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(upbeat pop music) – Hi, guys! It's Brooklyn and Bailey and today we're gonna be doing a— – [Both] "What's on my iPhone" – But it's gonna be my phone

And then, in another video, some other time, we'll do what's on Bailey's iPhone – My cell phone – But I will tell you guys the generic theme of my phone I kind of have it like all organized – Simple

– And it's very simple It's all on one page 'cause I don't like— Like flipping through like— – You'll see she's very organized – So, you'll see on my iPhone that it's all organized – Let's go check it out (swishing) (lighthearted pop music) – So, here are just the basic apps that come with your iPhone

And then, I have all my utility apps stuck in this folder that I labeled "Utilities" And then, I have my Chase bank account app and my Apple Watch app over here And, I have The Weather Channel which I like this Weather Channel app better than this weather I think it's more accurate for whatever reason And then, I have my DriveTime app which is right here

I had to log all my drive time hours and I use this app for that And over here, I have my photography folder which has my three favorite photography apps I have Pic Stitch which puts pictures into collages for you And then, I have SparkMode which is an editing app And then, I have my favorite photograpy app which is Photoshop Express

And it kind of has a lot of options when you open it up and you can click on the iPhone, and you can look through your photos and edit any of those And then over here, I have my church folder which has all my church apps in it So, I have all of my church tools and then, I have my Bible app Then, I have my Bible study app for the mornings and then, I have my HEFY app down here which I'm going on a humanitarian trip this summer and it's got all the information I need in it (lighthearted pop music) Now, over here, I have my games folder which I only have one game because I don't really play tons of games on my phone

But this game is called "Best Fiends" And we kind of have a family competition going and my parents got me addicted to this game I'm currently, I'm on level 10 so I'll start playing this game to show you guys kinda how it works So, the goal is to defeat five slugs and collect 15 leaves So, I'm just gonna play the game and get as many points as I possibly can to reach those goals

I'm also gonna try to get the diamond 'cause that's really good in this game That's like one of the major goals of this game, along with these goals, and defeating five of these slug guys (lighthearted pop music) And, boom! I win the level And now, I'm gonna go over to my education folder The first app is Goodreads which I absolutely love

I have all the books that I've read here documented and I go to readings and I can get recommendations, and I can log all my books and I just love this app so much 'cause I love reading I also have my Kindle app in this folder which I love I'm currently reading a book right now on my phone and it's "Throne of Glass" so if any of ya'll haven't read that, I definitely recommend it And then, I have my iBooks app in here as well So, most of my education is just books

And now, onto social media So, I have Instagram on here which they just changed their little app picture so that's what it looks like now if you guys haven't updated yours yet But we have Instagram if you guys aren't following us, you should go check it out It's @brooklnandbailey And you can just see all of our pictures on here

It's pretty cute (chuckles) And then, we have Twitter which our Twitter is @brookandbailey if you guys want to go follow us on there too This is my favorite app I just like scrolling through Twitter And then, I have Snapchat and Snap Upload which Snap Upload is where I can just have a picture on my phone and then upload it to Snapchat so I don't have to take the picture on Snapchat to upload it And then, I have my Youtube Studio app

It just let's me look at all the videos I've uploaded and the statistics on those videos, and the comments on those videos And I like this app because I'm a Youtuber as you guys know And then, I have other options on this side of the app And then, I just have my regular Youtube app, Facebook, and then Facebook Mentions which is kind of like a creator version of Facebook And then, I have Pinterest which I always get so many notifications from Pinterest but I love Pinterest so it's okay

And now, my next folder is my music folder and I Spotify And me and Bailey obsessively use Spotify so if ya'll haven't used it, you should definitely use it And you can look at your songs and you can look at your playlist and your artist, and you can play songs based off that (lighthearted pop music) Then, I just have my Apple Music app which I only have a few songs on there And then, I have Shazam which I absolutely love Shazam because you can just tap on this and it'll listen to a song

Right now, it's just listening to my voice but it can listen to a song and then tell you what song that is so you don't have to keep track of it anymore And we can look at mine, I've tagged a few in here And then, you can just click on 'em and they'll play you a little sample of the song and then, you can add it to your Spotify or your playlist or whatever you want Then, I just have a regular Guitar Tuner app and then, a Ukelele Tuner app which is just a regular ukelele and then it shows me the four notes that I need play to tune my ukele obviously Then, I have my Sonos app which connects to the speakers in my house

And then, I have my Musically app which Bailey and I just created an account It's @brookandbailey if you guys wanna go follow us And those are kinda just all of my music apps Now, all of my school apps are in one school folder

So, I have PowerSchool which is kinda where I can just go online and look at my grades which we're not gonna do because it's summer time and I don't wanna think about grades (chuckles) And then, I have the Google Drive app which just kind of has all of my folders for school in it and my teachers can share documents with me And as you can see, this is all of my homework which looks awful right now because it's summer but that's all the stuff I did last year And then, I have Google Documents which lets me edit documents on that app And then, I have Google Chrome and a scientific calculator as well in case I need it at any point in life and I don't have a calculator on me And then, here comes just the classic apps

So, I have Netflix which I'm using to watch "The Office" right now 'cause I'm really obsessed with "The Office" And then, I have SkyView Free which I really love this app It's a super fun app It shows you the stars So, if you point it at the sky, it'll take the stars you're looking at and connect the dots and show the constellation, and you can click on it and it'll tell you the history of the constellation and the name of the constellation

And you can do night time camera, you can take videos, you can save images, you can make the stars bigger or smaller, and you've got all these different options down here in the bar And then, I have my Been app which kinda just shows where I've been in the world I can document where I've been in the world So, in England, I've been to 7% of England So, I've been to England and Iceland, and Scotland and The Netherlands, and then, it highlights those on the map

And then, I have the Cute Girls Hairstyles app which is my mom and dad's app for their channel "Cute Girls Hairstyles" which ya'll should subscribe to because it's an awesome hairstyle Youtube channel And it just kinda shows all the videos that they posted and the hairstyles that they've done, and it also show you— Here's one of their videos Their most recent videos It also can show you their tweets and the people they follow, and what they're tweeting on here And it's just a really nice app to have

And now, I have my handy dandy Mophie case which I absolutely adore And right now, I have 64% on my phone So, down here is the battery pack on my Mophie So, right now it's only half way charged but if I flip this button over to the green, it's gonna start charging my phone So, it's charging my 64% and it's gonna charge it all the way up to 100%

So, that if I ever need my phone to be charged while I'm on the go, it charges And that's kinda all I have on my iPhone for you guys today (swishing) – Thank you guys so, so much for watching this video Hopefully, you enjoyed everything that was on Brooklyn's iPhone – Oh, yes

I know I do That's like what I do in my free time – Don't forget Click the link in the subscription box below to download the Best Fiends app for free And then, if you want to see more of our videos, click the information (popping) button right here

– Oh yeah – And comment below what ya'lls favorite app is, we defintely wanna know for recommendation for ourselves – I've got some space I can download a whole bunch – Yeah

So, we'll see ya'll next week Bye Love you guys! Mwah! (upbeat pop music)

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