Brooklyn] And then Kenny said something funny What'd you say? – Yeah, I was like wow, a lot of people are gonna be struggling to tell you two apart today – Because last night, Kenny had her Sweet 16 party, so nobody could tell us apart because we looked exactly the same

– Alright y'all we are on our way home from Oklahoma and Bailey and I are still matching, I promise, we just have coats on top of our outfits because it is literally like 23 degrees here It was snowing this morning, which was crazy We didn't know if we could drive home because the roads were a little bit icy and there was a whole tornado craziness in Texas and so we've had a little bit of a crazy weather weekend, but we are finally headed home and we're ready to go spend the last day of the weekend at home with the family We finally made it home, I took a nice long nap We got some Burger King

– I drove the whole way – Bailey drove the whole way and we're just excited to see the puppies Hi, baby! – Brooklyn and Bailey! – Hi, Paisley – Okay you guys, so it is day five, the last day of us dressing exactly the same – I'm excited

– So, she's not taller than me, her shoes are– – I'm wearing heels today – So why don't we show outfit It's a cute like flowery dress and then some shoes Tada! – And today is the last day we are matching Tomorrow we finally get to be– – Yes

– Individuals again, but we are going to, I think the first actually public place, minus school that we are going to be matching, matching, like standing next to each other– – Is today, – And we're going to church – At church – So it'll be interesting to see– – See what people say – I know at school we had some crazy reactions – You know what, we never match, so people are like uhhh

– What's going on? – What's going on? – Yeah and people can get kind of confused on who is who, which I don't know how because her hair is totally different, but I guess the matching kind of throws people off So we're gonna head out – Hey Renee, what do you think of Brooklyn and I matching? – I love it

(laughter) – It's twins twinning – Yeah, it's creative, it's different – [Bailey] Lulu pops up and goes – I love it – [Brooklyn] I love it – I don't, I mean it looks good

– It looks good – I don't think it looks bad or anything – I saw Bailey and I was like that dress looks so cute and then I saw, and then I was like, wait why does she have her hair that way? I'm a little confused And then I was like no, just kidding, they're different – [Brooklyn] They're different

– So that's the kind of stuff we've been getting all day – Okay you guys, so obviously it was weird seeing us dressed the same, we're so different – I did not like it at all, I felt weird I was so aware of– – Everyone was like, nah – Where Bailey was in the room and where everybody's eyeballs were every time we walked in

– She, no, a funny story, we were walking down the hall and literally everyone was staring at us and so I walked up and like hooked my arm on it– – And I was like get off, no, go on the other side – Brooklyn's like walk on the other side of the hall I'm like no, we're talking together – It's not that I don't want to be seen with you, I don't mind that, it's that we looked the exact same I just don't like it, I don't know why

– I don't mind it, but it obviously is not her thing – It's like, when you're, if you're a twin, it's hard because they already mix you up and then you're just making it worse by dressing the same So it gets complicated – But it was really fun to dress the same We haven't done that since we were about three

– No, it was a while ago – So it was a little weird I hope that you guys enjoyed watching the video Don't forget to comment down below the differences you found in our outfits each day We love you guys so much

Don't forget to subscribe to our channel– – By clicking the box right down here You guys can also check out more of our videos by clicking the boxes over there and we'll see you guys next week – Bye – Bye

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