We Found Our Old Diaries and Emails…

– Hello, everyone! – Hello! – Hello! – Hey! – [Together] Finn said hi! – He said hello – Kamri's here too

– All the time – Basically, what we're going to be doing is reading old emails back and forth to each other We're also going to be looking at old journals Hopefully this will help entertain you all in your boredom (upbeat music) – I found an email from me to Kamri

It says hello Hey, you You are very weird You know you are very spoiled because when I had to pull my tooth out, all they do is pin me down and yank it out And you get two giant Reese's

I'm jealous Thank you That's from ten-year-old me Thank you – Oh, this is my favorite one

Okay And I remember we figured out you could change the fonts and you could put emojis in Brooklyn and I used to send emojis back and make up stories And she'd have to guess what my story was all the time Okay, but this one says, hello

I want to tell you the thing, but you haven't said I am listening By the way, figure out wait this is; Take and it is – I am so confused – Here's one Here's one from me to Kamri

– But Brooklyn and I totally understood each other – Okay, figure out how to say this Kamri M R spiders M R not M R to C D B D I S

Mr Spiders – I don't know – This is my childhood in one sentence – Why do you not email me Brooklyn? – Bailey, Brooklyn, get Bella on her DS

Have her go on Poctochat – What does that even mean? – Bailey said, Oh I said, Oh Bailey said, Oh Bailey said, cause I had nothing to say

I said, what? Why did you say that? Bailey said, um – Seriously, the best part is that they could have just turned to each other and had this conversation but instead over days, they would just sit down at the family computer and just send a message And the other one would come sit down, send a message – I found one where Kamri and I are talking about some sort of record in 2011 She says, new record, 201

And I said, haha 227 And she says, haha 230 And I said, what? I am so going to beat you And then she says, haha 250 Haha

That's it – Kamri sent me an email Happy New Year (laughs) – Kamri sent me a Happy New Year Said Happy New Year, P

S, have a good and extra special 2013 – Wow, look at how cute I am, guys I just wished you a Happy New Year – Okay

My first journal entry There was this kid in one of my classes in elementary school Is it Mitch? Let's just call him – Joe – Joe is such a pain in the neck and so is his friend blank They do really mean things to all the girls at school, like tease us or make fun of us And another thing he does is he does not like his mom or respect his mom

It's very weird, I tell you, and his shirts are all dirty and ruined And he picks his nose And worst of all, he's in my class at school And if you were me, you would know how it is like to be by him He smells bad

– This is my first journal entry Hi My name is Bailey and I am in second grade I am eight years old and I have a twin I have a worst enemy at my school

– No, no Worst, worst enemy – We would try and come up with comebacks to say to him – Because he bullied the twins – And his name rhymes with pain

And so we would say, "his name, his name, you're a pain" – Why was that the best we could do? – This makes us look terrible – But it's okay – I went to the store and bought all my sketchbook stuff and – Yep, it's as good as I remember it'd be – This is 2012

– Bailey thought she was like an artist – This is like some brooding message It's like – Death is a sad thing with Jesus Christ but we will reunite together in heaven – I tried drawing something just like this the same time – Let me show them

– And bailey was so mean to me She was like, "mine is so much better" And I'm pretty sure you ripped mine up – No I didn't – You were rude to me

– [Together] Oh! Shy is- no- shy is not in my vocabulary – Shy is not in my vocabulary – What's funny is Bailey made fun of me for being an artist but then actually this is when I was 12 – Ahh! Look at the difference! – Are you even joking right now? – Oh, look, here's a classroom setting – [Together] Neither is math

– Why is she bent like that moving the chairs? Why is she like that? – Brooklyn, you wrote a poem in my book, do you want me to read it? – Yeah – I rise my finger to my nose, up my nostril, there it goes – No, you did not write a poem about picking your nose – Slowly, as I feel around, – This is a lie – This is Brooklyn's

– No, it's not – There's a big one, great and round I try to reach it, but I fail Time to bring in the fingernail Quickly, it gets the job done

I grab a tissue, but I won't need one "Got it," I said, as I wiped it off And then you scratched out the rest but it goes, the girl next to me goes, "cough, cough, cough" Their poor elbow Finger, you thought your job was tough

– That's a pretty good poem, despite the content This one was written when I was eight My brother went to town, town, town, to wear a pretty gown, gown, gown He had a pretty crown, crown, crown, and a very sad frown, frown, frown He ran into a mound, mound, mounds, and got stuck with some hounds, hounds, hounds

He weight three thousand pound, pound, pounds He played a bunch of game round, round, rounds He heard some creepy sound, sound, sounds And that's all he did – This- – Oh, my

– This is pure comedy Are you guys ready for this? Uh, um, hi I'd like to tell you something I- um- I- I- I need glasses Okay, okay, done

Phew Are you laughing? Okay, that is not funny Well, if you aren't laughing then you can forget everything Sorry about when I was had written, it was bad writing Writing spelled with an "R" I wrote, w-o-r-o-t that

I don't – Oh, are you talking about your – I don't have very good penmanship Sorry about what I said – Bailey has a glasses entry, I also have one Okay, okay, I bet this sounds weird, but I have to get glasses Okay, I don't want to, but I have to

I can still see, I just can't read far away It is very sad to me because my best friend Morgan is in a different class this year and I don't know any people in my class so I'm afraid they are going to make fun of me because I didn't have glasses last year Here's one about adopting Daxton – Aww – Oh, I have one too

– If I haven't written in here for a while so I haven't told you much, I'll start from the beginning Our family adopted a baby boy This is when I was nine His name is Daxton Shaun McKnight A few days ago we went into court for him to officially be ours

It was kind of boring because all they talked about was law talk that I didn't understand But after that we went to a place for a barbecue The place where we ate was good and now today is exciting because in two days a bunch of people are coming for Daxton's sealing It is exciting because I am only nine and I get to go into the temple That's like our church building

While I am really excited, it is time for me to go to sleep – Mine is, on Daxton's it goes, if I could go back to one day in my life it would be when I got sealed to my brother or sister in the temple It might have been special to them, but I think it's pretty special to me and that's the day I'd go back to – And here I was, a freaking brat I said, you will not believe your ears when I say this

I picked my glasses, yay! Well, aren't you happy? What? You aren't? Ah, I see Well, kind of Oh my gosh, kind of I spelled c-i-n-d o-f – I was nine or eight, I think I was eight And we were supposed to be making Christmas ornaments for our parents and I go, today we are making Christmas gifts for somebody It is a tree ornament like always

But a girl in my class gave hers to me and I figured that out when my teacher handed it to me and her sticker said, "to Kamri, from her name" Then Mrs Swain took me to her desk and told me why she was giving me her gift She said it was because she has some hard times with her family and in life and she doesn't feel loved so she picked out the prettiest and nicest person she knew and gave it to them – That's sweet

– This one was when I was twelve and I was leaving sixth grade and I was talking about my best friend I said, poor Morgan couldn't stop crying We've been best friends for so long It's so weird having to just so abruptly never see her again but she will always be my best friend I don't think I've ever told her this but I truly love her – Aww

Oh, here's the Asa story I was not happy about having to go to West Monroe Who wants to stay with a bunch of strangers for a weekend? I didn't When we arrived, the first thing we did was go to a pizza parlor to surprise some of the girls who watch our channel in the Robertson family At my first glance, I realized that Asa was kind of cute but I thought nothing of it after that

That night, we went to a crawfish boil at their house and the whole family came I grabbed a plate and went to sit with the girls, when I saw Asa sitting alone I decided I would go sit with him and try and keep him company for a while I had heard the girls whispering about how Asa thought I was cute, but I was still dating someone else at the time, so I was uninterested Well, long story short, we talked and became what I thought was friends, for him it was a crush

Later that night, we played some games When me, Kam, Asa, and Brooklyn all all snuck off to have some "team time" Literally, we just went and jumped on the trampoline I knew at this point that Asa liked me since he had been around me the whole night But again, I was taken and uninterested at this time

We hung out at the golf cart I wasn't "taken" like I wasn't dating anyone, I just liked someone and he liked me back, so we were like an item thing I started worrying that Asa was going to try to pull a move on me so I decided to head to bed

Once I had gone inside, Asa tried many times to get me to go back out with him, this is true – Asa was persistent – He was persistent – He was so – And I said I was not having it Eventually he left and I was able to sleep The next morning we got ready, went to church with the Robertson and Richards I had intentionally tried to sit as far away from Asa as I possibly could, but my mom switched seats with me last second and I ended up sitting right next to him

The second I sat down he scooted closer In response I scooted away He scooted closer again, and I scooted away This went on until I was practically sitting in Brooklyn's lap next to me On top of that, he grabbed my hand during the prayer and held it

I immediately yanked my hand away and sat on both of them so it couldn't happen again This is how forward he was I was flabbergasted that he couldn't take a hint and realize that I was uninterested Later we went to lunch I managed to get their phone number so we could keep in touch

When we left, I didn't think much about Asa and his advancements towards me Right after the break, we became quick friends and the convos were off and on, mostly my fault because I was in a "no boys allowed" time of my life Since I had just ended whatever the fake relationship was that I thought I was in Moving forward a little, our families decided to all go on a cruise together On this cruise, Asa had changed

He was less forceful and was more kind and gentlemanly around me He was patient and softly listened to me and applied what I said For instance, one night I mentioned liking guys who dressed up and the next thing I know, he shows up looking very handsome in a pink button-down – I remember that cruise There was a movie playing, and all of us went out, and Bailey and Asa were watching the movie together, and all of us were just sitting there – Zootopia! It was Zootopia! – Me and Bella Robertson were just sitting there spying on you

We were just loving it And then we were like, we should give them some personal space And Asa and her came back and they were holding hands and they walked and they were holding hands and all of us just started like- – Screaming – Screaming And Bailey got so mad she whipped her hand away and she stuck it in her arm and she was like- – I don't like it

– And then she kicked Asa out of the room – I did not get why people gave attention to it – Hope you guys enjoyed watching that video and we will see you – In the next video – Bye – Bailey had a burn book

– Bailey was literally a brat – Look Except for – This should show you how old I am though, I spelled hideous h-i-d-i-y-i-s

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