WE TRiED ON 36 PROM DRESSES! Can You Guess Our Favorites?

♪ Tonight we're running on the right track ♪ ♪ I know we never gonna look back ♪ – Hey guys! It's Brooklyn and Bailey, and in today's video we are going– – [Both] Prom dress shopping! – And we are so excited We partnered with Camille La Vie for this video, so we are in their store, ready to go on the hunt

They have tons of gorgeous dresses I kid you not, they're beautiful – Yes, but don't forget to follow Brooklyn and I on Instagram at @BrooklynandBailey so you guys can see more pictures of the prom dresses that we try on here today We're so excited – And other fun pictures in our life, of course

– Yes, oh my goodness It's gonna be so much fun I am ready to go dress shopping Who doesn't like dress shopping? It makes you feel like a princess– – I know – Very elegant

And it gets me all excited for prom So, let's get to it – Let's go – [Both] Hey guys! – So we ended up in Houston this weekend to do some work, so while we were here we thought we would do some fun things like shopping – So we're going prom dress shopping and we're going to Camille La Vie, which is the prom dress shopping destination

(upbeat music) – Okay you guys, so we went around once briefly, and we saw like 10 million dresses that we both liked So to make this extremely exciting, we're gonna put down a little competition or a couple competitions – We're gonna pick out, I think three dresses that we think the– – [Both] Other one would like – And then we have to try them on – Yes

– Figure out, I think I have– – So the competition is to see who does better – I think I have a pretty solid idea of– – I think I'm going to win this one because I know you pretty well We're about to find out, so let's go ♪ I never realized you were lyin' ♪ – This one's cute I like this one a lot

And it's got like a short in the front, which means she won't be, she can show off her shoes and stuff, which is super nice And she can walk sometimes 'cause we're so short it's like long but she'll look perfect in this dress ♪ Creatin' the space between us ♪ ♪ As soon as you came ♪ – I'm so excited, oh my God ♪ That all that I thought would happen ♪ (laughing) – [Brooklyn] I'm trying to carry them all at the same time ♪ Was something that you'd ever feel ♪ – You like the dresses I picked? – Yes! – I think I did well

– Hello! – So I got like one of all of the styles– – Yeah – You wanted – You said you liked the skirt And then you said you liked this one – Yeah

That's gorgeous – And then you said you liked this one – Mm hm – Okay – Mm hm

– Well, looks like I did pretty good, so let's go (clapping) (Brooklyn laughs) ♪ Cashed out, had enough ♪ ♪ Stuck here in the mud ♪ – I feel like this one says regal, wait I gotta do the wave – Do you like my Ariel socks? I think it's a really good accessory I feel like a princess – Ooh, you look like Ariel! This skirt ended up being so cute

– I know, it's so pretty (camera clicking) ♪ And time machines and trips to Neverland ♪ ♪ Take the time ♪ – I really really really really really like this dress Like a lot a lot, so Brooklyn did really well, so And it fits really good too, so (camera clicking) – I love the detailing on this skirt

I love the beading I love the shape of the dress It's so pretty – [Bailey] It's very flowy – It is very flowy

– [Bailey] Reminds me of Ariel I told her it looks like Ariel – It looks like for some forest goddess to me – [Bailey] Yeah, kind of – All florally and kind of looks like vines on the thing

– Okay Round two, so far we're both doing pretty good ♪ We'll both get it ♪ – Oh That one is so cute! (camera clicking) ♪ School's out, hit the floor ♪ ♪ Stays home, getting bored ♪ ♪ Wild nights ♪ (camera clicking) – I love the color on this one – I love the purple

– It's so pretty It matches the lipstick I have on (hands clap together) This is a good one This dress form, I love it – Yeah

– This is like the one you just had on – It looks really good on you I really like the beading and stuff It's a bit big but there's an open back here – That's pretty

– I like it and I love the color – I love the color on you ♪ If you want to see some crazy and also lazy ♪ ♪ Then you should meet me and my friends ♪ – Uh – I know – Um

– I know – So that one's adorable – It kind of looks like I'm a princess – Okay And I literally feel like– – Oh my God

– A fairy princess – The skirt on this is so cool– – I know – 'Cause it's a different color underneath but then it's like– – It's got the– – Sheer on top – Bluish gray underneath and then the sheer pink – I love the dress

♪ Everyday is like the weekend ♪ ♪ We just like ooh, ooh, ooh ♪ ♪ We don't run ♪ (camera clicking) – So I think Bailey looked the best in the blue dress with the– – I loved that one – Sweetheart neckline – Yes – And the short long – Yes, it was really cute

And then this one is my favorite on Brooklyn She looks gorgeous It's literally so cute And I like how the pattern is different than what you would normally see on a prom dress but still very elegant and cute – Yeah, it looks like a princess

– It looks like a prin– – [Both] We keep saying that! (talking over each other) – So what was your favorite? – My favorite was the blue one The high low one – So I win, do I win? – Yeah Well, well well, which one was your favorite? – I liked the red one – Okay, so we both picked, we both picked ones that we both liked

– So, but I win Because (she laughs) – Okay Okay, fine Brooklyn wins

She did really good She did really good (bell ringing) – Winner! (cheering) – My victory dance – Yes Onto more dresses

– Okay so, challenge number two for Brooklyn and Bailey is Mom picks out a dress Just for the record, the blue and white one Bailey tried on first was my pick from looking online But, so I need to find something else and I don't know what I'm going to do ♪ But you'll see ♪ ♪ We just like a little crazy ♪ ♪ And we're following our heartbeats ♪ – I love the detailing on the front of the skirt That's so different and fun

Let me try that one ♪ Don't wanna act like you ♪ – Okay, what dresses did you pick for us, Mom? – Yes Perfect – Okay I'm gonna go with Bailey

– Ooh! – And Brooklyn – Ugh, so pretty! Okay Okay, I'm all ready to try this on (Brooklyn gasps) That looks so good on you I know

– It's like– – Oh my God – The detailing is gorgeous – Oh my God I love the inside detailing of this skirt – Look at the back of this one

– Like look, it's just like a little surprise that you were never expecting – The back of this one (camera clicking) ♪ 'Cause I wanna stay right next to you, baby ♪ ♪ Yeah ♪ (camera clicking) (Bailey laughs) ♪ 'Cause we both deserve this time ♪ (camera clicking) – Mom did really well I think she kind of nailed the style right – Yes

– Yeah It's really pretty – I know – We both love our dresses – She picked ones that I probably wouldn't have picked for myself, but now I really like it and I'm getting attached to it more and more

(she laughs) – We'll see – Like every second – Now I think we each have like two dresses that we love – At least two – Yeah but Olivia has so many gorgeous dresses

It's just so many to pick from – I don't know how I'm going to decide We're going to try and try on– – As many dresses as we can – As many dresses as possible In ten minutes

So we're gonna see who can try on more dresses Me or Brooklyn – It's going down – It's going down One! (dinging) (fast-paced music) – One

(dinging) – Two (dinging) (fast-paced music) (dinging) ♪ Just an ordinary day ♪ (dinging) ♪ I was making my way ♪ – Three ♪ Who would have known I'd spend my last ♪ That's three! ♪ Super mega when they take it ♪ ♪ I was feeling kinda wicked ♪ (dinging) ♪ When I heard my boss say ♪ ♪ You're late, but I'm just fine ♪ (dinging) ♪ What you gonna do with all that cash ♪ – [Woman] Seems to be a dispute over here – No, that's cheating! Sunna! – [Woman] She literally pushed me out of the way (dinging) – [Woman] Four minutes, 40 seconds

– This is really red carpety (dinging) I like this one – [Woman] Yeah, that is red carpety ♪ All people start to ask me why ♪ ♪ What you gonna do with all that green ♪ (dinging) ♪ I'm gonna feed my monkeys good ♪ ♪ They all hang out by the pool ♪ (camera clicking) (record scratching) (classical music) (fast-paced music) (dinging) ♪ My backyard roller coaster ♪ ♪ Put my face on a giant poster ♪ ♪ Tonight we're having oysters ♪ (dinging) – Ooh ♪ When you free my life ♪ ♪ You better deal with it ♪ (dinging) ♪ Wait here ♪ (camera clicking) ♪ I'm about to pick up Skyler, Jay and then Natalie P ♪ (dinging) – [Woman] Hurry Bailey, hurry! – I'm trying! ♪ What you gonna do with all that cash ♪ ♪ I'm gonna oh, oh ♪ – [Woman] Go go go! Alright, 10 seconds

– Oh, 10 seconds – Aw, we could have done it Fast change (dinging) Oh, we're in similar dresses – [Woman] And we're done

– [Girls] Yay! (laughing) – That was the most exciting and strenuous activity I've ever done in my life (Bailey laughs) – But it was so fun, 'cause it was glamorous Like glam in 10 minutes – Yes, it was amazing – Woo! That was crazy

(camera clicking) – So these are the dresses I picked out They all kind of generically are the same style They have beading on top and blue on bottom but I really want to try them all on just to see what they look like and then these are a bunch that my mom wants us to try on, all these rosette ones So we're gonna try them on, see what they look like and hopefully pick out a favorite at the end (camera clicking) (camera clicking) (upbeat music) (camera clicking) – [Woman] Is this one of your favorite ones, Brooklyn? – I do, I like this one a lot

– Ooh, I really like it – Yep I like it a lot (camera clicking) – I really like this one, and bonus! It has pockets And I can dance in it

(upbeat music) – [Woman] Okay Brooklyn and Bailey have gone through all of these dresses There's another rack that we're workin' on And there's one over here and there are some in their fitting room – We were trying different dresses on

– We didn't even know! – But we come out and we're like, wait! They're the same dress – That was so fun, who wore it better? Comment below (Brooklyn laughs) I'm in love with this dress – [Woman] Take it as a lesson, guys Always try on the dress, even if you don't think you're gonna like it

– Yes! Guys, try it on (she laughs) 'Cause it always ends up good Okay So I chose three of my top dresses and I want y'all to comment down below and vote on which one you think was your favorite and which one I should take home So this is the first option

It's a rosette one It's pink, it's gorgeous It's got pockets It's, I love it Here's the next one

So this one is beautiful It's like a slate blue gray and it's got such beautiful detailing on the top and it's got a gorgeous back with a bow, so this is the second one And my third dress is this wine colored dress It had a shorter front and a longer back It's got a sweetheart neckline

It was super flattering So this is my third option Now y'all be sure to comment below on which one you think I should wear Which one I should take home and which one was your favorite – Okay, so I picked out three dresses too

This is one of them So you can see, it's red, it's got this gorgeous belt, a little bit of a V It's really really cute on And it also has pockets, which is a huge bonus in a dress So this one is super, super cute

So this is one of my dresses This one is another one So I really like the detailing on the top And you guys know I'm a huge fan of big pops of color so this color is something that you wouldn't typically see in a prom dress, which is one of the reasons why I really like it And then just the sparkle, because I'm very girly, so

This is one And this one has a gorgeous pattern, with blues and blacks and tans and whites It's a high low strapless dress and it's really really flattering on and this one also has pockets So those are my top three picks So you guys are going to have to comment down below and vote on which one you guys think I should wear to prom

– [Woman] All the dresses they just tried (camera clicking) – Kay, we're about to count how many dresses there are Ready? One, two, three (upbeat music) – 19 – 17 plus 19

36! – I will prove that with a calculator – 36 – 17 plus 19 – Dresses – 36 dresses! – 36 dresses! – Whoa

– Okay That's a lot of dresses – I am thoroughly– – We did really good – I'm proud of us High five! – Go team

Go team Thank you guys so much for watching Hopefully you guys enjoyed watching this video as much as we enjoyed trying on the dresses – So much fun – Oh my goodness

It's like a dream come true Now don't forget to comment below on which dress you guys think we should wear to prom So pick one for Brooklyn and pick one for me and we'll see what you guys decide – You guys can click the link in the description box below to shop Camille La Vie at CLVcom so go click it

There's tons of gorgeous dresses so definitely click the link – And if you haven't subscribed to our channel, please do that, please please please by clicking the button right over here And to watch more of our videos, click the buttons right over here We love you guys so much and we'll see y'all next week – [Both] Bye! Mwah

(upbeat music)

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