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This is one of my favourite gifts! All these hotties that, you know, I watch all the time Watch out boys we're comin' for ya'll! Hey guys! It's Brooklyn and Bailey! And we hope you guys had a very Merry Christmas! In this video you guys are gonna see what we got for Christmas But before we go onto that! We have a huge announcement! Ahhh! We are doing music! Applause! YAY! We're so excited! We finally found a producer so we are going to be producing our own music

So in the next upcoming videos were going to be releasing bits and pieces of that also, If you haven't subscribed to our channel, then click the red button down below that says subscribe! Be sure to stay till the end of the video to see what our favourite christmas gifts were Now! Let's go onto the video! Okay, gift numero uno You guys know Gum! Always have to get gum! Gum! Gum! Gum! An endless supply of gum We have 15 packs in this box And I have run out in 1 semester of school And I can't go to school without gum

Yeah Any who! So, gift numero uno Life cereal!! You can see I've written Baileys box, 'cause I don't want anyone to take it! It's like really the best cereal you will ever eat! You have to protect it with your life, otherwise somebody is gonna eat it Our parents get us a box of life every year and this is all we have ever got Bailey's favourite flavour is brown, or maple brown sugar, but it's really hard to find But, maple brown sugar is really hard to find, so I got the original And mine is cinnamon, I love this cereal! So every year, if you haven't seen our vlogmas of us going to buy our siblings gifts Then you wont know that every year our siblings draw a name out and we get them gifts! So, this year Bailey had me I had Brookyln

And, i'm just gonna let you know now, she is not easy to shop for! She doesn't tell you what she wants, She never hints, I mean, I'm her twin sister And it was hard to shop for her She got me a little stuffed animal blanket thing And the blanket is so soft Actually it's like heaven This, was my sibling gift If y'all haven't tried ice, it is so good they are like zero calorie carbonated flavored waters So, I love sparkling water but only if it has flavour

Just the gross carbonated water is just, blagh! But these are really, really good! And so Rylan had me and she got me a whole package Oh and Brooklyn helped get the entire package of ice drinks Alright this is my drink, and I've been Off carbonation for a year Parker and I have been doing it for a year And my parents got me Martinellis sparkling cider for Christmas And It's kinda mean because I haven't had carbonation for so long It's my favourite drink and I can't drink it! On my birthday I'm gonna take a sip and then I'm not going to drink for another year Comment down below if you like to get carbonation or you're against carbonation, or if you don't drink carbonation

Let us know I am a carbonation drinker! I love it! But it is apple peach sparkling And just so ya'll know All of these gifts are like from our grandparents, siblings, friends, aunties, uncles, parents, cousins you know, all of that Alrighty! This is a car phone holder thingy

Where you can put your phone in it and, yeah Bailey and I are really bad at directions We usually like, I map the place I was going, and I would have it in my lap, and then I would be driving And then if I need to look at the map I look down and then look back up But, that really dangerous And I was getting tired of doing that Don't do that

Don't do that I asked for this for Christmas so I could just glance and look back and glance and look back And it's way safer So I put it in my car This is just what it looks like

These are from my mom, So the story behind this is, Brooklyn and I run out of socks so fast, because it is two of us wearing the same socks And we have tiny feet We have teeny, teeny, teeny feet Like these little babies Really small! I have been stealing Paisley's socks (Laughing) and they have animals on them, like little bunnies and bears My mom went to the store and got me these children's animal socks

And they are so thick They are so soft! Alright, so my next gift that I got was my favourite foundation! It's matte velvet, from makeup forever I don't know but it looks like it's a 30 So? That's your shade? Thats my shade, I guess Yep

it's pretty much, yeah, foundation, makeup, every girl gets it for Christmas Or most girls get it for Christmas So, that's mine! And then our big gift is A MacBook Air! Ahhhhhhh! We need it for homework and YouTube And for power hour, Netflix and all those things Our computer before was, like, it was old I was using the kids computer, like the family one Yeah, I had to do my homework on it and I was staying up doing it until like midnight in a little tiny kids cubby, yeah it was really great Now I don't have to do that and I can use it in my own room! Ah, I'm really excited! This, is one of my favourite gifts, I think, I've ever gotten

Oh, this was, this was hilarious! And we both got this! My grandpa last year for Christmas, because we started dating when we were sixteen, which was last year, he got us, pink pepper spray So, this year our dad decided to give us a really funny bright pink taser, of our own! Which is extreme, because we have never even used the pepper spray! But, I mean I guess if you are in a serious situation where you need it, you will be thankful, right? Yeah, this, I don't even know how to use it, i have no idea how to use it! I'm terrified! I like that it's pink because it matches my pink pepper spray, now So, watch out boys! Watch out boys! We're coming for ya! I got a polaroid! and, my dad keeps making fun of me because he says i'm like three years behind because, like everyone got their polaroids like three years ago But, she loves polaroids But I really love polaroid pictures, and so, Kamri, and my Mom and my Dad all got together and, they picked out this cute little white case, and then I have A blue polaroid camera! It so cute and i'm so excited to use it

I got a bunch of film for Christmas too she's going to use it I think i've only got one more before I show my favourite That one more is a Forever 21 giftcard! We shop at Forever 21 like literally all the time, so my grandparents got me a Forever 21 gift card

And i'm really happy about it because, now I can go shopping there My grandparents, got me a giftcard to BJ's It's a restaurant that Parker and I go on dates to all the time They do I third wheel on those dates

Yeah Comment below if you're a third wheel as well We like going there, they have everything to eat there so It will be put to use, thats for sure Yes

I think its time to show our favourites! i'm so exited! Ok, Brooklyn go first I'm pretty sure I got my last wallet like a year or two ago, and it is falling apart So I asked for a new wallet for Christmas And my mom got me, this It's Kate Spade And it's a little rabbit, because again the animals

And then the back is the cutest part, it's got a little bunny tail! Oh my goodness, its so cute! It's like fuzzy and adorable It's so cute This is my new Kate Spade wallet And my favourite Christmas present My dad shopped for personal gifts this year, for everyone

And everyone kept coming up to me, they had already seen it before me, and they were like, man you are just going to love your gift And i'm like good! I have no idea what your talking about My dad kept bragging, he said "I put so much thought and effort into this gift" And I was like OK, so when I opened it on Christmas, I laughed so hard, and my grandparents laughed so hard everyone laughed so hard So I don't know if you guys know but Brooklyn has a boyfriend, and I am proudly single

We have been dating for a year now So, me and my single self, you know, we are proud of it, and my Dad got me this book, that says Colour Me Swoon, of all the hot male actors, all you can think of, there like, Bradley Cooper, Jared Butler All these hotties, that, you know, I watch all the time 'Cause yeah And, he thought it would be funny to add himself to the hottie book

And when I asked him about it he said "Of course I didn't add it, I was already in there," but you know These are all the beautiful pages, they have like word searches and stuff for some of them and you can rate the boys like 10 out of 10 or like 9 out of 10 And you can colour 'em and write love poems And whatever you wanna do

And I love it! I love this book so much, my favourite part is the added picture at the end With my dads face on it That is a good christmas gift Thank you guys, so much for watching! Be sure to comment below on what y'all got for Christmas And what your favourite gift was

If you haven't subscribed to out channel, be sure to hit the button right over there If you want to see more of our vlogmas videos if you have missed some of them, click the box right here If you wanna see some of our old what we got for christmas videos, click the box right below that And we will see you all next week, love y'all, bye!

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