What Happened to PARKLYN?!? | Brooklyn Talks About Her Break Up

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We're gonna be performing tonnes of crazy, fun stuff – [Bailey] I, like literally y'all, I'm so excited – We've done rehearsals, I mean, It's ready to go, we're ready to perform for y'all so definitely buy those tickets and now, on to the video – Um, I feel like in this video So I know the intro seems like, really happy and excited but, this video, I'm just gonna film by myself and it's super casual, as you can see, I'm just sitting in bed but, I'm just gonna kind of address this very serious topic that I know many of y'all probably already know what it is but there have been rumors and messages and you know, DMs and groups and Instagrams and tweets and everything all over asking what happened to Parklyn because I did remove Parker's name from my bio

Parker and I are not together anymore and I just want to let y'all know that about a week ago, Parker dumped me and uh, it sucked It still sucks And um, God, I don't wanna cry You know, there are, I'm sure to a lot of you our relationship came off as perfect You know Instagram pictures can only tell you so much and our relationship, we were happy and we were generally perfect and we had our ups and downs and we had our issues, but we were happy and you know, the past month or so, we've been going through some, some different issues with just communication and understanding what the other one wants

I thought that we were working through it And I was super invested in the relationship and, you know we sat down last Wednesday and we talked it out and we felt really good and then at the end of the conversation, Parker just decided to dump me and it kind of blindsided me a little bit It kind of came out of nowhere I knew that we were having issues but they were issues a lot of couples go through and issues that seemed very minor to me and something we could get through and Parker, I think had a different mindset about it and he made a decision that was right for him but wasn't necessarily right for me and it sucked And he decided, you know when he broke up with me I remember my heart just stopping

He's been my best friend for four years and my boyfriend for two of those and this, I just am literally in the moment I couldn't even fathom that it was happening I never thought it would happen to me I never thought I'd have to experience this I never thought that I'd have to not him there and my heart literally stopped and I just sobbed, like I sobbed and that's all I did was cry And, you know and I got home and I thought I was gonna be okay and then I just cried some more and it was really, really hard and I had a really hard time with it The first day after the break-up, I woke up to go to Bible study and I didn't wanna get out of bed

And I didn't want to brush my teeth and I didn't want to look at myself in the mirror and I didn't wanna eat and I didn't want to do anything because all I could think about was how sad I was and what I lost and it was hard and I totally understand it if, you know total, it makes sense that I was so sad and the only reason I ended up doing anything was because Bailey forced me to get out of bed and Bailey forced me to brush my teeth and forced me to eat something and, you know, I went to Bible study and I sat there, and I didn't talk to anybody and I went to Majestics practice and I sat there and I didn't talk to anybody and I laid on the floor in the locker room and I cried And I cried and I cried and I cried and I cried And then Bailey got me up and got me dressed and I went to school and then I came home and I cried and I cried and I cried and I didn't even want to be awake that first day because I, my mind was so focused on, you know, what I'd lost And it got better, day by day and you know, filming this video now it's been one week since I got dumped and I am still hurting a lot A lot, a lot

And um, just so you know, I'm looking at a paper here I wrote down some notes cause, I'm so scatter-brained but, I just wanna let y'all know that Parker is a really good guy and he deserves happiness in every way possible even if that's not with me and I don't regret our relationship in any way, shape or form I was so happy and I will forever remember our relationship with a happy mindset and I just wanna let y'all know that he's still a very very very wonderful person and I don't want y'all to think that he's this big bad guy because he dumped me and I don't want y'all to go and hate on him I'm sure he's had his own struggles with this breakup and I, nobody needs to make that worse for him You know, he did breakup with me and in the end that decision was probably something he thought about for a while and you know, he'd come to the conclusion that that was better for him and that doesn't necessarily mean that it was better for me It was not mutual

I can tell you that I, in no way shape or form, wanted to break up and it still happened There's nothing I could've done about it There's nothing I could've done to stop it There's nothing I could've done to changed or done better to make it not happen It just, was supposed to happen and all I'm left with is, you know the decision on whether or not I'm going to move on and be happy, or whether I'm going to focus on that sadness

It took me about three days before I finally realized that I had two choices, I could either wallow in my misery and be sad and focus on all of those things I no longer had or I could try to change my mindset and think about all of the things that I was gaining and all of the things that I gained out of our relationship and the positives of what was happening and trying to let myself move on and not wallow in misery because in my head it just made sense that I tried to be happy instead of make myself sad because I'm not gonna get anything out of sadness and I think it's a teenagers mindset to kind of like I know a lot of people, including myself sometimes feel, like we just feel alone and that's not true, it's not And those first three days I felt horribly, completely, utterly alone and abandoned and sad and I didn't wanna do anything and get up, eat, drink, nothing I didn't want that and, you know after the third day I think it kind of occurred to me that I wasn't alone and that was mostly due to I had huge, huge help from my family and my friends and I, I can't even begin to tell you how grateful and wonderful these people are and I, you know I, that first day that he broke up with me had probably 20 people bring me ice-cream bringing me gifts, facemask, bath bombs Anything and everything that possibly could, letters, notes, you know I had over 60 people message me, DM me, send me a letter Something telling me that they were feeling for me, if I needed anything I could talk to them and I may have lost one person but in the end, I gained all of these people and I recognized them as my friends and my family and I see how much they're supporting me I think a mistake I made and a mistake a lot of people make is in the relationship, I focus all my energy and my attention and my love on one person and that was Parker and I never ventured outside of that little bubble of Parker and I just assumed he was always gonna be there and when he wasn't, I had no idea what to do

I didn't, I hadn't developed relationships with, you know really close friends and I hadn't confided in anybody else and when he left, I felt so alone and I cannot be more grateful for the friends that did step up and fill that role and are coming to my aid even though I didn't spend time with them and didn't invest myself in them in the relationship and I think that's something that you know, I would advise a lot of people to make sure that you're doing in a relationship is You'll have that one person that you love with all your heart but always make sure that you're giving a part of your time and attention to all the other people who love and care about you because you can never rely on one person to always be there Things happen and life isn't fair and sometimes those people leave and you have to rely on everybody else and having that relationship, I think is super important One of the things that I did as soon as Parker broke up with me was I gave him all of his stuff back and I replaced the things that I knew were going to make me sad like Parker bought me a necklace for one of our anniversaries that I wore since the day he got it for me and I took that off and I put on another necklace This one and I've worn it since in replace because this one is a necklace that has a positive memory that is attached to it and now I can look at this necklace and reach up and feel this necklace like I used to Parker's and instead of being sad and thinking about Parker, instead I'm reminded of the happy memory that this necklace brings me or for example, Parker gave me one of his jackets a long time ago and I took that thing everywhere with me I slept with it every night I dragged it through school, class, travel, work anything and everything and you know, when he broke up with me that jacket just made me want to be miserable and sad and reminded me all over again of what I lost and what hurts and so, I gave it back and Bailey and Asa immediately took me to Target and we went and got another jacket one that was my own That nobody could take away from me and I could too attached to as much as I wanted and it's always going to be there and that helped me a lot because I had a replacement and I replace all of these things that meant so much to me with other objects that brought me happiness instead of a reminder of my sadness

If you truly do wanna move on and be happy, you can't have those constant reminders of what you lost and you know, what you have And, you know I still have pictures of me and Parker I downloaded them to my computer and they're not on my phone but I know that when I'm older, I am going to want to look back and remember this part of my life and remember our relationship and you know, tell my kids about what happened and I think it's important that I focus on the fact that he was a part of my life and that I can't just throw it all away I think it's important that in the moment, we don't make rash decisions I remember I came home and I just started crying to my mom and the first thing she did was, she took my phone

She didn't really tell me why but I just let her have it because I didn't want it and I was just gonna be sad and I think it was so so so smart and I'm so grateful that she did that because if I had my phone in all likelihood, I probably would've texted Parker and I probably would've called him and you know, all of these things all of these decisions that I make in the moment, the rash decisions I make in the moment and I think that it's important that we don't do that And it's important that I didn't do that in the moment because sometimes you'll do things you regret or you hurt them in a way you didn't mean or you say things that you truly don't actually feel you're just angry or upset or sad and I think it's important that we we focus on not doing those things because making rash decisions in the moment never end up good I think in the end I am a better person for what happened and there are lessons I learned and things that I now that I didn't know before and the thing that's helped me the most through this is the idea that you know, there's this whole plan and my life is happening the way that it's supposed to happen I had a really good friend of mine give me a really great piece of advice and he said, "Every relationship will end in hurt "except for the one that doesn't" And every relationship you go through is just one more stepping stone towards the person that's going to be the one that does make you happy for the rest of your life and isn't going to leave you And, I think that one piece of advice has really helped me keep a positive outlook on this

In the end, I did learn a lot of good lessons I learned a lot of communication a lot of how to, you know, be with someone how to, just a lot of great lessons that are key and the next time I meet a guy, I have all of these things that I now know from Parker and I'm grateful that I was able to experience these things and you know, be able to understand them and learn them and be in the moment and, even through the breakup, I've learned things about myself and about other people and about life that I would've never known if I hadn't had this experience There are a lot of people who go through stuff like this and there are a lot of girls like you who are gonna go through stuff like this and if you haven't already, you will and if you have, it's possible that it will happen again and it doesn't make it any easier and I just wanna let everyone know that I understand and my life isn't perfect and I make mistakes and stuff like this happens to me and happens to you and I wanna let y'all know that I understand and I sympathize and you know, life isn't perfect and life isn't fair and you can do everything right and sometimes it just doesn't work out and it doesn't work out the way you want it to and the only thing we can do is make it the best of the situation we have and we can't focus on the things we lost or the things we don't have or we're just gonna make ourselves miserable and nobody wants to be miserable I think that you just have to keep this mindset of what is there coming up for me that's better and what can I do and how can I make myself happy so that until that moment, I'm not miserable and you know, that kind of mindset This was my first heartbreak and it's really hard and it's been really hard and I've had a lot of people tell me that I'm handling this breakup really well but that doesn't necessarily mean that it doesn't still hurt

It still hurts and I still had all of these things happen and I still had those emotions in the beginning and I still have those emotions I've just taken on a mindset that I am going to take this experience and learn and grow from it and become a better person from it instead of wallowing in my misery and being sad and hurting other people and all of these other things that I could do and I just think that there are a lot of y'all that are probably in the same boat and will experience the same thing and if anything, you can listen to this rant of mine and learn something or you know, empathize and try to take that mindset too But yeah, I just think that in the end, I'm so grateful for all the people who were there for me and I'm grateful for the experiences and lessons and learning and growing that I have done because of this and I'm excited for what's to come in the future and I think Parker is a wonderful person and I think that there will always be a part of me that loves him and even when I'm married, I'm gonna think back to, you know, my first love, which is Parker and, you know I'll think of it in a fond memory but I'll also still have a little bit of hurt and I think that that's normal and you know, it's just something that we have to learn and get through and I hope that this video helps someone out there who's experiencing something similar and that y'all can decide to learn and grow from your experiences as well But moving on from all of that sadness y'all, we are going on tour so soon! And, you guys are going to miss out if you're not there I am going to be talking a little bit more about my break-up on tour and just relating to all of you and there's gonna be tonnes of other fun stuff We are performing two brand new covers and we're performing our three original songs, going to 16 different cities so y'all definitely get tickets in the link in the description box below

If you aren't coming, you guys are totally gonna miss out Now if you wanna watch more of our videos, you can click the boxes right over here and if you wanna subscribe to our channel, click the box right down here, right here We love you guys and I love you You can get through anything (upbeat music)

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