We Had Our Futures Read to Us, and this is what they said…

– What's up? – We have some mysterious stuff for you in today's video – Mysterious

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– We wanna see – So go go get yourself some right this second – As soon as you're done watching this video and seeing what our futures are – And now let's go Okay, so Brooklyn and I decided to go on a little adventure today

– And we are going to go to a psychic – Our futures read – We have actually no idea what to expect I've never been to anything like this – This will be interesting

– Pray for us When Dana talked to the lady she seemed very, very nice So we're hoping that she's a little sympathetic and doesn't give us like the death card or something like that – Bailey's is a non-believer She doesn't give us our futures

She just reads them They are already are, what they are You can't blame her for what they are – Wow (easy listening music) – Tell them that's not the tiniest bit creepy

It's so eerie, I don't like this (whimsical music) Okay, so here is our commentary on everything that happened with the psychic 'cause some of it was like– – 'cause it can be kinda confusing just watching it – I know, so we're gonna explain and give you some commentary, feedback on what happened – Yeah, we watched it back and we're like, okay, we kinda need to explain while it's going so that they understand a little bit better on what's happening – So to start, she talked about Bailey and Asa and this lady was awesome

I was expecting– – She was so sweet – Some like creepy, creepy person in like an alleyway or something – Yeah, we were thinking of the stereotype and I feel bad, because we went in there and she's like, oh I hate the stereotype – But she was awesome and really nice – And honestly, pretty cool so if you wanna get your future read by a psychic she's pretty cool

– Okay, if you will break that into three parts please and then restack it in any order that you like All right, do you have a boyfriend? – I do, yes – Okay Are you guys away from each other at the moment? – (laughs) yeah (clears throat) For the past two years, we've been doing long distance for about, it's about six hours

– Oh wow, okay, okay So, and that's troublesome for sure – Yeah (laughs) – Oh my gosh – What? I mean, it could've gone a lot of ways but specifically for Asa and I it's specifically is mentioning, the long distance

– Yes – I feel like she Googled me and she totally knew – No I'm a believer – (laughs ) 'cause how else would she know? – I'm a believer – It was so scary

– Oh, was he supposed to be up here for Easter, were you hoping to see him this weekend? – Yeah (mumbles) – And he didn't make it? – M-m – Okay Yeah, so, 'cause I was like this is like missing the party It's like (groans) the disappointments there

Now you've also got, one, two three, four major Arcanas So that's the older part of the deck that deals with the dream and the soul So, you're going through some real pivotal change as far as your personal evolution, on the soul level – Our house next year So you guys do know that we're building a house next year and currently we have five roommates living in the house and she started talking about the house

– Decorations and like– – She's like boop, you guys have a house – What that should look like and like how intricate and colors and certain She was like, you should go for more of like an anthropology style – Pink and green – Decoration – And I was like, you mean literally every Pinterest picture I have pinned right now? Um, what? (laughs) – A little weird I'm just sayin'

– Just mildly weird And it was also weird that she knew that there was just chaos around Like, figuring our the rooming situation and all that stuff, so – Okay, so if you were thinking Are you thinking about green or blue for cabinets or something? I feel like there color going in there

That is maybe not expected – It's been a debate (laughs) – It'll be you see the color and you're both gonna agree on it 'Cause it's gonna feel right, so But I also feel like you're gonna kinda come to a crossroads about something that you need to deal with

Don't feel like it's gonna be a make it or break it decision You know you're gonna be okay, don't stress over it Like I said, you already got the skills and this is a really powerful card This is more gonna be a short-term issue that you need to go through And for some reason it's something about July seems to be a trigger with this as well

– So, guys, the anticipates are aligned with me because apparently that's my big month – And she's supposedly going to have to talk it out and make a decision and she's supposed to make it with me – Normally I'd be concerned that that would be regarding my relationship But then she literally the entire time she's talking to me she's like, oh yeah, you and your boyfriend you're like– – are fine – You're like long-term, you're gonna last a long time

– Okay, if you'll break that into three piles please and then restack it in any order So, okay you're in a totally different place than your sister So three of swords, have you had some heartbreak recently? – Kinda, yeah – Okay Yeah, I was like, you're going through some tough stuff

This is not an easy card – Bailey's was all like hopeful and she talked about her and Asa Like he's marriage material I think that's exactly what Bailey wants to hear She's like (sings) – I'm like yay! – When she said that

But, and I came to me and she was like, oh No, like it's all these challenge cards and I was like, oh great – So I've got a King of Wands here Do you have a strong male leadership role? – Not really, not besides my dad – Okay, is there someone pursuing you? – Yes

– Okay I feel like he's a bit of a force Now, he definitely has put some intrigue in your life You're curious It's gonna, it'll have to play out to see if this is a good fit for you

– First of all I'm not in a relationship, and so she was like do you have a strong, older male – Figure – presence in your life? And I was like – She was like – My dad? – She was – And I was like, who is this? – We're like, who is this old man? – I don't have an older man in my life – Apparently – I have my dad and that is it, everyone else is my age

– Now everyone's teasing her saying she's gonna meet an old guy and like fall in love – and he's gonna swoop me off my feet Anyway, she dramatized the fact that August was going to be a big thing for me And I was going, and now everyone's saying of course August you're gonna meet your soulmate in August, August, August – He's gonna be an older guy – He's gonna be an older guy you're gonna meet him in one of your classes during school

– She was literally like, you will have a strong male presence – A male Yeah it was very insisting – And he will be older than you – Yeah, and I was like

– We were like, well okay then – All right, so, we've got the tower in reverse which I don't love Because this is a challenging card No matter how we look at it because we have three opportunities for change in the deck Like, ending followed by the beginning this third and final one

So it's kinda like it's been building up You need some change to happen and right now it is not happening What is it that you feel, like you most need to let go of, and move on from? (laughs) – [Bailey] Living with me Sharing a room with me That's the big thing right now

– A lot of things There are a lot of things She talked about, Bailey and I needing our space and, potentially getting our own rooms so that we can better love each other So that we are not always together, doing everything – See I love being together but, we are gonna get new rooms next year

– We are going to try to get our own rooms guys which will be exciting because that means, double the room tours! – We have shared a room for almost– – 19 years – Yeah – It's not a rejection of each other Just because you need space, do not take it personal Are you also wanting to do personally wanna do more products or do some products that are kind of your idea? – Well kind of

– Okay 'Cause I feel like you've got potential kind of your own babies here – And that's so funny because Brooklyn has 3 ideas for projects that she wants to do that's she's come up with on her own – She's like, Brooklyn, you need to take breaks – Like, what? – And then you need to work on your own and start your own projects within your company so, who knows, maybe in the next little while I will come out with something

– Oh my gosh – Now Father Swords, we find that a lot of times can be challenging numbers, but not necessarily there are the kind of challenge that create change within us But once you find something that's consistent for you like having a home, kinda having a routine that kind of thing can be really important – Okay we just got out of the reading – Yes, that was not what I was expecting it to be like at all

– Almost like therapeutic, it was like– – Yeah, I think it was therapeutic – Talking about it's very just like general but it kinda gives you insight on what you should do And it was very interesting I thought it was cool – Thank you guys so much for watching this video

– Essentially you just watched all of our deep, personal – Deepest and darkest secrets – Comin' out right now – But do not forget guys do yourself a favor, right this second – Get the product

– Click the link in the description box below to go get yourself the new seashell products – So just do it – Trendy, go be trendy Go be trendy – Go do it

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