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– Of course I'm mom's favorite – Why would it be you? – Look what mom gave me! (upbeat dance music) – What, that is not half

– Give it, give it back! (Kamri yells) – [Brooklyn] Ow! (upbeat dance music) – Hey guys! It's Brooklyn and Bailey, and, if you haven't guessed by now, today's video is about what siblings – Siblings fight about – Argue slash fight about – Yes – There's a lot of it – There is quite a bit

– Especially, if you have lots of siblings You know that, like, you have some quabbles with one and then some with another – [Brooklyn] Yeah, I feel like it changes depending on if they're, like, older sibling or a brother or a sister There's different arguments but everyone experiences them They're the same across the board

– Basically, siblings are siblings That is just how it goes – It's true – If you guys feel like you can relate to this in any way, definitely subscribe to our channel by clicking the button down below – Big red button down there! – All right, I know you guys are interested to see this video

So, let's go on to it (boxing bell dinging) (slow music) (record scratching) (dramatic music) (playful upbeat music) (boxing bell dinging) (upbeat funky music) – So, who do you think is mom's favorite? – That's not even a question Of course, I'm mom's favorite – Why would it be you? – Why would it not be me? – I'm the one that goes shopping with her, like, all the time – Okay, no

– I'm the girly-girl – Guys, I am second mother (overlapping arguing) (Paisley clearing throat) (record scratching) – Look what mom gave me! – Yeah, she's the favorite She's the favorite for sure – Yeah, Paisley's the favorite

– [Brooklyn] Yeah, like, it's obvious (boxing bell dinging) (upbeat music) I'm so hungry! – Oh, hey, do you want to split that with me? – I guess – [Kamri] I mean, half the calories, right? (record scratching) What, that is not half! That is a bite! What is this? – That is plenty Listen, first of all, I got the muffins out – You– – It's my muffin! – You gave me a bite! – It's mine! I claimed it first! – Mom bought these muffins! – Okay, so, mom buys all the food

That doesn't matter I got this out first which means, it's mine It's the last one You should be grateful I'm giving you anything – That's how our rule is, you split, I get to choose

– No, this is my half Well, you know what? Now you can't have it – Oh, yeah, watch me (audience gasping) – You barbarian, I don't even want it anymore! – You want your half now? (boxing bell dinging) (soft tropical music) – Oh, look how cute you are – Puppy! – No! – Come here! – No! – Look, he wants me

– No! – Come here, baby! – He, I'm his favorite, okay? – Put him on the ground Let's really test that theory – Fine – Come here – Let's go

– [Both] Come here! – Brady, come here, my sweetheart No, what about me, puppy? – Come here, puppy Come here, come here, baby – Come here – What? – Come here

No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, what? Kamri's not even a part of this – Hey – But – That's not even fair – Hey Good boy Hey, good boy, good boy (lighthearted music) (boxing bell dinging) (lighthearted music) – Ooh, where'd that come from? I want one

– The pantry – Where? – I don't know – Where'd you hide them? – I didn't – Yeah, you did – No, I didn't

– Rylan, I just want a granola bar and they don't belong to you – They do now (lighthearted music) – Ooh, hey! Where, where can I get myself one of those granola bars? – You're gonna need to, you know, give me something first – Where do I get myself one of those? – It's kind of complicated, so I'm gonna need you to listen – Got it

– Really close Okay, so, you're gonna walk to the pantry, and you're gonna go in and you're gonna turn left Then you're gonna slightly unzip that about five zippers And then you're gonna reach in and grab your granola bars – Why don't, why don't you just show me, 'cause I forgot about that

– Okay (lighthearted music) (boxing bell dinging) (energetic music) – Brooklyn! Why do you have my shirt in here? – That's my shirt, give it back! – This is my shirt – Why are you taking my clothes? – Because it's mine – No, give it, put it, put it– – No, no – Hang it back up! – No, this is mine! – Stop, mom just bought that for me! – Stop it, it's mine! – No, let go! – No! – Give it! – Stop! – Give it! Give it back

(hanger snapping) (Kamri yells) – Look at what you did! – That's my shirt! – Stop! – Give it! – You already broke the hanger! (boxing bell dinging) (upbeat music) Do you remember that one time, I went with mom to the grocery store at, like, midnight and we saw that one guy at Walmart, who was buying, like, the craziest things, and she bought me that giant donut? It was so cool – Don't you mean when I did that, 'cause that was me? – No – That was not you – What the? No You're getting your memories and everything mixed up

– No – I told you that story – No, that was me and the donut was maple glaze with bacon on top – No, the donut was chocolate with sprinkles I remember! – Brooklyn, that, okay, describe the guy

What did the guy look like? – The guy is tall, blonde, dark hair – What, he was short, – Dark eyes – [Bailey] With brown hair – No – That was me in the story

– Mom told me just the other day that that was me – No, it was, let's go ask (soft happy music) (boxing bell dinging) (bouncy ragtime music) – Hey, mom says you have to empty the dishwasher – Are you kidding me? Bailey, mom said you have to unload the dishwasher – I thought I just heard her say that you had to

– Well, I guess you heard wrong She told me – I don't think so – No, trust me She told me to tell you

– Are you sure? – Positive (bouncy ragtime music) – What are you doing? – Unloading the dishwasher like mom said – Mom told Rylan to unload the dishwasher (record scratching) (dramatic music) – What? Rylan! Where are you? (boxing bell dinging) (cheerful music) – Who spilled the pretzels? – I don't know – [Bailey] This is disgusting

– Ask Rylan – Who just left it here? – Rylan's always the one that spills stuff – It was Kamri – Rylan, did you spill the pretzels? – No – Rylan, that's disgusting! – I didn't

– Just clean up your messes – I didn't spill the pretzels – Seriously! Look at how disgusting this is I'm not picking it up – [Rylan] I didn't spill the pretzels! – [Bailey] Quit trying to blame Kamri, all right? Come over here and clean up your mess

– [Kamri] Come one, Rylan, clean up your mess – So gross! (cheery music) (boxing bell dinging) (upbeat dance music) – I call the front seat – No way – Yes – I call seniority

– It's, but I called it first! – It's my car! – I get front seat! – Who cares? – I need all the space I'm a bigger person – You are not the bigger person – I have a bigger personality I need all the space

– No! – Yes! – No! – No! – [Kamri] It's mine! (Brooklyn yells) – [Kamri] I got it (Kamri yells) (boxing bell dinging) (soft upbeat music) – Bailey Go turn the lights off – No, you – No, I was in bed first

– No, you weren't, I was – No, I definitely was – I did it yesterday – No, I'm not going – I'm not getting out of my bed to turn the lights off for you! – Bailey, I asked first! – No! – Yes! – No! – Yes! – Then I'll sleep with the lights on

Or you turn them off – No, it's fine, we can sleep with the lights on – Okay (boxing bell dinging) (upbeat music) – Hey, we're twins! – Where'd you get that shirt? – Oh, I just saw you had it and I really liked it so I wanted to get one just like it – [Brooklyn] Why? – It's so cute

– Stop being a copycat – I'm not a copycat – It's not cool Like, have your own individual personality – It's just looked so cute

– I (Brooklyn sighing) I'm so excited to go to the zoo today – Me too

– I, what, what are you most excited to see? – I would have to say the giraffes They're probably my favorite animal, ever – I just can't wait to see the tigers I'm so excited about the– – Oh, wait, yeah Tigers, those are my favorite animal

I'm so excited to see those I cannot wait – They have that lunch thing What are you gonna get? – Oh, I'll probably get, I don't know, like, chicken or something – Yeah, I was thinking about getting that brisket sandwich that– – Oh, brisket, that is good

Maybe that's what I'll get – Yeah, yeah, yeah – Yeah – And then, I was thinking afterwards, we could go see a movie I just can't figure out what we should see

Any suggestions? – I don't know, maybe we should go see, like, a Disney movie or something? – I don't, I was thinking about that one Marvel movie, you know? – Oh, yeah, I liked the Marvel movies, too We should go see those – Okay, that's the third thing that you've changed to be like me – I'm just being flexible to do whatever you wanna do – No, you're just copying me

– No, I'm not – Stop copying me (upbeat music) (boxing bell dinging) (playful music) – Bailey, can I please come hang out with you and your friend? – No – Fine – The mouse ran over the house

The mouse ran over the house The mouse ran over the house The mouse ran over the house The mouse ran over the house The mouse ran over the house

The mouse ran over the house The mouse ran over the house – Okay! Just stop! (playful music) (boxing bell dinging) (soft tropical music) – What is this photo? – It's our Instagram picture – No, that is horrendous Do you see my triple chin? – You don't have a triple chin

– It's right there – No, it's not – Of course you picked the one where you look cute, and you– – No, you look cute, too – No! – Nobody is saying– – I look horrendous in this photo – Nobody is saying you look horrendous – No, that doesn't, I think I look horrendous

Oh, yeah? See this picture? – (gasping) No – I'm posting that – No, you're not – Right now – No, you're not

– There it goes – No, you're not – Give me that – No, you're not posting – Give me that! – No, no, no, no! – Give me that! – No, no, no, no! – I must enact revenge! – Hopefully, you guys liked that video, and could relate to at least one point, 'cause I feel like anyone who has siblings, – You can, for sure

– Would be able to – Everyone can Even sometimes your friends fit that – See, even your friends kinda fit into that So comment down below, which one you felt like you related to the most, and also, don't forget to subscribe to our channel by clicking the button right over here that says, subscribe

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It will tell you all about it – It has all the details – Yes it does – All right, you guys, we'll see y'all next week We love y'all so much! – [Both] Bye! – [Both] Muah!

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