Who Knows Me Better? | Sister VS Fans 2020

– I feel like I look older Who would you guess is 20? – You

– I don't have any makeup on, so – Hello, you guys, so today we're filming a "Who Knows Me Better," and since you can obviously tell there's only Kamri here — (record scratch) a little twist — Fin came running – It's because he loves me so much

– He knows the camera He literally runs every time the camera's on It's you guys versus Kamri, so as we're filming this, I just barely posted all the questions on Instagram (fart noise) 'Scuse me? I posted, like, little question polls on an Instagram story, and had you guys answer them I posted them previous to uploading this, so I don't know if they're on there anymore, but I have screenshots of all of y'all's answers, so I'm basically going to ask Kamri the same questions I asked you guys, and I'm gonna see who knows me better: y'all or Kamri? Sometimes you guys really pull them out there

– No, honestly they know more things about me than I know about myself – Like, you guys, you remember, like, the little, small little details in each video of like, I've said this six years ago in one video, and you, like, remember it – Yeah (guitar music) – First question is, "What am I allergic to?" – Got it I just forgot

– They've already answered it, so – Oh, I got it I think I spelled it right

– 3, 2, 1 – Lavender and sulfa – Yes! What everyone else said were — They were saying "Latex," "Pickles," "Nothing," "Nuts," "Pollen," "Orange dye," oh! – Oh, we are allergic to that – That's true! – All three of us are – Like, it makes our tongues tingle

I would say that Kamri won The fans, you guys, did not get it correct The girl that said orange dye, you really did that You really reminded me of something I was allergic to Which do I prefer: reading or watching a movie? – Reading

– Yeah, reading; I love reading I always have to read the book before I see the movie, but I love watching movies too That was a hard one for me to decide on – Yeah, that was close – I'm big on both! – I like reading more, but watching movies is more convenient

– Yeah – So I watch more movies – It's more time efficient, but books are just so engaging, like, way more engaging than watching a movie Okay, so for a date night, which would I prefer: watching Netflix or going out and doing something? You said out? – Yeah – They said "Netflix," "Netflix," "Going out

" It's kind of a mix, but the majority of them, I think, say Netflix – Which one's true? – I would way prefer Netflix – No way, you're so, like — – Well, Amazingtaylor said it right She answered and said it depends on my mood Life is so busy which makes it — – "They're a boring old couple

" That's what she's saying – What is my favorite show on Netflix? (crickets chirping) – You should know this Write it down – You want me to write it? I'm gonna go with – Yes, that's it! That's correct, "New Girl"! – That was the one I thought, but — – Oh my gosh, that show is incredible Their answers were all over the place "Jane the Virgin" is probably — that's my second favorite "Stranger Things," "Gossip Girl," "Grey's Anatomy," "Riverdale," "I Don't Know," "The Elite"

– "Vampire Diaries" — Unpopular opinion: "Vampire Diaries" was not good – I tried watching it and couldn't get into it – I watched a couple seasons, and nope, I lost interest

– Kind of not really any points for the fans Kamri gets that one Do I prefer Instagram or TikTok? – Mm, easy No way is it the other one (laughter) – I love TikTok! – Bailey runs TikTok; Brooklyn runs their Instagram

– Although they're pretty equal because they do two entirely different things, but I probably spend more time just scrolling just for, like, my pleasure, I guess, on TikTok just to, like, get some giggles – Yeah, if you didn't know, Bailey runs their TikTok, and Brooklyn runs the Instagram – No, I run the Instagram – No, what does Brooklyn run then? – She doesn't — She runs nothing (laughter) She does Twitter

Okay, so did they, so give them a point Do I prefer calling or texting? – Well, I think you really like this the best, but – I would rather call

I hate texting I think I built up a hatred for texting because I did a long-distance relationship, and I knew how easy it was to, like, get into, like, little arguments over the way you word things How old was I when I got my first period? I asked this because I've done a period question before this, or a period video before this, so you guys should know They said "12," "13," "11," "Sixth grade" so 11-12, "11," "12," "12," "11," "12," "13," "12," "12," "12" So the correct answer, I think, is 12 All I remember is I was in sixth grade, so it would be 12 years old, I think (bell dings) Am I a morning person or a night person? – This is not even a question What are all of us? – All night people! Yeah, everyone's like, "Uh, night

" It's night, night, night You could probably tell because we post stories at, like, three o'clock in the morning Okay, so when I was a kid, what did I wanna be when I grew up? – It changed, like, a bunch of times

– It did, but name, like, one or two of them – Well, I'll name, like, the main one for a long time Not what you're doing now, but — – Yes, teacher! That's the correct answer There are "Teacher"s sprinkled throughout here, so the people who said that are right, but the majority is mixed enough that I don't think I can give enough — I don't think I can give a point – I'm beating, like, 100,000 people right now

I wanna put that out there – What are my top three favorite Disney movies? – I don't know if I spelled this wrong Rapunzel, "Hercules," and "Mulan" Did I get it? – Yeah! (applause) Okay, so y'all said "Tangled," "Mulan," "Hercules," "Hercules," "Tangled," "Tangled," "Mulan," "Tangled," "Hercules" You got it down

What is my favorite product on our shop? – Ummm – Oh, B-T-W, we're both wearing stuff from our shop Yes, mine's "The Lash Next Door

" I mean, I love everything on our shop The mascara was just the OG product Do you know what I mean? Look at the eyelashes "Lash Next Door," "Lash Next Door," "Lash Next Door," "Mascara," "Mascara," "Mascara," "Mascara" You're all right

They're right Y'all are not far behind; I will give you credit Kamri has lived with me How old was I when I got my first kiss? – I can tell them the story, I can tell them pretty much how everything happened I'm not sure how old you actually were

I'm trying to think of the timeline Okay I think it was fall of '16; I'm fairly certain you were 16 — but then I think you and Asa weren't that close yet

It was summer, July That had to have been 2016 There's no way that was 2017 Eugh, I know I'm wrong It was February, February 2017, that's what I'm guessing

You were 17 – I was 17 – Yes! – He kissed me and asked me to be his girlfriend on the same day – He wrote her a letter, and she was reading the letter, and at the end, it was like, "Will you be my girlfriend?" And I'm not sure if he asked if he could kiss you or not, but it was like, "If you wanna kiss, then look up," or something like that – He didn't be like, "Can I kiss you?" – No but it was like, "Now, look up," and then she looked up, and he — (claps hands) – He claimed he wasn't planning on kissing me, but I think he was

– [Kamri] He 1000% was – How many years did I have braces for? Seven years! That was fast; I wanna see if they got it – I don't know how I know these; it's kind of weird – Um, so you said seven years They said, "Seven," "Seven," "Seven," "Seven," "Three," "Two," "Five," "Three," "Seven," "Seven," "Seven," "Seven," "Seven," "Three," "Two," "Two," "Seven

" Okay, give them a point Nice job I don't know how you guys knew that and not how old I was when I got my first kiss – I knew both of them (spitting noise) – Do I prefer salty or sweet foods? – Brooklyn like salty; you like sweet

– I like sweet, yeah I mean, it depends on my mood, but usually, I have a tendency to lean towards sweet stuff – Chocolate – And then y'all said, "Salty," "Sweet," "Salty," "Sweet," "Salty," "Sweet," "Salty," "Sweet," "Sweet," "Sweet," "Sweet," "Salty," "Sweet" All right, they don't get it because it's so mixed

What is my dream vacation at the moment? – Um, I mean right now, anything that is out of the house, but – True – This is one we've always talked about

I'm not certain if this is correct, but New Zealand is where we wanna go – Australia and New Zealand, yeah – Did I spell that right? How do you spell "New Zealand"? (bell dings) – One girl says, "Oh wait, it's New Zealand," and then, "Bora Bora," "Bora Bora," "Greece," "Maldives," — – Why is everybody's dream vacation Bora Bora? – "Bora Bora," "Bora Bora," "Bora Bora" – I think Bora Bora's the same as Hawaii – Y'all didn't get it; Kamri got it Okay, this is a hard one If I had a child — I don't, and I'm not planning on it, but if I had one, what would I name him if it was a boy, and what would I name it if it was a girl? – Hm, I don't know this one I can't remember

I know Brooklyn — One of you guys likes "Jean," or something like that is on your list – Okay, they didn't get it either This must be a hard one – There's just too many options You have a list of, like, 20

– I do; the answer would've been — The correct answer would've just been that I have a list – What's the actual name answer? – It's a secret because I don't want people to use them (raspberry blowing) Next question: what is mine and Asa's song? Do we have a song; what is it? – I don't remember, but you told me once, and then I blasted it in my car when they were walking out to their car, and I made them dance It's probably, like, Bruno Mars or something, I don't know That's, like, everybody's song

I'm not sure; I don't know, that's hard – You don't know this one? Let me see if they got it Uh, no, they did not get it I'm getting all sorts of things – [In Unison] "Simple Things

" – The correct answer is "I Won't Give Up" by Jason Mraz – Yeah, I would not have gotten that You have never said that – I have before, and I've said it in video before I know I said it

– I don't watch you Sorry, I don't watch your videos really I watch them when Paisley watches them on the TV – The secrets come out Yeah, Paisley's our biggest fan

She watches our videos on repeat If I wasn't a YouTuber, what would I be doing? Like, what would my job be? – Business, the same thing you're doing now – If I didn't have — I mean if I wasn't doing what I was doing right now, what would I go do? – You would still be taking business classes – You think I'd be taking business? – Yeah, what would you be doing? – I would be a vet – What? She has never expressed interest in being a veterinarian ever

– The funny thing is is that you say this every time, and I've probably said it in three different videos, and you guys react the same way every time, but I have said it before in video! – Mom, if Bailey wasn't doing YouTube, what do you think her job would be? – [Mom] Disney princess – Disney princess! That's not a bad idea – Do you really think she'd be a vet? – [Mom] Uh, I don't know; probably not (laughter) – People are putting it as an answer — – She's never talked about that – "Vet," "Vet," "Vet

" – You have never — – Y'all are right; they're wrong Hello – That is gross Okay, what shoe size? It's, like, in between, but I don't know which one it is – Look at this foot

(laughter) (sigh) – Fairly certain it's five and a half, but it's five to six – It's five to six; four's depending on the shoe But yeah, everyone said five or six, so they are correct, and they get a point too Y'all are catching up – No, not really

– What is my favorite clothing store, besides our shop, obviously? – I don't know You like Forever 21, but I don't think it's your favorite – Also, they, like, practically don't exist anymore So I would say that that is a correct answer because it was for a while – But it's not a thing, really, anymore, so

That would've been my answer – Forever 21? – Yeah – Okay, so it would be Forever 21 or, probably, Asos

And they're saying, "Zara," "Forever 21," "Forever 21," "Forever 21," "Zara," "Asos," "Asos," "Forever 21," so they get it too What is my most embarrassing story? – It was the first day of eighth grade — – Hello, hello? – Okay it was the first day of eighth grade You had to do something in the athletic hallway, and all the boys were there getting their athletic stuff done They were lined up in the hallways, and she was walking with somebody I don't know if it was Brooklyn or a friend, but she tripped, and her backpack fell over her head, and she didn't just fall, but, like, she just kind of ran

She kept running all the way with her backpack over her head all the way down the hallway in front of all the boys that she thought was cute and all the new boys saw – That's me; that's it – That's her embarrassing story – Okay, they got it "Nearly tripping over something," "Tripping in the hallway," Tripping around the guys

" You guys got it; I'll give you credit Several people put the correct answer That was a hard one too; that's, like, very specific Who is my male celebrity crush? – Tom Holland – You didn't have to write it down

(laughter) Everyone said, "Tom Holland," "Tom Holland," "Spiderman," "Tom Holland," "Tom Holland," "Tom Holland," "Tom Holland, "Tom Holland," so correct Who is my female celebrity crush? – Um, I'm fairly certain it is The only other person I know who you like that much is Zendaya

– Uh-uh – Then I don't know – Lily James – Oh, okay, I guess I can see that one – They put, "Emma Watson," "Emma Watson," "Emma Watson

" They're all thinking of Brooklyn I've seen every movie Lily James is in; she's just — Oh my gosh, I love her What do I consider my best physical feature? – Your eyes – Yes, and that's what everyone else put – She was telling us that all she wants is her kids to have pretty much everything from Asa, but she wants them to have her eyes

(laughter) – What is my favorite feature about Asa? – I think I know (laughter) – There are two things I'm thinking of – It's his eyebrows – Eyebrows is one of them, so Mom put, "Eyebrows," and so did everyone else They put "Eyebrows" or "His smile," and I actually would say eyebrows and his nose because he has this really cute nose that has this cute little upturn, and it's cute

(bell dings) If I committed a crime, who would I call to bail me out? – Brooklyn I think you really would I think you think you're gonna call mom, but you would call Brooklyn – If it was just something minor, I wouldn't call my mom; I'd call Brooklyn But if it was something, like, major, I'd immediately call my mom

The answer I intended was my mom – Don't think that's right, but okay – Everyone's saying, "Brooklyn" or "Mindy" on here, so they also got it correct – So that's right? – Yeah They got it correct; you got it correct

How many bones have I broken, and which ones were they? Like, what bones did I break, if any? – You've only broken one; it was your collarbone – That is correct "Zero," "Two," "None," "Three," "Wrist," "Ankle," "Arm," "One collarbone," "One collarbone," "One collarbone," "You have broken your collarbone" – Like some people got it, but the majority – How do I like my eggs? – I mean you — It's pretty split You like over-easy, but you also like scrambled – Yes Out of all of us, Brooklyn, Kamri, and me, I'm the one that likes over-easy the most

– Yeah – At, like, midnight, I want some scrambled eggs And they answered, "Scrambled," "Scrambled," "Scrambled," so correct Do I prefer baths or showers? – Showers – Duh! – None of us really like baths

– The only time I take baths — – Bailey doesn't like baths because she thinks it's like sitting in your own filth – It is, it's sitting in your own filth It's so gross! They said, "Shower," "Shower," "Shower," "Shower," "Shower," "Bath," "Shower," "Shower," "Bath," "Bath," "Shower" You guys got it right What is my spirit animal? – Shoot, I think it's a bird Didn't you say it's a hummingbird or something? – Uh-huh – Okay, good – That's what we came up with when we were super little

– Yeah, you guys said, like, a gazelle for me, but I don't know if that's right – Like a little doe, like a deer "Dog," "Monkey," "Rabbit," "Fox," "Dolphin," "Dog," "Tiger," "Goat," "Tiger," "Dolphin," "Dog," "Dog," "Bird" Again, you're bad! What is my anniversary date with Asa? – Mm, December No, nope, it's the 25th of something; February 25th – Of? – 2017 – Yes! They said, "February," "February 25, '17" Right on, girlfriend

"February 25," "February 25" Way to go, guys! (bell rings) (applause) I say that's pretty dang good – Good (clapping) But, you know, I won, so – And that's a wrap We'll see y'all in the next video we post, whenever that is Bye guys – Bye

– You just come running every time – Let me just plop down All right, we're out; we're done Eugh, he just licked me in the mouth Peace out (laughter)

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