(upbeat electronic music) (both laughing) – That worked out really well! (both exclaim) – [Bailey] Help man, I don't think I can do this – [Both] Hey guys! It's Brooklyn and Bailey

– And today's video is going to be very interesting – Oh, yes – So, you guys know that it is prom season, which that means it's time to go prom dress shopping, so yes, today we are going to try and do acrobatic tricks in – [Both] Prom dresses! – So, we are going to start by doing it in levels of how easy it is to move in the dress So, this one is flowy and loose, so it's easier to move in And then the last one will be super stiff and hard to move in So, we're ready (lively dance music) Yeah, that wasn't bad at all! – This is gonna- – Guys, I can tumble in a prom dress! Bring it on, prom! – This is gonna be really, really bad

– Go! (Brooklyn exclaims) That was fine! I didn't see anything wrong with that! (Brooklyn exclaims) Round of applause! (canned cheering and applauding) – Go – Nope, I can't do it This is so, this is like restricting, it scares me – I can't do it, I can't do this, this is- – Come on, come on! You can do this! (Brooklyn mumbling frustratedly) Guys, prepare for the fails Ready, set, go

(wind whistling) Nice! – Wow! (canned cheering and applause) – Five, six, seven, eight One, two, three (camera shutter clicking) Nice! We're completely and exactly in sync We're gonna see if we can do back walkover, 'cause we were able to do front walkover, so it's literally the same thing – I used to be so good at this stuff, and now I'm not

– Just backwards! Okay – My body doesn't bend – Okay, ready? (light electronic music) (Brooklyn exclaiming) (Bailey exclaiming) – Oh, god – Ready? – Oh, no, no – Set

– I can't – Go! Go, your body will take over You'll remember how to land it – I can't do it – Guys, we used to do gymnastics, but it's been a while

– It's been a very, very, very long time – Ready? – I can't do it – Brooklyn's saying no! She's chickening out – My back, like, doesn't bend It's just

it's just no – Okay (high fiving) On to the next dress

You guys, number two So, with this one you can see the fabric is more restricting, like, leg-wise and – It's heavier – Like heavy, arm-wise it's a little restrictive So, we're gonna see what we can do in this dress Five, six, seven, eight

One, two, three, four – (Bailey exclaims) So this material is almost like – – Almost rubber – It's like, sticky – It's rubber – My toes got caught on it, so it's really difficult I don't think the dress really restricted me, though – No, it just like, flows around you

– Yeah, that wasn't that bad – This might not work out so well (Brooklyn exclaims) – Nice! – It's weird to have fabric in the way (Bailey exclaims) – It's like, my legs got caught, like, 'cause they went to go do – You know when you see those, like, pirate movies, princess movies, and they always end up cutting their dress off? – I can see why now – It's so hard to move with all this fabric – This is not moveable in any way – Okay, hold up

Before we get on to the rest of the video, we have some awesome announcements about our mascara So it is officially launching May 16th, which we are so excited about So, we thought it would be fun to meet up to the launch We're going to be doing four different meetups in Dallas, Atlanta, Nashville, and Salt Lake City And guys, you just need to keep your eyes open on our instagram and our twitter and our other socials, so you know when and where those'll be

And don't worry if we don't get to your city We also have some fun other things leading up to the launch as well that y'all can all get involved in So get excited y'all; it's coming up! Now, let's get on to the rest of the video Elbow stand? What is an elbow stand? Like, a head-stand kind of thing? – Get up – Ready? – Go! (Brooklyn exclaims) – And she's going down

– It's downhill so I just tipped immediately – Okay, ready? (Brooklyn exclaims) (Bailey laughs) – It's so hard! Go! (Brooklyn laughs) That worked out really well – Ready? Go Ugh, no! Not easier; your legs get restricted (Bailey laughs) – You can only kick like, this high – – Alright, that one was really hard

What's next? – So, we're gonna attempt to do a partner yoga pose It is going to be a picture that pops up on the screen and that's what we are attempting Keyword: – [Both] Attempting – to do – I feel like we should just show off our skills at prom, man Look at her cool yoga pose! Wait, okay, so this foot should go on the ground

I think this leg is the one lifts me on And we have to, like, let's connect shoulders (Brooklyn laughs) Like, I'm supposed to be, like, down here – Ow, ow! (Brooklyn laughs) – Ready? – I'm gonna get both legs and get both sides – Ready, set, go (both laugh) (thud) (both laugh) Let's try again, uh, let's try again

I'm going down, but don't over launch me Ready? Try again, try again Ready? Three, two, one (both mumble and laugh) This was a no-go Okay, so this is dress number three

As you can see, it is the most restrictive of the dresses we've worn so far – This is as far as it goes We look like mermaids – So, we're gonna attempt to do some basic dance moves in this So, first things first, a kick

– [Both] Five, six, seven, eight (groan) – Let's try a jump kick (exclaim) I literally got like, literally, maybe 20 degrees off the ground Five, six, seven, eight Woop! (laughing) – My foot was totally flexed

– It goes like this – – Try it again My foot was flexed Five, six, seven, eight (slow piano music) It's really not happening – Guys, it's actually so hard

It's so hard I'll do a dive somersault – Ready, set, go – Woo! (applause) – That wasn't that bad, actually You're not gonna be able to do the hand stand the normal way

– You're gonna be like Donkey Kong it up (thud) – Like, that's gonna be your hands up Go – I can't even get my legs high enough – I can't do this – Ready? (exclaiming) So a handstand maybe not happening – It's a no-go Everything's a no-go in this dress Unless you wanna do, like, party-dancing, in which case you're like (upbeat pop music) – We're gonna try another partner pose in this dress (upbeat pop music) Ta da! Yay! Yeah, that was no fail at all! – That one was easy

We need a harder one We're gonna go in that position again, and I'm gonna go over her, I think, maybe? – And then your hands go in front of mine – (Bailey) Oh, God (mumbling) We're halfway there (Bailey laughing) I think we did it! (laughing) – Why do I always get on bottom? – My back is cramping up

We're gonna try one more acro-trick, and this one is super hard (laughing) (jazz music) Give me your hands Ready, set, go (both laughing) It was so close! – [Both] We did it! – It didn't look anything like the picture, but it's pretty close – We got it to the point, where, like, – we were close to suspended

– So, we did it – Wooo! – It's a call on my end – Okay, so that was slightly impossible but at the same time, not quite as hard as I was expecting – It was hard because the dresses are long on us, so then you're trying to do hard tricks and you're like, tripping over your dress – [Bailey] Kind of like, restricting, so that's why you have to look for a prom dress that is good to move in

– For dancing! – So you can dance at prom You gotta be able to get low, you know, hit the floor – Alright, you guys Be sure to subscribe to our channel by clicking the box down below Also, if you want to see more of our videos, click the boxes over there, and we'll see you guys next week! – [Both] Bye! (upbeat electronic music)

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