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(yawns) – Oh, that was cute! – [Both] Hey guys! – So all of you guys were asking us if we're doing a what we got for Christmas video And of course we're doing a what we got for Christmas video! – Naturally! – That's what we're filming right now

– We're doing that right now! So Finny's gonna join us – Finny! – Hi guys! Holy! Guys! – We're gonna get on to the gifts! (energetic upbeat music) Number one! We always get a big gift for Christmas – Yes, we do – That we get from Santa Brooklyn, you wanna show 'em what you got for big gift? – It's not gonna fit in frame! – It's not like, like anything glamorous

(groans) (laughing) – I got a crate! – I don't know if you guys can see this, it's a dog crate – Because Finn grew so quickly, that he needs a new one! – Yeah, he needs a new one – So, the one I had was made for like small dogs who are five to seven pounds He is now 17 pounds – Pretty much half of her gifts are for Finn– – Yeah, they are

The life of a mother! You take care of your child – Oh – Number one priority – My big gift this year, I have had a computer It's like still on the old, old charger, and I had it for freshman year? You guys probably know because we probably did a what we got for Christmas video, and you would be able to tell me

– It's gonna be like 2013 – But I asked for a new computer this year, so I got another Mac Book Air, a newer version 'cause I literally swear and live by my computer in college I just worry it's gonna break down, and that's what I do all my homework on, and so that would be kind of a nightmare – I did not get a computer, but I did get a pair of shoes! (laughing) – Whoo whoo! Whoo whoo! – So I asked– I have a pink checkered pair that I absolutely love I don't know where they really came from, to be honest, because they just kinda showed up in my closet one night

– Yeah, yeah – I think they might've been from a photo shoot, maybe But I love them, and I wear them every single day I asked for the black and white pair because they match more outfits Good Christmas choice on my part! And thank you for the gift

– We did do sibling gifts Paisley had me and Brooklyn said she insisted on some interesting things – Oh, if I had been up to Paisley as to what you got, you would've had the toy that she wanted – So, she ended up landing on a sea salt vanilla candle Which is actually helpful, 'cause sometimes my room back in Waco like smells funny

So, like having a candle to light would help And also, there's a second part of this gift, an umbrella! – Baylor colors! – In Baylor colors! – My sibling gifts, this is Finn's stock, just so you know Look at how cute it is, it's got a little, little bows! – He's so, he's such a spoiled dog – Yes, he is So, this is Finn's stocking

Anyway, I put all of his stuff in here For my sibling gift, Daxton picked out the sweater that Finn's currently wearing – Yeah, if you guys saw that – He is currently wearing it – Roll the picture of him in the– – And then also this little rain jacket! It's a little rain jacket! It's a little rain jacket! And then he got him a little squirrel toy, which he's got downstairs, he's already playing with– – He's already been chewing on it

– I wouldn't wanna take it from him So it's downstairs, it's a crunchy squirrel chew toy That was my sibling gift, it was from Daxton, so very thoughtful – My dad every year gets us these like kinda gag gifts? Sorta things? – Yeah, they're like– He says his role is to get us kind of the jokester gifts So this year, one of 'em is this trope

– And the explanation on this one is that my dad has, you know, you guys probably know that he's recently been on Twitter This si like a big Twitter thing Tortilla blankets, and he probably saw an advertisement He got it because he said he wanted us to be real life burritos – Ohpff! (record scratch) Ohpff! A burrito, a bean burrito

In real life – They're actually very soft And then my dad also got us a secondary gift – Oh! Interesting! He's been talking about how he's like put in this order for like a year or something crazy, and it finally came in And it's a bobblehead of himself! – My dad! And it says– – [Both] I'll always be your Superman

– And I thought it was kinda cute! – I've got a literal bobblehead of my dad! – Like literally, like, look at this thing They messed up his eye color, technically it's supposed to be green, but it's like brown on this bobblehead But otherwise, pretty good! – Okay, what's next? – Oh, I got a computer case – Oh – 'Cause I have a computer and I want it to be safe

– And we're gonna pick out some of the stickers, either the ivy league set or out of your league set that we have on our shop if you wanna check 'em out And we're gonna put 'em on the case – It's just straight pink, 'cause you all know, obviously – The most natural and typical Christmas present for Bailey and I (angelic singing) Life, only this year, it's cinnamon bran because that's our favorite flavor

And we also each got a bottle of Martinelli's sparkling cider – Oh, yes – Mine's sitting in the fridge, labeled with my name on it Those are the kinda like the big food items that we got – Wait, no, you forgot the other food item! (record scratch) We like See's Candy, if you don't know, it's like a candy company

And we also like the flavor butterscotch, so he got us a whole pack of butterscotch suckers – They're like these, these like hard candy suckers, but they taste like butterscotch, and they're a little bit chewy They're so good – They're so good And also, my grandparents are like in our family famous for handing out these like truffles

– So, they make them in Utah – They all taste like– – These truffles – They taste like a Andes mint, essentially – But creamier – But like, you put Lindor and Andes mint together, and that's what this is

– That's kinda what this is It's so good It's so good My dad's mom– – Oh yes – She got us a couple different things, but one of the main items in her gift were these Jacks, so she taught us how to play Jacks when she was here last week and visited

And it's like a game where you like a bounce a ball and then you pick up the Jacks It's a game she played when she was a kid But she was teaching us how to play it, and so awe all got a little box – She gave us this gift for– You guys know, Brooklyn and I, we fly– – [Both] A lot – Basically, this thing is like a Bluetooth, and it allows you to Bluetooth to other machines with your AirPods other than your phone

– Yeah, well, no, technically, it just means you can plug it into the TV on the plane and then you can Bluetooth your AirPods to the TV, rather than plugging in traditional– 'Cause like usually you have carry two different types of earbuds, your AirPods and then you carry the regular ones so you can plug 'em into the TV and watch movies – Yeah, but I bet this would work if you like, plugged it into your car – Maybe you don't know this, but like, my makeup bag is a piece of trash It's literally trash And so, mom got us these new ones

(gasps) – Look at how pretty they are, incredible! Like, you could carry this around and walk down the runway Nobody would bat an eyelash – So they're by Slide Beauty, and they're like nice – Nice! I have my makeup in it right now, so I have my makeup here, and then they come with this little like mirror, it's like stand-up mirror inside And then they also come with the brush case

It's very nice And it's probably easy to clean, too, which is nice – I just needed a new one because mine was seriously trash (angelic singing) But normally Brooklyn and I will just buy, like, the men's razors from the store, you know, like– – Well, they just like work better on your body – Yes

But my mom did a bunch of research this year and bought us Flamingo razors I'd never heard of the company until this Christmas, but apparently they're supposed to be like awesome razors – Yeah, it is top notch – I love being silky smooth – But if you wanna know if how we like them, comment down below if you want us to do like a review– – Story or something

– Meant for them, through IGTV or story or something – Yeah, I'm excited 'cause I like, this is so not normal, but I love shaving Okay, so, fun fact! Some kid, some one is a senior from Baylor is graduating, well, graduated – Graduated, and he's my friend – And he was done using his Wii

And so of course we were like, leave it! – He's letting us keep his Wii at hour house (angelic singing) Because he's not there anymore – And so– – We got Wii games for the Wii! ♪ We got these Wii games ♪ – They're our favorite games, it's Super Mario Bros and then Mario Party 8 – These are like our, I could spend hours playing these games

– Really? Can we play Mario from Mario Bros? – Probably once a night – Then the other gift that I got was this shower cap My hair does not get very dirty or greasy super fast, like it can go a pretty long time, but my body obviously is dirty, so I have been needing something to like keep my hair dry while I shower Anyway, I got this really cute one

It's all black and white stripes, it's got a little bow on it, I don't know if you can see what that looks like – I think that's so cute – It's adorable – For a shower cap? – It's really cute – Also, because we do have long days at school and then working and stuff like that– – Or we go on trips where need our phone charged for like a very long amount of time– – My dad got us Mophie chargers, which like hold a ton of charge

– He says that they hold up to like three charges on it I don't know, it's a very nice little like charging block It's gonna be nice to be able to have something to charge your phone like while you're on the move – That's like a useful gift he got us, but he also did mostly gag gifts So it's a LED light string that's like a charger? – A phone charger? – So it lights all these lights, light up– – It's Christmas lights! – When you plug it in and you go to charge your phone

Yeah, it's basically a string of lights, but a charger Of course, you guys know gum Every year, all day long, every day of my life! – We got a bunch of gift cards– (record scratch) But I put 'em all in my wallet, so I got like an Amazon gift card from one of my grandmas, Doni gift card from one of my grandmas I'll show you what I got Finn before I get on to the last present – Oh, she wants you– – I want you all to know that I'm a good dog mom! So, somebody told me that these are really good for their teeth

I gave Finn one and he loved it – Did you just see him? He literally perks up as soon as she pulls it out – Finn's like, treat? Yeah, no – He goes – They're like these little green toothbrush things, and then I also got him– – I dare you to try one

– No – When he was younger, we got him a tennis ball, and he chewed it up so much that he could just hang the ball by the strings – Yeah, and it was like in half – From his teeth, if that makes any sense – Anyway, so I got him a ball, I got him the plastic, like, reinforced tennis ball, so he can't– – Hopefully he can't

– Chew through it And rip it in half in like three days like he did the tennis ball – Yeah, yup – That's what I got Finn And now– – Final gift! – No, we have two more

I couldn't carry this upstairs It's a Sonic machine machine So it makes the same ice, if you've never been to Sonic, it's like the petal ice that you can crunch and it's super soft I don't know how else to really explain it – A moment of silence for silence for how delicious that ice is

(smooch) – Anyway, we got one for the house, our house in Waco, we've named it Icebox – Now that we have an icebox – The only that we have an ice machine for the icebox So, it's gonna be awesome – It's gonna be really nice, my mom took like, did a lot of work finding– – To get that, yeah

– She also did, mom gave us one more gift, and it's– – The final gift – We're gonna play the clip of Brooklyn receiving the gift, and then we're gonna explain the story behind it 'cause she almost creed – It was like– – So it was, it was good – And last but not least, ice cream! (screaming) Ice cream! (screaming) – How the? – It's ice cream! (laughing) – [Dad] That's cold (laughing) – [Mom] So I paid for the three gallons that they just sent us

– It's so beautiful, it's just like I remembered! – [Girl] Mommy, can we eat that? (sighs) – Here we are – Well, we all went on a cruise, like, what, two years ago? – Two – We found this random ice cream shop in Curacao and we tried this ice cream, and it was the best ice cream literally I've ever had – When I say they went back for fourths, I mean it Seriously, fourths, five, six, seven, eight, nine– – It was so good

– 10 times – Literally so good When I got home, I was researching, trying to find where I could get this ice cream, and could not figure it out for the life of me – They don't, like, sell it – They don't sell it like to stores, they don't sell it, they only sell it to ice cream shops

And in order for me to find about it, I had to find an ice cream shop that sells it – Long story short – My mom DMs them, this is Kemp's, the company's called Kemp's – Yeah, so we, well actually, we went to Rome, we tasted a bunch of like S'mores flavors, and we were like, oh, nothing compares to– – Yes – The Kemp's ice cream

And she heard us talking about it and did a bunch of research And she ended up DMing this company – Yep, and asking, basically saying, hey, is there any way that I can get this ice cream? I will pay for it, I'll have it shipped, I'll buy a three-gallon thing, if that's what I need to do Just let me know, but like my daughters are obsessed with it And they like messaged back and they were so kind

They sent us this three-gallon thing! – A whole gallon of it! – Anyway, the flavor is called brownie s'mores, and it's a graham cracker flavored ice cream with like marshmallow and brownie in it And like little swirls of graham cracker crunch I don't know, it's so heavenly You guys have no idea My mom brought it in in the video, and I, Camry and I about lost our minds

– She literally lost her mind – Lost our minds – We did it! – It is the last and final gift that we have from Christmas (drumming) ♪ Ta da ♪ – Overall, it was an incredible Christmas – We actually had a lot of fun this Christmas

– We did have a lot of fun – It was so much fun – Just so you know, like, presents is not what Christmas is about We had a lot of family time and there's just a lot more to Christmas Christ and family and giving back, but we just wanted to show y'all what we got because that's what we've done in the past, now those are videos that we make

But we wanna just emphasize the fact that presents are not everything, and these gifts are just not what Christmas is about So, just pointing that out for y'all Honestly, anyway, it's been a great Christmas – Don't forget to comment down below what y'all's favorite Christmas present was that you guys got for Christmas, and– – We wanna know! – We'll see y'all next week! – Bye, y'all! – Bye, guys! (smooching) (upbeat electronic music)

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