What We Got for Christmas 2015 | Brooklyn and Bailey

(upbeat, enthusiastic holiday music) – Hi, guys! It's Brooklyn and Bailey, and today we're gonna be doing a Christmas and birthday haul, what we got for Christmas and our birthday – Yes! – And I know it- (Bailey whispers "Let's dance!") has not been our birthday "technically

" It's tomorrow But New Year's is kinda one of those days where you can't really- – [Bailey] You just go out – [Brooklyn] celebrate a birthday because you're – – [Bailey] you're already doing the parties, and the

– [Brooklyn] already celebrating another holiday So we open all of our gifts- – [Bailey] Fun stuff, like that! – [Brooklyn] on Kamri's birthday, with her gifts So now we can show you what we got, even though, technically, it hasn't been our birthday yet – But, as you guys know, since our birthday is tomorrow, that means our giveaway is ending tomorrow So don't forget to enter that! – We opened up a bunch more entries, so you guys can enter even more for the giveaway

Be sure to enter before it ends tomorrow! – The link to that will be in the description box below! – Now, let's get on to the video! – I think so! (chuckles) – [Brooklyn] I'm going for it! See, I got a ukelele, and it's really pretty blue color We got it off Amazon I wanted this because Kamri had a ukulele, and she wouldn't let me play it, ever! – All I hear now is Kamri's ukulele and then Brooklyn's ukulele! (Brooklyn plays ukulele) Okay, moving on to my favorite: (sings) books! (quick whipping sound) Oh, really? (prim "Deck the Halls" music) – I do say, this is quite the story! – Fascinating, isn't it? – How are you enjoying your book, Miss Bailey? – It's quite an adventure! (quick whipping sound) That's right! That's right! I got the entire Selection (sings) series! – I got Red Queen, which is a new book, but I- – It's so good! absolutely loved it! – Loved it! – I loved this book! (Bailey whispers "Loved it!") Probably one of my new near faves! (Bailey drops book) So if any of y'all haven't read this, you should! – And you can find any of these books at – [Brooklyn] Amazon, even on Amazon! – [Bailey] Amazon, or pretty much any bookstore there is! – This is from my grandpa! (short, sudden, horrified sound effect) (Bailey chuckles) And it is pink pepper spray On the back, it says – "To help keep you safe, love"- – Use responsibly

– Yeah, use responsibly – Love, grandpa It's probably because we're gonna be dating soon – Dating and driving! (short, sudden, horrified sound effect) (audio slows with "dating and driving") And all that fun stuff! (Bailey sighs happily) So we got a new pepper spray! – Got some pepper spray, right? – That was actually the funniest Christmas gift I got – Yes, it was! I got some pa-jam-jams! ("Jingle Bells" plays) – That's so cute! Okay, let me get mine

– These are from mom, and she got every single female in our family the same pajamas So we'll all match – I don't know if any of y'all can see them It's kind of unzipped! Maybe I should zip it up! – It's a jumpsuit with a hood! – It's a sleeper! (quick whipping sound) (Brooklyn makes a noise with her mouth) It's from Abercrombie and Fitch, and it's super cute! It's got these little polar bears! – Oh, these are from Abercrombie and Fitch too – And it's lined with

– It's so cute! – I don't know what to say, this fleece? – Good pick, mom! ("Good King Wenceslas" plays) Gum! Because you guys know how much we love our gum! – It's kind of cold! It's wintermint, spearmint, peppermint – 5 Gum! ("Deck the Halls" plays) – I got my own box too, but I just don't have it – It's been five years- – [Brooklyn] Just imagine it

– [Bailey] since I didn't have gum in my backpacks ("Silent Night" plays) – I go through gum – [Bailey] It's like I always

– [Brooklyn] like none other! – [Bailey] I don't know, I lose sleep about it! – How does one not have gum all the time? – I know someone that doesn't like gum, and I'm like, "How do you live?" It's my biggest fear, is being the person that smells bad! – And nobody tells you! – I have hand sanitizer, lotion, body wash, hairspray, perfume, deodorant, gum! – You just have to have the necessities! – I'm set to go, y'all! – These are called "MukLuks," and, can you see mine? Mine are little boots, like this (Bailey utters excitedly) Hers are short, and mine are tall! We got these off- – [Bailey] I love them! – [Brooklyn] Amazon, as well Well, my mom got them for us

– They're like slippers, and you can see they've got fur in them – Yeah, they're like boot slippers, and they're so soft! Mine are lined- – [Bailey] Yes! – [Brooklyn] and just, oh, and so warm! – We go to an early morning Bible study class, and I always just wear socks because I don't like to wear shoes in the morning I don't like shoes! – [Brooklyn] She goes barefoot! – I don't like to wear shoes at all! Shoes are like jail for your feet, TBH So these are my replacements, so that I can actually walk on the ground without getting my socks wet (chuckles) ("Jingle Bells" plays) I got a new traveling backpack, and I was super excited about this because I have a big white one that you might recognize from- – [Brooklyn] All the pictures and stuff

– [Bailey] all the other family pictures I have But it's kinda falling apart, so I asked for a new one, and I love this one! I love the color! This one is from Target! – [Brooklyn] Target! It's a Target bag We like our Target bags! (Bailey whispers, "It's so cute!") Target always has good bags! – Yes, they always have good bags! Twisted Peppermint! – And Warm Vanilla Sugar! – As usual! – We put these in every single video, but we both have these scents, and we just stick by them! (quick whipping sound) (wacky music) (quick whipping sound) I just love mine! And she loves hers! ("Jingle Bells" plays) – Don't you wish there was a camera that you could sense? – Smell it, like I would spray some- – [Bailey] Smell it! (laughs) – [Brooklyn] on you and you could just heal, smell all the spices – That will be invented too! It will be! – Bath and Body Works, for anyone who wants- – [Bailey] (sings) Bath and Body Works! – [Brooklyn] to go try this; I suggest it because it's my favorite smell! – I don't know if you guys have realized, but Brooklyn has been wearing the same studs for four years straight! – [Brooklyn] Four years! – [Bailey] We finally decided to go get new earrings, so I got some Kendra Scott earrings Well, actually, my mom gave them to me I'm wearing the middle pair right now, but these are the other two – Yes! – [Bailey] I really like them! – [Brooklyn] And I got Nadri's

They're from Nordstrom, but I don't know how to pronounce it (Bailey breathes a half-chuckle) I thought it was Nad, what did I think it was? – I think it's Nad-are-ee – Nad-are-ee? Nad-ree? (Brooklyn and Bailey get tongue-twisted) As you can see, I'm wearing this pair right now They're circular little, perfect, cute little diamond things (exuberant holiday music) And then I have ear climbers

– Okay, so I got Big and Sexy from Kamri This is a hairspray, and Kamri gave it to me because I've been stealing my mom's for the past month, and she keeps getting really mad at me! (chuckles) – True; true! – So I finally have my own! – And Kamri got it from Ulta (Holiday music with jingling bells) Say hello to, I haven't named him yet! – Ah! – Comment below what I should name this teddy bear But he's huge! – And he's fluffy! (quick whipping sound) – Hello, my date! (happy, playful music) You definitely are a lot shorter than I saw on my online profile Hold on! (pulls bear up on metal slider) (laughs) Now we can see eye to eye! (quick whipping sound) – If y'all haven't seen our wisdom teeth video, I finally gave Brooklyn the teddy bear I promised I would get her! Finally! Like a year later

– Yeah, she's right about wanting a teddy bear in my wisdom teeth video – And if you haven't seen the wisdom tooth video- – [Brooklyn] You should go watch it because- – [Bailey] Go check it out! – [Brooklyn] it's really funny! You can probably click the information thing, right up there, if you want to watch the video So you just click that – Whoo, whoo, whoo! – If you want it – I had a really old, kind of like, rundown wallet (chuckles), and I finally asked for a new one My mom got me the cutest wallet in the world! – It's so cute and dainty! – And I like these little ridges, and Kate Spade, and it's pink, and (makes enamored sighs) My grandparents gave me a Forever 21- – [Brooklyn] I have one too – [Bailey] gift card, so you can see that

– Imagine mine again, right here Kamri, for my birthday, well, we had this mutual agreement, and I got her the, you know the adult coloring books? Anyway, so I have the Secret Garden one too We had a mutual agreement: if I got her the other two coloring books, then she was going to give me thin-tipped markers for me to use in mine So that's what I have here, which you can just get at Target – So the story behind my new phone and phone case- – Her 6s rose gold

– No, I did not break my old phone! It ran out of storage, so it's like, "Can we buy more?" And my mom's like, "No!" And I was like, "Okay, can I have "a new phone for Christmas?" And she's like, "Maybe" Kamri needs a new phone anyway, so I'm passing mine down to her, and then this is my new one (Brooklyn talks quietly) You guys can find both of these- – [Brooklyn] At Apple – [Bailey] At Apple Store – For our birthday, we opened this, and it's got these cut-outs, and it's so cute! It's from Forever 21! – Okay, we hopefully won't have to be using this emergency car kit anytime soon

– But it is useful! I am grateful we've got it! – Yes – It's got Band-Aids, and (holiday music with jingling bells) what are these called? – Thanks, Dad! – (speech is cut off at beginning) I'm grateful that we at least get a car to share! Me, mostly, because I'm a safer driver

– Well, ah! (chuckles) – She likes to tell herself that – Oh, oh! – It's Life cereal! – It's a very good cereal for me! – The best cereal of life! – I love life cereals! Well, it's my mom's favorite cereal, so every time we'd buy it, it's one of those things where she writes, "Mom," in huge letters- – [Bailey] And she won't let us touch it! – [Brooklyn] And nobody's allowed to touch it So every Christmas we get our own box- – [Bailey] One box of Life cereal – [Brooklyn] of our Life cereal – Thank you guys so, so much for watching this video! Don't forget to comment below what you think we should name Brooklyn's teddy bear that I gave her for Christmas! – Hit the subscribe button down there, and give this video a huge thumbs up! If you guys wanna see our wisdom teeth video or last week's video, hit the information button, right there, the "i," the little circular "i" button

– Yep! – And that's all we have for you guys today! – Love you guys so, so much! (Brooklyn and Bailey blow kisses) – See ya next week! ("Deck the Halls" plays) – [One-shoed girl] Let's take a moment to realize that I filmed this whole video with one shoe on (chuckles)! (laughs loudly) My w-(laughs loudly)

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