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– We got our suitcases packed for the next two days, everything's coming apart, we're officially moving out, this is weird – So I'm on my way to pick up the moving truck

– Hear the thunder, it hasn't stopped pouring rain, everyone's running around everywhere, it's mass chaos, but I guess that's the joy of moving out right? (upbeat music) – Hey guys it's Brooklyn and Bailey – And it's kind of a rainy and gloomy day which is sort of fitting because we are moving out and we're super sad about that but we're also super excited about moving to Baylor so it's a little bit of like mixed emotions today – Yeah so you guys get to see all the details behind moving out which is basically like packing our room, shopping for dorm stuff, packing our U-haul, all that stuff, everything, we're really sad about saying goodbye to our siblings, everything that comes with that – But before we get on to the video you guys, CVX live is coming up really soon, it's September 21st through 22nd so you guys check the link in the description box below or the information button up there to go get your tickets, go go go, we're gonna be there, tons of other amazing people are gonna be there, it's gonna be super exciting, so go check it out, now, let's get on to the video – Okay, today's the day that we move pretty much everything out of this room So the process of moving out, as you can see there, took one mattress, and the other one is on it's way, and the couch and the pillows, and we're taking all of these and packing all of that

It's gonna be weird seeing this all be empty Everything is, look at the dirty ground, ignore that, but everything is getting disembled right now Like I said, we're basically taking, I am currently scrubbing these bed frames, Maytay's taking the decor off the wall, they're taking apart the bed frames, I'm about to deep clean the carpet here, we got our suitcase packed for the next two days, everything's coming apart, we're officially moving out, this is weird All the clothes are going in the bins and we even got rid of more clothes – [Guy Holding Camera] Whole bunch of extras – We had gotten rid of, we went through this whole clean out of our closet but then we ended up collecting stuff over like the past month so now we're just kinda going through it again

– (Mindy) Okay Maytay's trying to get the last bin – I can't reach it! – She's trying her best to get it, get it get it get it woo! We got it! It's the last thing we have in this closet Alright let's go – A very very busy day later, we have a completely clean, and empty closet, a bathroom that is clean, I just have to get the stuff out of it, and a bedroom that is completely empty, carpet cleaned, conditioned – Are you sad? – Yes and no

No because I'm like I'm excited to move in but yes because it's like the end of an era, ya know, so (upbeat music) ♪ Tonight we're running on the right track ♪ – (All) Woo! ♪ I know we're never gonna look back ♪ ♪ Oh I just wanna have a good time ♪ ♪ Call me whenever ♪ ♪ Cause I'm up for anything like that ♪ – Okay you guys so it's the last day of having the twins home and we are shopping, shopping, shopping – Yay! – Trying to pick up all the last minute stuff we need to load on the truck – Get everything we need – We are at Home Goods and I just wanna show you what's happening right now, can you see this? – We've got it! – We found a stool that we liked and that was quite a process, that required three humans, but yes we also have Mallory, and Savanna here, where's Savanna? – Holla! – Holla! Helping us with all of the decor, so we are crazy busy

– We have a whole bunch of stuff right now – A whole bunch of stuff right now, our plan was sort of like overbuy then figure out what we need – Then return – And then return – Yep – That was the goal since we figured the shopping might be a little harder in Waco

So we're off and running – Okay I think we finally finished shopping for the dorm, we are headed to get some lunch at Chick-fil-A cuz we're all starving, and then we're gonna go home, kinda take inventory of everything that we have, make sure we're not missing anything important, and then we're getting the U-haul, we're gonna load the U-haul, and yeah it's gonna be a lot of work but a lot of fun, so we're excited – So I'm on my way to pick up the moving truck for the girls, I think we might've over done it on the size but I guess it's better to be, have more space than not enough, plus you know, the girls' friends that are going to Baylor too can also bring their stuff over and I can haul it up for them, but I'm excited this is always a fun part for me, is picking up the big truck! – Okay so – Hey guys! – We've been sent on this errand to find these like impossible to find hangers apparently, that like go in the ceiling – Yeah – And like hook but don't like get screwed in – They just stick to the ceiling, I don't know

– Yeah so um we've been searching around everywhere and they don't have the ones that they wanted which is really kinda hard because you know it's Home Depot and it's like everywhere – Yeah there's like billions of these – And so we finally found these, which are like these little hook, movable things – So we're hoping it'll work – We even asked someone and they just sent us to this like sticky aisle and they were like here you go, so

– I guess we'll find out – Hopefully we don't get sent back – Okay we just got back from shopping today and it's been a really stormy day so it's been raining so my hair is a nightmare cuz it's been wet and dried in humidity but we just got back from shopping and we officially, I believe, have everything we need for the dorm room So I'm just gonna go through and kinda show you what some of that looks like and some of the awesome decorations we have and like kinda how we're gonna get it all packed in so right here we have all of our lovely plants galore, all the plants succulents, these are the bedding that Bailey and I designed with Betty's for our college dorm We have boxes of just stuff, this is another screen with all of our jewelry on it, we had to write this side up so that they wouldn't tip it upside down and spill the jewelry all over the place

You go shopping and you don't even realize some of the things you have to buy, like oh my gosh now I have to buy my own toilet paper I have to buy my own shampoo and conditioner, I have to buy my own razor blades, I have to, all of these things, like I have my own cleaning supplies now, like all of these things you would never think about Right now we just kind of have a lot a lot a lot of stuff Lots of throw pillows and throw blankets We are making a little book nook in one of the corners of our room cuz we have this like little nook and so we have these little sitting pillows that are gonna go there I mean we literally have everything ready to go and I just wanna give a big shout out to Classy Clutter the girls from Classy Clutter they are here helping us decorate our dorm room and everything, they've been so wonderful and nice and we've had such a blast with them and they've helped us pick out all of this stuff and coordinated it all and are helping us move in so big shout out to them, they're awesome, if you haven't checked them out be sure to check them out, go go go

– It's currently pouring rain outside but we have to pack the truck and so we decided to have, cuz we have this big ol U-haul, have Jensen come and out some of her, who is our apartment mate btw, she's gonna come put some of her bigger stuff in the car So it's like raining, pouring rain, we're packing, this is the big ol truck Back there is all her stuff, her stuff is coming in another car so we're just kind of like trying to work through the rain hopefully not everything gets ruined It's just kinda been like a chaotic day, trying to get everything settled and bought and last minute things, you can hear the thunder, it hasn't stopped pouring rain, everyone's running around everywhere, it's mass chaos, but I guess that's the joy of moving out, right? Moving out, re, decorating three different rooms And now we're packing up our stuff

(upbeat music) Garage is now empty, besides our you know, night stand This is the last thing, everything else is out – Oh man! – (Bailey) That's it guys! That's our entire life packed up in one half of a truck – We need the night stand next – (Bailey) Now we know, this isn't usually what a college move looks like, but we are really going all out here

– Woo! – We also have like an apartment, and not a dorm – We're technically furnishing an apartment, not a dorm (upbeat music) (slow music) – Don't cry baby, you're making me cry and that's not okay, I'm coming back ya stinker I come back in like two weeks, it's okay – I don't want you to leave

– You're fine, you're fine, you're fine ♪ Try to be strong ♪ ♪ I'm holding on ♪ ♪ I practice my best fake smile ♪ ♪ So that no one can see ♪ – I'm coming home in two weeks, come over (slow music) – Hopefully you guys enjoyed that video, I know it was kind of sad to see us moving out cuz it's like everything is changing, – It's just like, ugh – But we are so excited, we're gonna continue Youtube so nothing is gonna change for you guys it's just gonna be our lives that you guys get to watch and see – Transform! – So do not forget to subscribe to our channel so you can see all that happening by clicking the red below that says subscribe! – Get your CVX tickets by clicking the box right here in the middle – Right over here, and also, don't forget to watch more of our videos by clicking the button right over here

Now we'll see you all next week, we love you guys so much, bye!

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