We Spent the Night in Our HAUNTED OFFiCE!!

– It's getting dark and creepy (door creaks) – [Girl] Brooklyn, get out! Oh my gosh! – [Girl] Do you see that? It's right there! (girls screaming) – [Bailey] There was a person in the window! Evacuate! – [Girls] Hey guys! It's Brooklyn and Bailey! – And today, we are going to be going through a little bit of a spookier video

– Na, na, na, na – So we decided to sleep over in what we thought was a haunted office, our haunted office specifically – [Brooklyn] And lots of creepy things happened, so you'll have to watch the video to figure out what exactly those are – Yes, but before you do that, guess what you guys? We actually have holiday and seasonal scrunchies coming out, so you should check those out down below by clicking the link in the description box below Alright, it's time to experience the scary hauntedness of this office

– [Girls] Let's go! – So, we're kinda having a little adventure for the night We are sleeping over in the office, and as you all have probably heard throughout our videos, the office is haunted It was an old nursing home and we've had like different experiences where we've heard creepy music, and singing, and voices, and like just doors opening – [Passenger] Doors opening! – And Russ's computer typing by itself, knocking and screaming in the woods outside of it, like creepy, creepy stuff So, since it's like the Halloween season, – [Bailey] Halloween vibes! – we are ready to sleep over in the office

We're about to go get some food, snacks, prepare for the night, flashlights, whatever we need to like ward off the ghosts, and we're gonna be ready to go – [Bailey] We've got a bunch of goodies right now So we're just kind of like poking around trying to find, but we went to look for chocolate covered pretzels and they only had – Vanilla, who eats those? No! You eat, you eat milk chocolate – [Bailey] I'm about to go ask an employee

Okay you guys, we asked a really nice lady, and she helped us find the chocolate covered pretzels The real ones not the fake, white chocolate Comment down below if you guys actually like white chocolate pretzels cause I don't think anybody actually does – No, no! – [Bailey] So we're currently carrying up our stuff to the office, but look at how creepy it is out here Like it's just dead, creepiness

Like the whole pitch black forest back there And then the only light that is on, whose light, is that our office? – That's Sona's (creepy music) – [Bailey] Bum Bum Bum! Up to our doom we go, in this super, super creepy staircase – Maytay, and I are in the creepiest little elevator Do you hear that? Do you hear that creaking? It like creaks, listen

(elevator creaking) This is not okay – Look at the ceiling – We're gonna get stuck – SOS, send help – [Brooklyn] Da na na na na na na na na na na na

(creepy music) Okay, I was like We're good, guys We're good, guys Okay, we're headed to the bathroom It's getting dark and creepy

(door creaking) – Are you kidding me? – [Brooklyn] Oh my gosh guys I literally can't see anything (electrical noise) Oh my god, Tay Tay I was like oh oh Look how creepy this is, we just went to the bathroom it's like still creepy in here with all our stuff off and like there's a, oh, um

Should I be like? – This is not okay – I don't want to be next to it – I don't wanna open it – [Bailey] Dun dun (girls screaming) (scary music) – Oh my gosh

– It's a frickin' IT balloon – Go turn the light on! – Don't scream – I literally was just talking about IT – [Bailey] If it pops I'm outta here (girls screaming) – Oh my gosh, dear god, I almost died

I'm actually shaking – We did good, we got her, success! – [Bailey] Okay, so Brooklyn is trying to find a rock to throw at the window and scare everybody (rocks hitting window) – Oh no, door slam – Please let me in! Please! Please! Kamry no! No! – Okay, so they're getting the movie ready and we're just getting water, so, wait hang on guys, let me get the cups Alright, okay

– [Girl] There's a water bottle in here – Oh, no there's not (girls screaming) That's not okay, unh uh, oh my gosh Okay guys, this wasn't here like an hour ago It's fake, obviously

– [Girl] We were literally working and it wasn't here – It's obviously fake, but like was not here when we were – They must have done it like while we were, I don't know, when? When were we not paying attention? – I swear we kept looking out here like the whole time – Ew! – [Brooklyn] We're pretty content, watching this scary movie right now Got our whole room set up here guys

– This looks like Spiderman movie and I was like being – [Girl] We have had quite a few scares – In an elevator – [Brooklyn] And then I think we're actually gonna go exploring after we watch the scary movie – [Girl] Alright, what're we doin Brooklyn? – It says that our ghost signal is acquired

(crash noise) – [Girl] No, no, no, not the window I don't think so – Did you hear that? – [Girl] I did, the fridge made a noise It was the fridge, right? Right? You jump, I jump, I hope you know that (creepy music) (phone buzzes) – [Phone] Ghost signal acquired

(creepy music) – [Girl] Ah! – Ah! (girls laughing) – [Girl] Pay back for earlier – I almost peed my pants Ask it a, ah, do you see that? It's right there I asked it what it's name is – [Phone] Receiving response

– I do not like this, this is too much, I don't like this – [Girl] I don't like this – Lucille, her name is Lucille This is a bit much for me I need to ask another question

– [Phone] Transmitting I asked her how old it was? – [Phone] Translating She's 92 years old That's so fitting This office is an old nursing home

I'm gonna ask it if she's evil? – [Phone] Transmitting I don't wanna die tonight – [Phone] Processing Translating – Yes! (girls screaming) – Bathroom break

– So we're taking a trip to the bathroom because we all have – We'll see how this goes – We have to pee so bad – Wait don't forget it's light outside so – Okay, we got this

Okay, look both ways – Guys, that door was not open (girls screaming) – So it's basically like two o'clock in the morning I think, we just finished our scary movie and it's just like all around creepy in here, it's super dark There has been a beeping noise that won't stop going off all night long and like outside is super freaky looking, I'll show you guys (fast-paced music) You guys, you guys, there was a person in the window

– What? – Guys I'm not even kidding, I am so scared You guys seriously get out of there Wake up! There was a person in the window, get, evacuate! I think it might just be like a joke That like mom and dad played on us or something I am like literally shaking

I'm gonna get my pepper spray (creepy music) Oh my god I hate you mom and dad Oh, I can't even tell you guys how scared, that was so, I mean literally look at me hand It won't stop shaking

Holy, that is so realistic Guys, it's fake! – [Brooklyn] It just friggin' printed get out It just friggin' printed get out – Oh my gosh, we were just watching the movie – [Brooklyn] Oh my gosh

– I was so confused – [Brooklyn] It just started printing and now it printed get out – It printed again – [Brooklyn] Oh! It's not okay – It printed again

– I don't even wanna know – Oh my gosh This is not okay He is coming – Someone literally just knocked on the door

You think I'm kidding, I'm not Guys, I don't wanna go out there alone (girls talking) Where's my pepper spray? The doors shut over there and like legitimately, legitimately, legitimately Lyson did not shut it – No, it was closed and then opened and then it closed again – [Brooklyn] And none of us have been out here for hours

– It just keeps printing like over and over again – Printing just on repeat – [Bailey] Where do we run? We can't go outside that's dangerous – And you don't wanna go into another room because you don't know what's in there – [Bailey] Look, there's like seven of em

– Like start playing like Disney music – Okay guys, so we're attempting to go to sleep, we're gonna turn the TV off It hasn't stopped printing those creepy signs yet and we heard a couple weird noises – It's still printing? – [Bailey] But we're hoping to try and catch some sleep Let's hope we can survive the night

Wish us luck Good morning you guys, so it is currently almost 11:00, we all slept in but we all survived We lived to see another day We're still in the office though, so we're gonna pack up, hopefully nothing creepy happens Goodbye, haunted office

We will not miss you Final door shutting No more haunted office for today We all survived – Barely

– Yeah, barely – I woke in the middle of the night and there was people like mumbling in their sleep – [Bailey] Brooklyn slept with pepper spray near her – I slept with my pepper spray next to my face – [Bailey] She slept with a flashlight

– Like in my hand – [Bailey] We were prepared – We were all ready to fight off some demons Well after those freaky printing messages came I thought someone was gonna like come scare us, but then no one did which might be worse Actually now that I think about it cause that means it was not a human

Thank you guys so much for watching that video, hopefully it didn't freak you out too much – We were terrified cause we did have some scary instances Now you'll be sure to subscribe to our channel by clicking the button right down there If you guys wanna buy our holiday or seasonal scrunchies click the box right here – They're so cute guys

– They're so cute and if you wanna see more of our videos click the boxes over here We love you guys and we'll see you next week Bye – Bye

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