– I mean look at him He look bad

He looks bad He looks bad (heavy breathing) – I think I'm hyperventilating (upbeat music) (crying) – It's gonna be okay! ♪ And I will choose my life ♪ ♪ I will choose my life ♪ – Hey guys! It's Brooklyn & Bailey! And today we have a special guest, of course I'm sure you guys recognize her It's Lilly! She's amazing! – It's me! Thanks for having me! (laughing) – So today's video is going to be different types of people that watch Netflix

We've got some really awesome little skits going on here Let's head over to the video – I wanna match with you guys (laughing) (mellow upbeat music) (sighing) – I've got time for one episode (happy music) I've got time for one more

Here we go (happy music) Alright Brooklyn, one more Then we really have to go to bed Just one more (happy music) (sighing) Just one more episode

(happy music) That was such a good episode I just need one more, one more (gasping) Oh my gosh! It's 4:00 o'clock in the morning! I wake up in an hour! Just one more, just one more (happy music) (swooshing) (mellow upbeat music) (swooshing) (crying) (somber music) – It's over! What am I gonna do with all of my time? I think I'm hyperventilating (plopping) (scraping) (crying) Why? (dramatic music) (swooshing) (mellow upbeat music) (swooshing) – Aw, My Little Pony! (groaning) It's like the show of my childhood

Come on, Rainbow Dash was my favorite character – Never, I'm a man There's no way I'm watching Over my dead body! – Come on – Naw

– Watch it with me – Naw, naw, naw – So good – Naw, naw (record scratching) (crying) You run, Rainbow Dash! Run! Oh forget you, it's all about Twilight Sparkles

I love you, baby It's gonna be okay Run! Run! (crying) (swooshing) (mellow upbeat music) (swooshing) – Aw! (acoustic guitar music) Aw, just so cute (gasping) Aw (yawning) It's just so touching

– [Man] Oh, yeah (mumbling) (ding) (swooshing) (mellow upbeat music) (swooshing) – Friends (upbeat rock music) Nice one I'm bored, Stranger Things (mysterious music) Okay, I'm locked

Okay, we get it you have powers God, Riverdale (soft piano music) Okay it's been one whole episode and you don't know who killed him? Honestly, thoughtless (happy bouncy music) (laughing) Boring! (groovy music) What else is there? (swooshing) – Was this a part of it? – Pause! (record scratching) You guys Before we finish this episode of YouTube, maybe I should un-pause

Un-pause, un-pause – Okay – All right You guys, this is the most important part of the video, right here Subscribe to Lilly's channel down below

She's freakin' awesome and you can tell from this video We have a video posted on her channel as well, so you guys go check that out! Do it, do it, do it! Link down below Alright You can continue your episode now – Okay

(mellow upbeat music) (swooshing) (sighing) – Such a good show – Wait, wait So, who's Ten? – What? Eleven – Just watch – It's Eleven

(dramatic music) – So, wait, she has powers? – Yeah, okay – Shh – Who's that? Oh, it's the same guy as before? – Pay attention – Okay (dramatic music) Oh, a monster's coming out of the wall

– Okay (quietly screaming) (laughing) – Oh my god He's gonna go missing, isn't he? I knew it – If you watch – You can see it – If you watch

– Okay I'll watch this (dramatic music) Oh my god, I bet he's the bad guy He's the bad guy, look at him, look at him He just looks bad

He looks bad – It's in his face – Look at his face, he looks bad – Lilly, shh – You know what? I totally know what's going to happen

She is actually a witch (laughing) – I think we just need to watch it – Yeah, I think so – Okay, I'm just letting you guys know, I don't like to know things if you guys don't know them I want us to watch it together

– Yeah, totally (swooshing) (mellow upbeat music) (swooshing) – Don't die Oh my goodness (dramatic music) (heavy breathing) Go the other way! (heavy breathing) (gasping) Okay, seven minute mile Keep going

(swooshing) (mellow upbeat music) (swooshing) (pounding) – I can't wait to find out who killed him – It's the dad (glass breaking) – What the heck? – Sorry! You asked – Aw, they're so cute together – Yeah, but they break up in season two

(glass breaking) Okay, I'm sorry My lips are sealed – Should I watch this? Should I not watch it? Should I leave? – No, you, you Okay – Does he die? – Yeah (glass breaking) (crying) (video game music) (swooshing) (mellow upbeat music) (swooshing) – How you doin'? (audience laughing) – Nice Friends, nice – Yeah, yeah

– I get it, cool What are you doing today? – Bears, beats, Battlestar Galactica (audience laughing) – Okay, I see we're doing quotes Nice, The Office, okay – Yep, yep

– Mm hmm – So what are you doin' tonight? – Oh, nothing, I just got a small thing – Hey Friends don't lie (audience laughing) – Okay, we're still doin' the quotes

Okay, nice, okay Okay, cool, very cool Yep (clearing throat) (sighing) – The Phoenix, the eye of the Phoenix is upon us and we rise from the ashes tonight (record scratching) (crickets chirping) – Where is that from? – Nah, I just felt like saying that

Yeah Pretty good, right? – Mouth breather (audience laughing) (swooshing) (mellow upbeat music) (swooshing) – So, the history of the United States and their presidents begins with George Washington He was the first president of the United States Now, do you know how many president's of the United States there have been? It is important that we are able to recount all of them and list them, memorized on your test starting next week

Now (swooshing) (mellow upbeat music) (swooshing) – Can't watch Netflix without my snacks (pounding) (crunching) (dramatic music) No! Not that guy! (crunching) Oh! (crunching) (swooshing) (mellow upbeat music) (swooshing) (sighing) – Netflix, here I come! (lullaby music) (snoring) (dramatic music) (gasping) (snoring) (lullaby music) – I think I'm the just one more episode person – I think everyone's that person Everyone's that person

– One more, one more (laughing) – Or the one that cries and has PTSD after the season's over – Yes After the Awfuls – Stranger Things, why? (laughing) – I can't wait for season three

Oh my goodness Okay you guys, so we did film a video on Lilly's channel so if you guys wanna check that out, click the button over here and if you wanna subscribe to our channel, which you totally should – 100 percent – Subscribe by clicking down below – She's awesome! – What smart girls! – We'll see y'all next week

We love you guys! Bye! (kissing) (electronic music)

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