Who is the Best Bowler? | 12 Days of Vlogmas {Day 12} | Brooklyn and Bailey

(upbeat music plays) – Hey guys! – Hey guys! It's Brooklyn and Bailey, and in today's vlog vid, you're going to see us go bowling with some of our friends, and it's super fun, it's one of those activities that we love to do – But before we go on to the video, don't forget to subscribe to our channel by clicking the button down below that says "Subscribe", now let's go on to the bowling video

– [Female Voice] OK, so some strange packages arrived today for Brooklyn and Bailey – Style! They gave me 50 dollars and you're strong! (makes excited noise) – Oh yeah! – [Female Voice] If you don't use them, I will Those are your faces – What is this? – [Female Voice] We have no idea what they are – [Male Voice] Who's this from? Style? – [Female Voice] We don't know who they're from

– YouTube – YouTube – Bailey, are you struggling? – [Female Voice] What's it say? – Congrats on a great 2016! Looking forward to working with you next year! – [Male Voice] They look like jammies! – [Female Voice] Oh my gosh! They're so cute! – Ahhhh! – [Female Voice] Look at these on them, on the back! Look it, your names are on the back (unintelligible excitement) – Ohhhhhhhhh, my hag! – 2016 is almost in the books Maybe you did the

job, decided to roast yourself – Decided to roast yourself – And spent a few hours – And spent a few hours – Bottle clipping

– Bottle clipping – Or maybe you called – Or maybe you called – One-Eight-Hundred-Sub-For-Sub – For new friends

– For new friends – Because after a crazy year, – Because after a crazy year, – New friends – New friends – Are a good thing – Are a good thing

– Thank you for being – Thank you for being – A part of Rewind – A part of Rewind – And looking back

– And looking back – At the good times of 2016 – At the good times of 2016 – Now that 2017 – Now that 2017

– Almost is here – Almost is here – Keep smiling – Keep smiling – [Brooklyn] Driving

– [Bailey] Driving, and never stop – [Female Voice] Eyeball dancing? – [Brooklyn] Oh! Apple-pineapple-dude! – [Female Voice] It's the apple-pineapple pen guy! – Happy Holidays from all – Happy Holidays from all – Of us here at YouTube! – Of us here at YouTube! – [Male Voice] So what do you say to YouTube? – Thanks! – Thank you! – Hey guys, today we are going to the Trans-Siberian Orchestra Concert

And it is at the American Airlines Center, that's where we are right now Whoo! We have Mom and Bailey, Camerie, Nana, Papa, Violet, Parker (laughs) We're super excited to hear them play, we've heard all sorts of fun stuff about their concert, and yeah, so we're just going to head in now We have finally found our seats, and we're sitting down now There's the stage! I hear they shoot, like, fireworks and sound down, like, right there

It is packed (orchestral Christmas music plays) Hey guys, we just ended, the concert just ended, and we are speeding our way out to try to beat traffic, but what did we think, Camerie? – It was good – [Brooklyn] Yeah? – It was a really long concert – What did everybody think up there? – [Bailey] It was good – [Mom] It was definitely interesting

– Mom says, oh you can't even see me, Mom says it's interesting Nana, what'd you think? – I liked it – [Female Voice] It was, it was – It was very cool, really long, though, like, two and a half hours long Three, maybe? But it was really good, some of the songs were crazy cool – OK, so we have decided to go bowling with our friends, so we are here at the bowling place, and we split into two teams, and we are ready to crush it, although, I don't know how well we're going to do, cause I'm not good at bowling – I haven't bowled in, like, five years, – So – So – Not sure how this is going to go

– Wish us luck! (upbeat electronic music plays) – [Male Voice] Alright! – Michael's turn! – I'm gonna take them out! – [Female Voice] Oh no, here we go – Find the right ball with all the technique, you've got to swing it, leg out Watch Number One – [Female Voice] She's got one more! Oh no

You can do this! – Ha! – [Female Voice] Whoo! (laughs) – Ohhhhhhhh!! – Shh! I just put bumpers on! (crowd cheers) (electronic dance music plays) – [Female Voice] Strike zero! One more! You only have to get one! – You're a mas! – [Female Voice] Bailey! Wah, wah, wahhhhhh What did you just get? – I got a strike! Well, not a strike, I got a – Spare! – [Female Voice] A spare! – It was fine, it was good! (pop music plays) – [Female Voice] How! Did you just whip? Get out! Whoooo! Whoo! (girls scream ecstatically) Are you kidding me?!? Are you kidding me?!? (cheers) (cheers) (cheers) – After all of that vlogging, we got hungry So here we are, eating dinner, at a restaurant Whoo! – [Brooklyn] Look at what came! Whoo! It finally came! We're all so happy now So what are these called? – Salted corp

– [Brooklyn] What's it called? – Pizookies! – [Female Voice] Salted caramel! – A pizookie is a pizza/cookie, and it's cooked in a pizza plate, – It's heaven – But it's a cookie – Heaven – And it's got ice cream on top, and it is so good So good – I hope you guys enjoyed that video, and thank you so much for letting us do Vlogmas this year

If you guys want us to continue the Vlogmas tradition every Christmas season, comment down below Also, if you haven't subscribed to our channel, click the button right over here, and to watch the rest of our Vlogmas videos, click the button right over here, and don't forget about the Secret Giveaway in the description box and the top of the comments We'll see you all later! Love you guys!

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