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– Hey, what's up guys? It is the day, two days after Christmas? – Two days – Two days after Christmas and so we thought we would make a video showing y'all what we officially got for Christmas from siblings, grandma, mom, dad

– Yes – Everyone – I think this is gonna be the first video where my hair is brown too An early Christmas present to me, I guess (upbeat music) Okay, let's get right into it

– That's about right So we can go right into it I don't know about y'all but like, all those Christmas pajamas with the matching sets are cute, but in reality I sleep with like, shorts and a t-shirt on Like, something real just ugly And so, we bought these shorts 'cause they're actually cute

– Well, mom got them for us These are Brandy Melville shorts which, so cute – [Girl] They're adorable – And they're for PJ's – I love Brandy Melville

– They got these cute little stripes on the side So nice – Which is nice I will say that – Brooklyn got me this sweater from Target

– I did, sister of the year (cheering) – I wore it yesterday and it was literally the softest thing ever – It is very soft – It's like a cloud – I want to feel it

(angelic singing) All I know is Bailey really likes yellow and I saw that– – I do like yellow – And I was like oop And I definitely did not buy that the day before Christmas – Another thing that I got from mom that was from Target, this super cute jacket, jean jacket but like, with like lambs fur – It looks like that, the snow yeti guy from Monsters Inc

– Oh my gosh, that's so true – I feel like that's what it looks like – [Girl] We should call it like, a sheep's jacket – Something, something – It's so cute though and super warm because it's all you know, furry so there's that

– We always do like, a sibling gift exchange So we each draw names and then we buy a gift for that sibling so you don't have to feel like, you have to buy gifts for all these siblings 'cause there's a lot of us – Yeah – So Daxton, got me my favorite treat, which is chocolate covered pretzels And then this game, One Night Ultimate Werewolf

I don't know how many of y'all have played this game, but it is really fun – It is so fun – It's kind of like a mystery, you have to figure out who each character is and anyway, Rebecca Zamolo was the one that introduced us to this – Thank you Rebecca – And now I have my own version for college

– Yes I wear hair scarves, okay wow Okay voice, thank you (clearing throat) – Boy? – Let me try that again Rylan knows that I wear hair scarves almost all the time

And so, she got me this hair scarf that she found, which is super cute I wore this orange overall dress at one time, she's like, it's specifically to match that dress – For that – And then, I also loved the movie Crazy Rich Asians, and I didn't even know there was a book about it Which is horrible of me because I'm such a book worm

So Rylan got this for me so I could read it I'm sure that, honestly the book is better But, the movie was pretty good So– – It was really good But, traditionally– – We'll see– – The books are better so

– The books is better so – So on Christmas day we opened all of our presents, we did everything, we went upstairs, we cleaned up and then like 10 minutes after the fact my dad brought out these presents – Yeah, it was like, so odd – It was like just like, such a weird timing And he said I picked these out because I thought they looked like y'all

– They look like us – Like each of them looked like y'all (intense music) Does it look like me? I really hope not – This is like, okay you know Ugly Dolls? This is like, the actual ugly version – Yeah, cool, fun fact

– Of Ugly Doll – This is Post Malone's line of stuffed animals They're called Fugglers Kind of ugly but cute anyway – They're actually ugly-ish cute

– My big present this year from Santa was a Kate Spade wallet It's so beautiful Like, a couple of years ago, maybe three I got another Kate Spade wallet Like, my first official wallet

– I got it and me and mom picked it out for her and had like, this little bunny tail on it – [Girl] That thing is ripped apart – Just like everyone else's wallets are after a couple of years of wear They get really worn out – Really bad

So, I just got the most beautiful, sleek, black Kate Spade wallet now – She is obsessed with it if you can't tell – Beautiful – She's obsessed – So that was my big like, Santa Claus gift

– And my big gift, I don't know if I'll be able to fit on this table This is it for me Wow, you guys are probably wondering, who are you? Well, it's what happens when you go to college, guys is– – We got a vacuum – You start living on your own and you don't have anything And I realized real fast that at college, even– – The value of a vacuum

– Yeah The value of a vacuum is so high 'cause they have like these, ancient, I mean– – They're literally ancient – Literally, I bet like the ancient Egyptians used these vacuums They're so old – They're so old

– And when Christmas came around I was like, you know what, I'm gonna be living on my own next year and I'm gonna need this I asked for a vacuum – Yeah – And mom and dad said, oh you know your kids are growing up when they ask for something useful for Christmas Does that make me, does that make me old now? – Kind of

– Ew – Yeah – I just wanted a vacuum – Okay, my next gift is really small, iPhone splitters So that you can charge your phone at the same time that you're like, listening to music or editing or whatever you're doing on your computer

– But, I have a feeling that I just need to like, tape that to myself 'cause I will lose it – I've kept track of mine so far – Dad got us these for Christmas and then mom bought the skins But, these are Air Pods, Air Pods – Woo! ♪ We don't want your money ♪ ♪ We don't want your fame ♪ – These are cute little skins that like go on top of it, mom got us

This is probably one of my favorite gifts I've used it already like, a million times– – A million times – Since Christmas and it's only been like, two days – Yeah, true that – 48 hours

So, you guys know we've done what we got for Christmas videos almost every single year and you guys know we have one grandpa that always gets us a safety gift – But this year it was the other grandpa– – Was it? – That sent us, uh huh It was the other grandpa that sent us these safety things – So, this is our safety thing for this year I don't know how to explain

It's like a grenade almost You pull the thing out and it sets an ear-piercing alarm off (alarm blaring) (yelling) If you're in a situation that you can't get yourself out of for some reason you're supposed to pull the alarm so people will know where you are and come try and find you We have this one now on our key chain for our car Along with our pink pepper spray that we got one year

– Yeah – So, we're really, really safe now – We are like, killing the game with safety – This is, I actually like it though because it's important Importante to be safe

– Okay Kamri and I, ironically – No, no, no I gotta tell the story So they went shopping, right? For these sibling gifts and they're showing me what they got and Kamri shows me what she bought for Brooklyn and it's this like homegrown kit to grow her own succulent and then, literally no joke, two hours later I'm in our room and Brooklyn pulls out this home grow-your-own succulent and she's like, look what I bought Kamri and I was like, uh huh – She was like you know Kamri got you the same thing, right? – I was like, uh – She like, totally spoiled it

– Okay, I was saving you You wouldn't have to wrap it because you could just keep your own gift – They were completely different succulents – Oh my God – So Kamri got me this Spanish Stone succulent grow kit and you literally just dump the water in, put the feed, some of the food, the seeds, the carb and all that stuff in this little jar and you grow your own succulent

– Another thing that I really needed that's really nice to have is a 10 foot charger I was getting so annoyed with my little, teeny, tiny one 'cause I couldn't like– – This thing – I couldn't even like lean on my bed with my phone plugged in – Is so long – Then mom got us these cute little like charger anchor thingies

– They eat your charger – I remember my last one just completely ripped up here by the charger and so I think that's what this is for Is to prevent any ripping at the end – I honestly just thought it was to look cute I think it's just to look cute

– But, I have pascal – I have a hedgehog – This one also makes me look old but– – Okay I got one too but, I've already opened mine so – Yeah so we got razors for Christmas – I shaved my legs

– Good razors – And my legs are so smooth It was like, a newborn baby – This is just like, such a us gift We like

– We like like, practical things – Having like practical things – Kamri also surprised Bailey and I – Oh this one's a cute one – This one was really thoughtful

So, in 2016 Bailey and I went to Peru for– – You guys know that – Like a humanitarian trip and they have these little treats– – That we were obsessed with – That we loved while we were there and haven't had since And, she found them She was like I wrote down the name and everything when you went so that I could remember to get them for you

– Yeah crazy, right? – I thought it was so sweet – It was so sweet Okay so this shows you how trendy our grandma is Both of our grandmas – Both of our grandmas are very trendy

– Yes These are IT brushes that our grandma got us and we like freaked out when we got them And I've been wanting this specific eye shadow brush, and so she got it for us and we had no idea, and so like, that was awesome So the next day after Christmas I like went straight upstairs and I did my makeup and I sent a picture I said look at my makeup, it's thanks to you And she was like, aw that's so cute

– But it has this like nice little brush holder too which is like convenient So, we have a grandma that we call our adopted grandma because she's not actually blood-related to us but we've known her – But she's our grandma – Our whole lives – You know what I mean? – And her name is Debbie Grandma

And she got Bailey and I both – [Both] Amazon gift cards – Which you know we're about to use – Imma drop those on some textbooks for this new semester – Oh, imma drop them on my education

And then like every other kid this is my bag of sugar There's a lot of Ghirardelli's Dad got us cinnamon lollypops from See's Mom got me my favorite trail mix ever which is the monster one – Favorite treat

Simply balanced fruit leathers – But, guess what we don't have this year We don't have gum– – Yeah, no gum – And we don't have Reeses and we don't have life – Those are some like, monumental steps in our Christmas journey

– I think we've had those every single year except for this year This is a monumental – [Both] Moment – Wow And that's all we have for you guys

I hope you guys enjoyed, we definitely enjoyed our Christmas Hopefully you guys got what you wanted and that you all had a merry Christmas and we love you guys so much It's not even funny and we'll see y'all next week so, bye – Bye – Oh and don't forget to subscribe

(upbeat music)

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