Who Knows Me Better? Twin VS Boyfriend 2020

– Hello people – Hello

– Okay, so we have filmed a video like this before and it's, who knows me better? My boyfriend of almost three years and my twin sister of 20 years – Yes – So– – No – We filmed this video, I don't what, it was like a year ago or something – Yeah

– A year or two ago – Yeah, it was a while ago – I think we were a year into dating or something He lost, but we wanted to do an updated version – Not this time – It was so hard to come up with questions for this video

Impossible to come up with questions, I don't even, 'cause I watched a bunch of videos to get inspiration and all of them were like, "What's my shoe size?" – Four – Five! – Four and five! – It's five! (beeping) – We're gonna start with answering difficult questions and then we do have a rapid round where it's like this versus this and you just have to immediately shout it out Keep tally of your points, whoever has the least amount of points at the end gets a pie in the face (bell dinging) My two favorite people in one video – Yay

– I just drew on you – No you didn't, no! Question number one, what was the hardest class I've had at Baylor called? – Oh, shoot – Three, two, one, go – Natural disasters – Management information systems – No, it was natural disasters! – No! – Yes! – [Brooklyn] No! – Ha ha

– How many times have I changed my hair color in my lifetime? – Oh, shoot – Wait, does this include repeats? – I'm not responding to that answer, question – What? – Think it through (laughing) – Oh my gosh, okay, this is just, like, a rough guesstimate – Three, two, one, go

– Seven – Seven – Okay, I've had eight, so I'm going to name them Originally when I first, like, did a little bit of blonde, then I did a lot blonde, then I did pink, then I did purple, then I went back to pink– – Brown – Then I did brown, then I did blue, then I did– – Back to pink

– Yeah, I didn't count that– – The two blondes? – The second pink one – I didn't think of the blonde – I don't know, would you guys have known that? Comment down below if you would've known that, because that's kind of a lot What grade was I in when I first cut my hair short and what season of the year? – How does he know this? – Season can be, just a general time, like, not just be, like, the year, but, like, I don't know, during homecoming season or during this or– – Something specific like that – I remember what season it was, because it was around a specific major event, so that's how I remember what season it was

You should know this – Why should I know this? – I mean this is probably one of the easier questions, I thought – I feel awful already – Turn it around – Ninth grade homecoming

– I dunno, homecoming season – I said eighth grade, going to high school – No, okay, it was sophomore year – No it wasn't – No it wasn't

– Hey, hey, I went back and looked and we got our wisdom teeth out over Thanksgiving break and I got cut the day before – Wisdom teeth was the event? Mmm-hmm No! – If you know me, you know the answer to this – Okay – If we went to Disneyland or world right now, where would be the first place I would want to go? – I have two potential guesses, will you give me half credit if I get one? – Half point, half point

– Okay – I better be right, you're gonna realize my answer's right – Three, two, one, turn around – Animal Kingdom or Tower of Terror – Sitting on a bench eating strawberry flavored lemonade

– This is the correct answer – [Brooklyn] Ah, yeah! Point, me – So point goes to Brooklyn – We're tied – Asa! – What are my top three favorite Disney movies? If y'all don't get this you are not my friends, okay? – Oh, this is stupid

– Three– – Hold on, hold on, I just remembered a movie and now I spaced out – Two, (laughs) one, zero – That's not gonna be right – Turn around – "Tangled", "Hercules" and "Mulan"

– Oh, "Hercules" definitely, I said "Tangled", "Mulan" and "Beauty and the Beast" – This is the correct order and the correct movies – [Brooklyn] Dang it – This is the correct order too? – Yes, "Tangled"– – Two points! – Dang it! I knew "Tangled" and "Mulan" but I didn't remember "Hercules" – [Asa] Is that two points? – It's not "Beauty and the Beast"

No, it's one point "Hercules" is literally incredible and it's so underrated What is the lowest grade I've ever made on an exam ever? – Ha ha! – There might be a follow up question to this – I know a good follow up question one – If you know what the whole question is, go ahead and write it down, if you do, 'cause then you'll get two points

Three, two, one, turn around – 58 to 65 – 66 It's a 54 up to a 66 – I know I made a 54 in my test that day and then later that night, she told me she made something very close but it was a little higher

– If we both said 58, it was a– – What if I go through and scroll through our messages until I find the time when I told you what I'd made – 57, she made a 57 on it – No, I – I made a 54 – In our text thread, 57 This question gets nullified Nullified, she doesn't even know her own grades – What? Just to clarify, I've never got a grade like that before in my life and we all failed this exam and then we all argued back and I argued it up to a 66

– I think we both get points for proving you wrong – I agree – Fine – No, I get points because I found the text thread – One point

– No, I found it on hers – One point each How many freckles do I have on my hands? – What? – What the actual heck? – Okay, ready, three, two, one – Two – Five

– I have three – Dang it – So it's one right here – One on her thumb – One right here

– What, that does not count – And one right here – I knew you had that and I knew you had this – You have one on your– – This counts, bro, this counts, it's a freaking freckle Who currently is my favorite actress and actor? – Hmm

– Three, two, one – Tom Holland and Lily James – Lily James and Tom Holland – Okay, yes, point to both of you Anything with Lily James in it, I will be watching, 150,000% guaranteed

Number nine, what Hogwarts house am I? – Oh, easy Wait – You've done it multiple times and gotten different answers – And you never said which one it was – So, whichever the most recent one was

– Okay, put down what you think it is Turn around – She was three houses, she was Ravenclaw, Gryffindor and Hufflepuff – Specifically Gryffindor and Hufflepuff – She's Hufflepuff because I'm Hufflepuff and my mom's Hufflepuff and she's also Hufflepuff

– You're gonna pick, which one would you say? – I'd say this one – Both of you are wrong, it's Gryffindor – That's a lie – And I didn't even know that– – That's a lie – Until I put it into my Pottermore account

– That's a lie – Literally on Pottermore – How many times have you taken that test to be Gryffindor? – What is one Netflix show that I've seen multiple times through? It's the only one I've seen multiple times through – Ooh – Ready, three, two, one

– "New Girl" – "New Girl" – [Brooklyn] Dang it – That's all that needs to be said, that show's amazing – I needed to win one, I'm already down behind one point

– It's incredible When I was child, what did I want to be when I grew up? Bruh, you should know this – Speaking as somebody who grew up with you, you changed it every month – I know, but there is, like, probably two that come to mind that I kept saying over and over again – I got it, I'm pretty sure

– If you get one of those you'll be fine – Ready? – Three, two, one, go – Ice cream scooper and a vet – I said a vet (laughing) – Is that it? – (laughs) No! – What? – Ice cream scooper? – If you look and watch the Q and A on Cute Girls Hairstyles from years ago– – She says ice cream scooper

– I say a teacher in that video – Oh – Onto the next one Can you name three things that are currently sitting on my desk in my room right now? – Yes – Three, two, one, go

– Succulents, lamp, a cup with some old water in it and a picture of us as a collage – Asa got you a collage pictures of you and Asa, you have a plant, a small succulent that I got you in a gift last year and there's a pill bottle behind it, elephant that holds all of the succulents – I think we both got that – I think you both get points, because there's all those things on my desk – I saw this, like, ten minutes ago

– Yes, there is some medicine on my desk from, like, I don't even know why it's there – She went to the doctor and had the flu or something and never finished them – There's always a cup of water on my desk, 'cause I drink lots of water, I'm a hydrated girl – I could go for some water right now – How many classes am I taking next semester? – Well, it depends what, how many you wanna take or– – No, how many– – Are we talking about hours? – No, we're talking about classes

Three, two, one, go – Four – Five – Six I'm taking two entrepreneurship classes, I'm taking business class, I'm taking a QBA class, a FDM class and I'm taking one other business class

– I almost put six too, but then I was, like, no she's not – Okay, recently I let one of my friends borrow one piece of clothing Who borrowed it and what was the piece of clothing? – Oh, I know this I know this – I have a feeling one of you is gonna get it wrong

– [Asa] Three – Three, two, one, go – Carlie and it's a Christmas turtleneck – That's my shirt It was Savannah, she borrowed her white dress for Salado

– This is correct (Asa groaning) – Take that (yelling incoherently) – Who my favorite TikToker of all time? – Oh – Oh my gosh – The content they create, who is my favorite? – I said (mumbles) because he's our, like, best friend

– Liza – [Brooklyn And Bailey] Liza's not even on TikTok! – I know! – I don't have one, I love them all Which is why I put that on there because I knew you guys wouldn't know their names, so you should've assumed that I wouldn't have– – I feel like I should get half a point for Ty – Dude, no – No

If I had to change my hair color right now, what would I change it to? Three, two, one – Blue – Brown – It's brown – Ha! Redeemed myself

– There are very few cartoon movies that make me cry, can you name two of them? – Yes – I might add another one just in case – Why can't I think of it? I can't think of it, I'm just gonna stick with it and it's gonna be right, it's gonna be wrong but it's gonna be right – One, go – "Big Hero 6", "Anastasia", "Zootopia"

– Okay, "Dumbo" and "Phineas and Ferb" The last episode of "Phineas and Ferb" when they go to college, we both cried when we watched it together – You are both wrong "Lilo and Stitch", when he's talking about the ugly duckling and not having a family, it's so sad and "Inside Out" always makes me cry, everytime – "Inside Out", I knew that! – What is a big pet peeve of mine that people commonly do while texting? I'm specifically thinking of one – Texting is too general of a term

– While they are texting? – Texting you? – Like texting me, or in general, but I don't like it when people do it in general – Short answers, take a long time to reply – Not capitalizing their i's – Yes! – I win! Ha! – I don't like lowercase i's– – I know that, because I text like that sometimes – I think it looks very unprofessional and I think it just looks lazy

– I knew that, I knew that – What's one weird superstition I have, that I think keeps me from getting sick (laughing) – I've talked to you both about this – What is this? – It's, like, super weird Ready? Three, two, one, go

– She doesn't drink water that's been sitting out – She holds her breath, closes her eyes when around people sneeze – Both those are true – They're both true, the one I was thinking of was this one – But this is what you do, 'cause you have never in your life told me that

Never in your life – What's one trick I do when I curl my hair because my hair's super thick – Oh, I know this – Ready? – Hold on – You're taking a very long time, it's not that (mumbles) (laughing) – Y'all are smacking

Three, two, one, go – She does it in layers, curls them in different directions and straighten the ends of it – She straightens the bottom layer, curls the top one – That's true – This is not true? What, are you freaking kidding me? – I will commend you on that one

– Okay, can you name three items that are sitting on my pantry shelf right now – Yes, I can – Get ready – Nope – Three

– No, hold on – Two – There One, go – Granola bars, popcorn and chocolate

– Cosmic Brownies, mac and cheese and Minute Rice – It's all true – I don't know if I have chocolate – I don't think she does (laughing) – No chocolate! – [Asa] A Cosmic Brownie is absolutely chocolate

– I put Cosmic Brownie specifically – [Asa] It says chocolate chip – You both get a point – No, why? – Technically the Cosmic Brownie is chocolate – [Brooklyn] No! – There is a rare time where I like fruit in my dessert, can you name two desserts that I like that have fruit in them

– Um, yeah – This is a given, this is a given one – Well, one of them is easy, one of them is maybe harder, but – Yeah, but you should still know this – Speed the process up, buddy

– Three, two, one, go – Strawberry shortcake and strawberry frozen lemonade – No Pomegranate fro-yo and peach cobbler – Okay, the two I was specifically thinking of are these two answers

Technically strawberry frozen lemonade is true, so I'll give you half a point – [Asa] Okay – I named my pimple once upon a time, what was the name? – Oh, I gotta think of the joke I can't remember what it is – Two

– It's gonna kill me, you're gonna say it and I'm gonna know it (mumbles) – One, turn around your answers – Either Charles of Charlie – It was Charles – Yep – [Bailey] It was Charles

– [Asa] Yes – If I were to get a dog, what would I name him? Three, two, one, go – Zeus – Moose or Herc – Herc

– [Brooklyn] Yeah – Is Zeus also an answer? – Herc is what I specifically think – Point, point, still up half a point – Okay, I have multiple scars, can you name one and how I got it? Okay, ready, three, two, one, go – Ringworm, all over your arms

– True – You have a scar on your knee that kinda looks like a gummy bear, that's from when you fell off the moped, riding down the hill in our old house in Texas – Yes, both of those are true – So, rapid round, whoever wins gets two points Instagram versus Twitter

– Instagram – Instagram – TikTok versus Vine – TikTok – TikTok

– Breakfast versus lunch – Lunch – Breakfast – Bread versus chips – Bread

– Chips – Pink or blue hair? – Pink – Pink – Christmas versus Halloween? – Christmas – Halloween

– Phone versus computer – Phone, ah, phone – Computer, phone – Summer versus fall – Summer

– Summer – Lip gloss versus highlight – Highlight – Lip gloss – Brownie versus ice cream

– Ooh – Brownie – Okay – Ice cream – Count how many you got wrong or right

It's Instagram, TikTok, breakfast, bread, pink, Halloween, phone, summer lip gloss and ice cream (bell dinging) (audience cheering) (talking incoherently) – Pie to the face! – Let's go (yelling) All right Three, two, one (laughing) – Good thing I liked whipped cream

– [Bailey] Ew – [Brooklyn] Gross He's gonna know when he looks at your, oh, I just ruined your pants – Oh my god! She just drew on my pants – If you use toothpaste and scrub it through pants, it'll help get Sharpie out of clothes

– Put that marker lid on when you're done using it

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