Where is Bailey’s Boyfriend Going to COLLEGE? *surprise prank*

– [Brooklyn] All right, I'm rolling – Bro, I've had practice on these chairs

I can shove you off so quick – Okay go for it (laughing) Dang it no Hello guys it's Bailey and – [Both] Asa – And he's here to film with me

Today we're gonna be telling you guys one of the things you guys have been asking for a lot lately, which is where is Asa going to college? (upbeat music) Here are, are these all the schools? – Yep – Here are all the schools that he applied to – So I wanted to apply to a Christian school because that's just the way I grew up My family kind of all went to Christian schools, and so that's definitely important to me – Which one is the first you're gonna eliminate? – Okay, so let's start with ULM

– ULM – This is just a local school from the town I'm from I was kind of forced to be enrolled here because I was in dual credit classes and this was one of them that was part of the dual credit system And so, I never really wanted to be at a school that was right next to my house And so for that reason this one's out

– Goodbye ULM, goodbye – Yep – Okay, what do we have left? – We have Louisiana Tech Same thing here, this is 30 minutes away from my house I was forced to be enrolled here because of dual credit, and that's out

– Goodbye – Let's see, Abilene Christian What's over here? – Liberty – Liberty, Harding I think is right here And then Baylor and Mary Hardin-Baylor

If you don't know this by the way, he's related to the Duck Dynasty family – And the reason we said that is because John Luke and Mary-Kate went to Liberty – Which, yeah John Luke is his cousin Mary-Kate's his wife, so they all both went to Liberty which is why he applied there And the rest of his family, including his parents met and went to Harding

So that's another reason why he applied to this school, which is in Arkansas – Moving on to the next one that I eliminated I would have to say Abilene Christian The reason I'm eliminating this one is because it's like nine hours away from my house I don't really know anything about it

And I just kind of applied there because I got an email telling me about it, and I just, "Oh, sure I'll apply" – Modern technology at it's finest – I didn't get a chance to ever check it out 'cause it's so far away And for that reason it's out

– Goodbye Abilene Christian – So the next one I eliminated was Liberty So again, Liberty's in Virginia, which is 19 hour drive from Louisiana – Which is far, far, far, far, far away from where his family is so that was kind of a – Yeah I mean, he's living on his own for the first time – I was just like, you know I love the campus I went and toured last November

And it was beautiful, but I was just like I don't know if I can do that long, long distance from the family – Right And I was super kind of worried about it But overall the campus is beautiful – But you did have family that went there

– Yeah, I did have family that went there but by the time I'd be there, they're already graduating, so I would have been going up alone Yeah I like, I love the campus I would have loved being there if it was closer, but it just didn't work out And yeah, that's why this one's out – So buh-bye

We're down to Baylor, Mary Hardin-Baylor, and Harding – Harding was the next one I eliminated It's like four or five hours away from where I live, so – And even, we went together – Yeah, we went we saw, so they have like a spring sing, which is this big performance they all do, and it's super fun super nice, Christian campus We really liked it when we went That's where Brooklyn and I applied and got a couple scholarships as well – Yeah, so my parents actually met at Harding, and some of my grandparents and other family members have been, and so this was really kind of a pull for me to be at Harding

The only reason I didn't study, or go to Harding, is because they didn't have the thing I wanted to study – [Both] Which is neuroscience – 'Cause he's literally so smart I mean, what else is he gonna do? – No So for that reason, Harding is out Because it's just

– It just is That's just how it is – Okay, so these are – We're down to – [Both] The last two schools

– This is where it got be a really hard decision for me Mary Hardin-Baylor has like a neuro, like psychology program, which is very similar to neuroscience and so I was like, "Okay, I can see myself being there" It's a Texas school For me, it was like, "Okay, like what do I want to do?" Because Baylor, if you don't know is super, super expensive – So, I mean if we're thinking like financially, this would make more sense

– Yeah – However, you did get some awesome scholarships at Baylor and Mary Hardin – I got awesome scholarships at both, and so – No, no, no, no you gotta tell them he got the full academic scholarship which means he got the highest score on his ACT, that he could've – Not a full ride, not a full ride, but – To get the highest academic, so that's what he got here

And I think it's the same thing over here too – Yeah Is it worth a couple extra thousand dollars to go to Baylor, or do I just need to play it safe and go to Mary Hardin? And after a lot of thinking, a lot of waiting I was just trying to see like, what would be the best for me You gotta make a decision, you gotta think of long term and so this is what I decided to eliminate I'm going to Baylor

– Before we even get started, we have to clarify because I know a lot people are probably going to assume that he is coming to Baylor because of me – Yeah So we're gonna clarify right now, so listen up, okay First of all, we managed to make the financial stuff work out Between my family and graduation money and just working over the summer I'm gonna be able to make it work

And it's just worth it to me because they have a neuroscience program which I'm super, super passionate about They have an awesome community and awesome people that I've already gotten to know a lot – You're familiar with the campus – I'm familiar with the campus Later, like whenever I've decided to go to med school, I wanna be a Texas resident so that I get the Texas in-state tuition

And then number four is just an awesome Christian school They have like everything that I'm looking for in that aspect and it just like definitely just feels right whenever I was on campus – I just was there to support him Honestly, I had not a lot to do with the decision making To me, it's better that we have a healthy relationship and have to drive a few hours, than him make a decision because I'm telling him to, or because he feels like he should come to the school that I'm at

So long story short, he made the decision that was best for him and it just happened to be the decision I wanted him to make – Hey, having her is a bonus, so hey – Ultimately, we're super pumped because for the first time ever we're not gonna be doing long distance which is exciting He's gonna get to study what he wants to It's gonna be awesome

You're not gonna be too far away from your family – Yeah – We've been doing long distance for two and something years – Two years and three months – Oh, specifically two years and three months

– It'll be three months in just a couple days – Well, well no 'cause it'll be in summer so it'll be actually two and a half years by the time he gets there – Yeah, almost two and half years – It's over now guys It is over

– It is over So one of the things is, when he made this decision I didn't actually know he had made it He waited three days over Easter weekend He made the decision the very beginning when he talked to the rest of his family – Yeah, I'm gonna have to work hard and save up money and not eat out as much, but it's so worth it

– And he made the decision the first day of Easter break, and he didn't tell me 'til the end of that weekend, which a good boyfriend move (angelic music) He waited three days and then I get this Facetime from him and I'm like, "Hey, what's up?" He's like, "Hey, I have something to tell you" I wasn't expecting this, because we were still like up in the air about which one he was gonna decide, like my whole family was like, "We don't know what he's gonna decide" His whole family didn't know And so none of us really knew

So he Facetime's me and he goes, "I have something I need to tell you I talked to my mom and my dad, and no matter what, like we are gonna make Baylor work and I'm going to Baylor 'cause that's where I wanna go" And I was like (panting) And then I just started sobbing because it's a big deal – It's a big deal – I'm not gonna play down the fact that it is a big move in our relationship – Yeah, for sure – And it's a big move for him

And just combined it's a big thing, and so I just started crying, and then I was like, "Oh my gosh, oh my gosh I gotta go tell my parents" And then I go downstairs and tell my parents and I'm sobbing even more – It's not gonna be easy, but it's gonna be worth it in the long run – Well, school's not easy

College is not easy – All right, we're good? – Yep Okay – I'm gonna run to the restroom real quick – Bye! (footsteps) Did you guys notice that we switched twice in that video? Not once, but twice

– Oh, yeah So a few weeks ago we filmed a video where we switched places on our friends in college and tricked a few of them And you guys, we got so many comments saying, "Oh, I totally would've known", or "I can tell them apart" So we though we would test that theory out and trick y'all and see if you guys noticed So I'm sure there are some of you that are at this point in the video and you're like, "I knew it!" – "I knew that was happening

" And then there are some of you that were like, "What the heck?" – "What?" – So, if you didn't know we want you guys to go back and watch the video and see if you can tell where and when we switched Comment down below a heart eye emoji if you knew that we switched 'cause we don't want to give it away for the people watching the video – If you didn't know, just comment – [Both] "I didn't know" – Oh, and Asa was in on it just so you know – Oh, yes

Do not forget he's not a bad boyfriend – Yep, I was in on it – He knew this time – We were trying to be like, not awkward 'cause I had to kind of act like – Yeah, that was hard – Like, I'm in the video because I'm his girlfriend, but (laughing) – [Bailey] Asa's like – Just smile through the tears (laughing) – So sweet

I hate this Oh, shucks I hate being Bailey – Okay, I think she should – When he looks at me and goes, "Oh," as in, "Oh, shucks" (laughing) – [Bailey] Oh, shucks – So it was really bad – Acting

All right guys Don't forget to subscribe and we'll se y'all next week – [All] Bye!

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