We Joined a SORORITY! | Can You Guess Which One?

(upbeat pop music) – Okay, we are here the day before rush is starting, so– – And we are not allowed to talk to any of our friends who have already rushed, or are in a sorority– – Or are part of a sorority, any of that Can we talk to alums? – No, we can't talk to alums

– I don't even think we can talk to alums – [Girl] Unless they're in your family – The whole silence thing starts as soon as the first meeting for rush starts the week of rushing a sorority and then it ends on bid day, when you get your bid and you open it and you know what sorority you're gonna be a part of And we are headed to the first meeting, day before rush starts, which is basically where we get the information we need, our schedules, shirts, everything – Everybody wears the same t-shirt tomorrow, so the fashion challenge to see how you can make a single t-shirt that everybody is wearing look different

– And jeans look different than everyone else, yeah We are gonna be rushing to pick out our outfits tonight It's going to be a crazy week (upbeat pop music) – Okay, so we just got out of our very first meeting We got our t-shirt

It looks like, this – [Bethany] I got you – Oh there you go, Bethany's got us – And then the back – And then the back, we're going home right now to go cut them up to make them fit a little bit better

We've got these, which apparently we have to wear every single day – If we go to a restaurant – We have to wear these – We have to wear these, because they have to know that we are rushing and they can't talk to us if they are in a sorority – If they are in a sorority – Morning guys, it's like 6:30 in the morning

We have to be to our first day of rush by 7:45 You kinda have to find a way to stand out every single day, so I might do something different with my make up, fun outfits – This is really just a cute look for me – Yes – They are not allowed to call you by your name as they go through the process of picking which girls they want to bring back to their parties the next day

A lot of girls will rely on calling you by something you wear, so you have to wear something that stands out, so you can be like "Oh the girl with the pink shoes? "Yeah, we totally want to call her back" So they make you identifiable – So, hopefully our outfits pull that off, or hair, or make up or something Everyone is going to be wearing the same shirt today So let's hope so

– Fingers crossed – But let's keep y'all updated – [Girl] Show us your outfit, yay Shelly is really just rocking this style here, so tell us what is different about your outfit? – My fanny pack – Her fanny pack is what's going to make her stand out

And Brooklyn (upbeat music) – Okay, we are halfway through the first day of recruitment, so the kind of the process is that you go to these parties hosted by all the sororities and you talk with them, and they show you their songs and all that kind of stuff And then, at the end of the day, you have to eliminate three of the sororities Bailey and I actually decided not to tell each other or talk to each other at all about the sororities this week, so that we each can make our own decision, and it will be kind of a surprise on bid day what sororities we end up choosing Y'all will be, like, with us during that process, so we are going to be filming this separately, but I was going to tell y'all kind of how I feel right now about the first half today

We went to Pi Phi, Tri Delt, Zeta, AD Pi, and Alpha Chi O, so those are the five sororities that we went to this morning So far, I really like Tri Delt and I have a lot of friends at Tri Delt And I really like Zeta Tonight, like this afternoon, we're gonna go to four more, and I'll let you know what I'm thinking about those, and Bailey will tell you on her own as well – All of them are pretty good, but I really liked Pi Phi, and I really liked Tri Delt this morning

We literally won't know what each other picked until the very end of the week, when we get, on bid day So it's kinda scary, 'cause we always tell each other everything, but something new – The lunch of champions right here Brooklyn, here, didn't even eat breakfast And she was famished

So I was like give me the biggest water that you have, and it's gone, it's literally almost completely gone – [Girl] Time to go into the last half of the day It's supposed to be the longest day ever – Ever – And then it's supposed to get better from here

– I'm gonna take a straight nap when I get home – Bethany, are you ready? – Yeah – Okay, you guys can see that they have signs on the doors You open the doors and like inside is basically every sorority girl – And they just like clap and sing to you

And they like skip up and you get paired off with people – We just finished getting interviewed by basically all the sororities What's next is we go into this building and we vote on which sororities we liked the best So we put them in one column, and whatever is left, we rank them as three, two, one, whichever ones we liked the best So if the sorority didn't pick you, you can't be in it

And if you didn't pick the sorority, you can't be in it So you both have to mutually pick each other Based on what we picked today and what sororities pick, our schedule will be picked for tomorrow So I will update you guys on how many I have on my schedule And so will Brooklyn

– Alright, y'all, it is the end of night one, and you can see I'm breaking out I think it's from stress Just don't mind this So I just want to keep y'all updated on the decisions that I have made at the end of this first day We started out with eight, so I decided to cut AD Phi, Alpha Chi O, and Kappa

I actually enjoyed every single room, they were just some rooms that I knew more girls in, and so I felt a little more comfortable in, and so those are the ones that I kept Day one of three is complete, and now I'm just gonna go pick out my outfit for day two – We got to pref five different sororities yesterday, so I prefed Pi Phi, Zeta, Kappa, Tri Delt, and Chi O, and those are my five So I actually didn't get a bid back from Pi Phi I actually had Alpha Chi Omega move up

But this is kinda what my schedule looks like It's just like a thin piece of paper, and it says, like, when I'm going to which sorority and when I have breaks, and when my lunch is, and so that's kind of what we follow today I guess not getting prefed by some sororities is very normal Obviously, anybody gets cut Sometimes it's the ones you want, sometimes it's not

So, yeah, some of the ones I wanted did not pref me back, but the ones that I really liked did, so I'm very excited about that I'm very excited to see where that goes today We're the very first people in our family to ever do Greek life, and it's been an experience to try and figure it all out on our own Now that I know, I'm like, I want you guys to understand exactly what's gonna happen if you do this So, day two, here we go

Today is the philanthropy day, I think, so when we go into the rooms, they are gonna be teaching us about their philanthropy projects But today's outfits, they kept saying snappy casual, so show us your outfit Snappy casual Cute, and then this is mine, I'll take my coat off You guys can see

– [Girl] She's wearing a jumpsuit with some boots – So basically every time you go into a room, they have their own way of presenting their philanthropies to us The one I just left, we just like basically danced around and like partied and had so much fun And the one very, very early this morning was like tears coming down my face, it was so touching So it's going to be interesting what the rest of the day looks like

Lunch time Burgers today and ice cream We're really eating the healthy life I've been surprised by who I have liked and who I have not liked as much as I thought I would Also, like shout out to puff balls

I've been getting compliments on them all day long, so you know where to find them Website, our website – I just went in and eliminated three more sororities, so I'm down to two That was really hard, I'm not gonna lie There were sororities I wasn't expecting to like love as much as I did that kind of crept up on me, and now I'm really just conflicted on what I want to do

I prefed Tri Delt and Chi O, those are my top two, so tomorrow I'm gonna have to rank those as number one and number two, but for now, it's just a matter of what the sororities decide to cut and who they decide to cut, to see if I really end up with those two tomorrow But you know what I know that like it will end up the way it's supposed to, so that's good – Hi you guys, the day's over Eliminating it down from five to two First of all, very hard, second of all, all of them are good, so that just makes it even harder

Over the series of the last semester, I have been hanging out with a bunch of Tri Delts So when I came in, I felt very close to Tri Delt But then, when I came in, and like got to know people, I feel like I got to know Kappas very well, and so I was kind of feeling pulled towards Kappa, and less towards Tri Delt Because I came in and they were very sweet in their room, but it didn't stand out as much as Kappa did to me But we'll see what happens, if it's meant to be, it's meant to be

But my number one right now is Chi O and my number two is Tri Delt, and my number three is Kappa That was very hard today, very hard decisions today, but it's time to go home and like relax, 'cause I am very tired – [Girl] So we're picking out outfits and we've made a mess – Tell them how long, it took us like two hours to get back into the outfit we picked out – And then I went back to the dress that we all said no in the very beginning about

I don't – So, isn't that how it always works? – [Girl] Yeah, I know, for sure Brooklyn's taking a nap

Having a good time – I'm trying to figure out what earrings I want I'm trying to go big – Hi Brooklyn – Hello, I have the world's biggest zit on my face

You can't even tell, but it looks small right now, but like if I touch it, it's a huge lump – It's like swollen, so she took ibuprofen pill last night, she took everything she could find to try and get it to deswell Anyway, just an update, we're getting ready, doing our make up Today is called, what is it called, pref day Basically, we get all dolled up and we go to our two preferences that we picked yesterday, if they prefed us back

And did your top two pref you back? – Yes, they did, they prefed me back – I also got my top two this morning, so it's been a good morning We go to their rooms, and basically it's like a very emotional day where they like sit you down at these tables, and they tell you why you're important to them, and why they want you in their sorority – So I was just like balling like ten seconds ago This is an insanely difficult decision for me, at least, because I'm between Tri Delt and Chi O, and they are both amazing, and I know so many amazing girls in them

– And so I went to Tri Delt, this morning, and then I just got out of the Chi O room, and I definitely cried in Tri Delt But in the Chi O room, I also felt like very emotional – And like so, I just don't know what I'm gonna put on that piece of paper when I walk in that room, so – Head's up if you're doing this, this day is a tough one Yeah, we're gonna go vote and wish me luck – Wish me luck and I will keep you guys updated Alright, this is what the line looks like to go vote This is crazy, are you ready? – Yes

– [Girl] This is what happens when you wear heels It doesn't matter how comfortable the heels are Wearing them for multiple hours on end, it's just excruciating This is how every girl in this line looks like right now Either barefoot or flip flops on

– We just voted And I put Chi O as number one and Tri Delt as number two Before I went in, I knew I really liked Tri Delt and Chi O, and I wasn't really sure This week confirmed that I really liked Chi O, and I clicked with them I'm not sure what Brooklyn picked

Now we just wait to see if that same sorority picked you back basically – I'm not gonna lie that was probably the hardest decision I have ever had to make I, all of a sudden, had this unsurity Chi O kinda rushed in And during this whole, recruitment week, and it's been crazy, and so, getting to this end, I was like extremely stressed out, because I had no idea what I wanted to do And I liked girls in both sororities

So I got to the voting room, and I basically just like said a quick prayer and I put down what I thought would be right for me, and I ended up preffing Chi O as my number one and Tri Delt as my number two So it's gonna be a little bit of a shock, I think, for the Tri Delt girls Everyone who knows me because they expect me go one way, and I went a different way So it will be great to see tomorrow who I end up getting a bid from, because there's still a chance that maybe Chi O doesn't bid for me, and then Tri Delt does So then I get a bid from Tri Delt, I don't know

That's the whole stressful process But yeah, you guys will be there when I find out which sorority I'm a part of – To give y'all a heads up, it's emotional, but in the end of the day, everyone ends up with something that they like And every sorority has girls that you would click with It's just which sorority you think you click with the best with the most girls, if that makes any sense

Any who, we're walking back, and that's kind of what's happening, and I'm babbling, so I'm going to go – [Girl] We are binge watching movies because we are all nervous for tomorrow, and we don't just wanna be sitting around, thinking about our decisions – Snickers? – Good morning, you guys Okay, so today is the very last day of recruitment week, it's called bid day, and that means today is the day we find out which sorority we end up in How it's gonna work today is we're gonna go to a big auditorium, they're gonna hand out these envelopes, and inside the envelopes is gonna be the name of which sorority we got into

Everyone opens them at the exact same time, so it's gonna be chaotic, 'cause that's like at least 800 girls opening all of their envelopes at the exact same time So what we have to wear is white shirt and jeans, because once we do find out which sorority we're in, that sorority will give us a t-shirt to wear, and then we'll go into the room and just kind of like throw a celebratory party That's what today is gonna look like (upbeat music) (car horn honks) – We're nervous – [Girl] So what does everybody want? Let's play find out first

– Chi O – Chi O – Tri Delt – I want Chi O, but oh my gosh, this is going to be and it's so funny because we're gonna walk over here and you're gonna see parents waiting outside The sorority girls are all like grouped up outside of the building

It's for you to like run outside to, I guess, when you find out who you joined Here we go This is what anticipation looks like Everybody is just like ready – I'm about to get my envelope

Alright, we can't open them yet, though We have to wait for like 10 minutes (upbeat music) (girls screaming) (Brooklyn and Bailey screaming) – Chi O! It's official! – These things are huge! I could only find a large, 'cause the crowd was so big (girls screaming) – [Girl] How you feeling? – So excited! – [Girl] How do we feel? (girls screaming) (upbeat pop music) – This is insane – Insane

– They wanted to take a group picture, and it was like – [Both] This big! – Okay guys, we've been transported to like, a ranch I have no idea really what's going on – Me neither – But we're kinda in a circle right now, just experiencing life Yeah, we're just kind of throwing a party

(upbeat pop music) (girls chanting) (camera clicks) – Alright, my hair's a wreck I'm sweating my paint off my face – We can't hear anything, and our voices are done, but we have had so much fun – Time to go home and get some real sleep – But it was a good day! – Recruitment week is over, guys! We are in our sorority

We are officially Chi Omegas, whoo! – So, as you can see, – Chi Omega! – Chi Omega! – Wow, that actually looked so wrong – Wow, that was like Superman – Chi Omega – It's me, I'm here – We're literally so excited, so yeah, we have no idea what we are doing, because we're like the first people in our immediate family ever– – To rush, my parents didn't rush, and so, my mom's kind of living vicariously through us

But we're kind of just winging it so far, but it's a lot of fun – Yes, so now, we are a Chi Omega family, guys Welcome to the world – Maybe Camrie will join the squad – Yeah, maybe

– Anyway, that's the video Hopefully, you guys enjoyed watching, and we will see you next week! Subscribe, we love you

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