We Tested VIRAL TikTok Life Hacks *they worked*

– What's up you guys? Hello! – What's up! Today we are testing TikTok hacks – So I know you guys probably watch a lot of TikTok like I do

I'm kind of obsessed They have a lot of interesting life hacks – At least recently they've been having a lot of "Oh do this and then we'll do this" – I don't know if they are actually real or not so today in this video we are going to show several examples and test them in real life – I wanna see if some of these work

We're gonna see right now (upbeat guitar music) – Whoa 'kay, but it's kinda cool lighting though The first one is the iconic water bottle flip, which I can definitely attest that I have never landed one of those Have you landed one of those? – I have

– Really? Apparently according to this TikTok (upbeat music) – Just watch this This is first try, I promise

(bottle smacks) You literally can't mess up – You can put salt in a water bottle and land every single flip, which probably means like 90% of the people who are actually landing those flips in my opinion, probably figured that out and just cheated it If it's actually real the guy in the video– – Ahhhhh – Are you okay? – How do you open salt? – Ma'am? – I got it! – What was I about to say, I forgot – The guy in the TikTok looks like he actually knows how to land the water bottles anyway

So it'll be interesting to see– (water slurping) (high-pitched tone) – The guy in the TikTok looks like he can land water bottles really well and so it'll be interesting to see someone like me who's never landed one to see if this actually works 'cause this will be a true test – So, let's go put salt in this water bottle that she's currently drinking – But not a lot he really didn't put a ton Stop – No way

– Yeah, he like took a shaker and like shook it one time (bottle smacks) – That fell on the floor (bottle smacks) – Uh uh (bottle smacks) (bottle smacks twice) – Uh (bottle smacks) – Yikes

Definitely not working! (bottle smacks) – We are putting more salt in – Think that's enough? – Oh my gosh! – Think that's enough? – Are you, oh my, you know maybe we put too much salt in – Triple dog dare you to take a nice sip of this – No way (epic music) (bottle whacks) – Wow, this is just so unfortunate

We can't even land one (epic music) (excited yelling) – I could've done that without the–it's a fail That was a fail – This one did not work That man was just good at landing them anyway

– Ready? – That's gonna taste like the frikin' sea The frikin' ocean Okay (buzzer) On to the next one, that one was an absolute fail (punchy music) – I think we tested this like maybe a couple years ago

– No mom did Mom did it on her story But, popping a popcorn kernel with a straightener Only, we were dumb and didn't buy the kernels, so now we have to open – Open this thing! – The popcorn packets and get the, you know– – Which are going to be covered in butter! – So we're about to heat up the straightener, about to get the kernel out of that thing, and we're gonna test and see if we squeeze it really hard, if it'll pop into a little popcorn – Which I know 1000% this will work

– Which isn't really a hack because what are you gonna do? Pop your popcorn one kernel at a time? It's just like a cool thing I guess So this is a TikTok cool thing – Inside, we are coming for you, 'cause we're about to see what's inside a popcorn package (in unison, exclamation of disgust) – That looks so gross! – I eat this stuff That's so weird

– So it's just like, what is that like oil and butter? – It's butter, oil and butter in powder form? – Okay, we're grabbing one of these – You know you have to clamp it, yeah – I don't want to burn myself – You're not going to – Dang it! – It took me a second to get it on there 'cause I don't want to burn myself

(soft peppy music plays) – 'Kay, clamp it down – I'm getting a clo–wait don't move! – I'm like scared it's gonna pop! – I think we just have to wait a minute – 'Kay, we're waiting I know it's gonna scare me (loud punchy music) – Remember it usually takes a minute for– – Oh, oh, oh! (kernel pops) – Popcorn! – Popcorn! – Oh my gosh! – That's so cool! – Do I eat the flat-ironed popcorn? – Eat it! (popcorn crunches) – Okay, now that we've officially proved water bottle flipping with salt is not true

– Does not work! – And the popcorn thing is true Here is another one that I've actually seen with multiple different fast food restaurants (upbeat electronic music) – My sister just got her 10-piece McNugget and did this to it Coke on bottom, straw inbetween, half fries, half chicken – Basically, people are saying that you can stick the chicken nugget holder thing and stick the straw through it and it's kind of like a table in and of itself

I don't know if that made any sense but you probably understand because you saw the TikTok We got McDonald's and we're gonna try this Oh, also, McDonald's fries: slap! – You stick this, the straw through this thing – You're gonna drink outta that?! – And then you pull it out just a little bit and then you do this – I mean, in theory it works

– No this is exactly what it looks like I would say useful – Like, I'm not gonna if you're in the car and you need somewhere to put your nuggs while you're eating – Like drink my drink without touching my nose to the food – Or just pull the straw up – Lookit, Finn's back

– Look at Finn again – Gimme a fry, gimme a fry So I would consider this one successful – Thank Joel for being our errand man and getting us this McDonald's – No words for the camera? – Thanks Joel

– You're welcome – I haven't had McDonald's chicken nuggets in a long time – The french fries are a yes from me – Excuse me (fries crunching) – I ate some already

(loud pop) – I figured out Finn would do this Finn, ready? – Aw, Lady and the Tramp ♪ I told you so ♪ – The next one we're doing is testing if I'm gonna go find Asa Hey, I need you're phone

– You need my phone? – Yes – Okay – Okay – Wait, wait, before you do that can you kindly lay your finger – We're testing to see – Neatly on to the thumb print – I thought he laid it on the tape

– No, what, no – We are testing to see if we can just basically steal someone's fingerprint off their own phone – Okay, so Asa just kindly laid his finger onto the– – I don't know if this is how you do it but I'm pretty sure this is how you do it – I don't know is there a fingerprint on it? – There's no fingerprint – There's no fingerprint on that

– Yeah let's just him stick his finger on the tape – You're not like sleuthy at all, like you're going to ask someone to stick their finger onto a piece of tape? – Wait okay, she got a thumbprint on there Now put it on there – That's so gross actually – Nope

– It's not working! – It's not working! – Do one more Do it one more time Don't put it on the thing, just stick your thumb on the screen somewhere Flat on the screen Like somewhere in the middle so it's easier

– Well the tape is bent – Nope – There is no thumbprint on that piece of tape – Update, it's really difficult to get it off the screen of the phone – I mean, that's pretty good

– Okay show me the fingerprint – Nobody steal my identity with this – Okay – Now we all know we can hack into Asa's Okay – Hey Asa, what're the last four digits of your social security? – It's still not working?! Update: this does not work – It does not work! – We tested this once, my phone can unlock it Now watch

It unlocked for her face! – I wonder why? – That's the only hack we have – Maybe we're identical twins – I wonder – And have the same facial structure – We wonder if – What if a picture of me, right? A picture of me? Would unlock my phone

– Would unlock her phone – Not my face, – Asa you have a picture of Bailey This is not a TikTok, we're just testing this right now – Also, I think I have french fry on my face – Did it, did it– – Oh it unlocked! It unlocked! – This is the picture of me

'Kay, here's my phone locked – It's locked so ♪ This bow tie was too much ♪ ♪ I just have to be cool ♪ – Hello? – Asa, what happened? Now it is not working

Update everyone, I think it was a fluke – I don't think it was a fluke, I think it was just me and my face Too bad, we thought we hacked it right there, but (party music) – Okay, next hack I don't know in what scenario you would ever be in that you wouldn't have– (garbled slow motion voice) (apple thuds) – I just dropped the apple

– I know – I was tossing it up and down and oh that's a bruised apple – I don't know what scenario you would be in that you had an apple but not a wall plug – Just the TikTok showed that they plugged it into an apple and then the phone started charging And so, we are going to try it

– She's poking it into the apple – I feel like I should hurry – No way, it doesn't work? I swear that used to work I swear we tried this once (computerized buzz) – Boo, it didn't work

– Wah (upbeat music) – All right, it's another day We had to wait for our lovely pajamas to come in Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful So if you guys haven't guessed yet which one are we doing? – The pajama pants, skirt, dress

– Turned into formal dress sort of thing – We'll show an example – I don't think these are the right kind of pajamas – I think they are We have seen so many videos of people making dresses out of flannel pajamas

Or just any pajamas – No, they have to be like that thin stretchy material but this is– – I think that this will work, too I think it will work – I don't think it will – I guess we're gonna try it and find out

– We'll find out – If you're wondering why it's the Grinch, it's because this was the only pajama set we could find But now that I'm looking at it, it might not be the right material Can you guys see this? I guess we'll find out – Yeah, I guess Merry Christmas to us in the middle of Spring

Woo hoo – So she's finally put the spandex on 'Kay, well I think you put your whole body into one leg – Yeah – But you face the leg towards you

– Wait wait – It's not stretchy enough! – Ahhhh! – This material does not wanna– – Ahhhh! – Does not wanna stretch – Here's an update on this situation – I can't slow down – Hold on! – They're not stretchy enough but, we may have found replacement sweats

That might work a little better – Okay Okay Let's try this One foot

(soft laughter) – Are you okay? – Okay, okay, okay We're getting further! Further than the Grinch! Ready, set, go There's a hole right here – No, nope, nope My makeup, stop! Air? Okay, okay, okay, okay, okay

– Wait, go You can do it! You get hard things! – Ahh, my arm got stuck, stop! – No I'm almost there! I was so close! (both laughing) – So close! Let me get your eyes through (both laughing) – We don't fit! Her head doesn't fit – After Bailey very nearly killed me trying to get those pants over my head we have determined that it would work if you had the right kind of pants But we do not

So most of the material's not stretchy enough to go over your legs and if it is, it's not stretchy enough to go over your head So clearly pants are not made to be a dress So as awesome and cool as this TikTok hack is, we've determined it a 80% fail Because, you're probably not gonna wear it outside and also it doesn't work with like the majority of pants, so – Finn found a use for the apple

He's not eating it, he's just holding it in his mouth – He thinks it's a ball – Doesn't know what it is or quite what to do with it This is kind of entertaining This is so cute

(trumpet solo)

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