Who Knows Me Better? Twin VS Dad 2020

– [Brooklyn And Bailey] Hey guys! – What's up, it's Brooklyn and Bailey We just recently filmed a video where Ace and I had to decide- or like fight with questions over who knew- – That's the worst way to describe that

– I'm sorry "Who Knew Me Better" – We were battling it out with questions But I don't have a boyfriend, so, we're substituting dad in for this video

– Brooklyn's dad – I don't think my dad knows me half as well as a boyfriend would I think that he's going to get crushed, in this video – He's going to get crushed [Wrestling Bell Sounds] [Intro Music] – [Brooklyn] You guys! Guess what? We are launching more apparel tomorrow, February 20th on our website brooklynandbaileyshop

com Y'all, we are so excited because we have handpicked each one of these items It's active wear, lounge wear, some jeans, and a dress So, get ready for those to launch tomorrow, be ready, be prepared, be on our website Be looking for those things to launch tomorrow February 20th we are so excited! [Music] – It was really impossible for me to find questions that Bailey wouldn't know, that my dad would

– So, it's just gonna be what it is -It's how I'm feeling – And he's probably gonna lose And there's going to be a punishment for the loser – Yes the punishment at the end for the loser, is that the other person, has to post their most embarrassing picture on their story on Instagram

– I have 20 questions, and then he kind of have a bonus round like a speed round If I could travel anywhere in the world right now, where would it be and what would I do? – Dad's bustin' out an answer over here Bailey you're kidding! I'm curious to see what they sayI voice this a lot – I

might have it – OK I think I got it 321 – [Dad And Brooklyn] Australia, and ball roll

– Australia, why Australia? What about- – Bungee jump – New Zealand and bungee jump -Okay, close, K close – [Brooklyn] No – [Brooklyn's Dad] No, no

-[Brooklyn] No points – [Bailey] What?! – No points! – What the heck – That was such an easy one, I say that all the time – OK, OK – What do I want to name my future children? Name 1 boy and 1 girl

– Of course – Oh no, he's gonna put his own name, and that's not it – This is what she told me, when she was 3 – [Bailey] K, "Rowan" and "Adelaide" – [Brooklyn] "Shaun" and "Shauna" – Yeah, it's great – Come on! – The earliest memory is the truth

– "Rowan" and "Adelaide" – Yes – [Bailey] Woo Hoooo! – Where is-where is Adelaide? Guess where it is [Brooklyn's Dad]Australia [Laughter] Oh my god – We're back to this

– What is my spirit animal? – [Scoffs] Oh – Uhhh I guess this is right – 321 go – [Brooklyn] A puppy? – It would be nice to be a puppy [Brooklyn] A white tiger, yes that's the answer

– [Bailey] Woo hoo! [Howling] [Same Howling Slowed Down] – Name a food I dislike that most people like – [Bailey] Huh, easy – And if you can come up with the saying that I say about it – I have no idea – Oh no dad! This is supposed to be an easy one – I like lasagna -You do? -Yeah – French toast, it's just [Bailey] Glorified, soggy bread

– Yes, that's true, but I was thinking whipped cream – What? – [Brooklyn] Cause it's just frothy air with calories – Come on you also say this! – I don't like whipped cream either you got that from me – This is even the right- this is even the right quote – [Brooklyn] It's very true

– Everyone should know this What is my favorite restaurant and what do I order there? – Oh please Please! – I don't know how to spell this – You can stop handing me points please

[Laughter] – You better not get this one wrong – If you get this one wrong 321 – Oh, yes?yes

But[BJ's!] – Ahhhh!] – I will give you a point because that is my favorite place to go in Waco -That is true – So I'll give you a point

[Brooklyn] I'll give you both a point for that one – First things first, sits down, gets queso Then, she orders alfredo, and then, when she's done with her alfredo, she'll go ahead, and order a chocolate chip pizookie – That's true, I do like way tasty asian I do

– See? How well I listen and understand my daughter? And I've never been there how would I even know that? – [Bailey] I have 4 points and you have 1 – No that was worth 4 points [Laughter] – Who was my childhood best friend? – Easy – Oh dad Oh no

– 321 – [Brooklyn And Bailey] Morgan Howes

– Yes! [Bailey Howling] [Cheering] – Where do I have a birthmark? – Oh! Can I say the shape and get an extra point? [Both]- No – I don't even know the shape [Brooklyn] I don't pay that much attention – Ready? – Uhuh 3

21 – On her chest area and it looks like a guitar [Brooklyn]- And you said, upper right chest

– It's technically on the left -Well I mean – But, your right if you're looking at me

– That's why I didn't specify [Laughs] – But [Brooklyn] We'll give you both a point cause it is on my chest -[Bailey] Woo Hoo! – Right here and it's just a little baby birthmark it's just tiny

-It looks like a guitar – Apparently it looks like a guitar – Me and Kamri have talked about that before – I don't pay that much attention but apparently Bailey does – He would know that

He would know that – Next question [Giggles] Why did I choose the name Finnigan for my dog? [Crickets Chirping] – I got 'em stumped! I knew it! I knew this would be the tricky question

– Why did you choose the name Finnigan? Well his name was Finn already – His name was already Finn, that's the right answer! This is the wrong answer! [Laughter] – Well mom technically -And you even said it! – [Bailey Lower Voice] Well his name was Finn already – [Bailey Normal Voice] His name was Finn

[Girls Arguing] – His name was Finn and mom saidwe should start calling him Finnigan! – No his name was Finnigan! – Ask Mindy! [Arguing] [Bailey] Where is mom? – If I could play any intramural sport all year long, what would it be? [Rasberrys] – Ready? -32

1 Flag football-Yes! Football![Brooklyn] You both got a point! – What did I do on my first date ever? – Easy 32

1 [Brooklyn]- Mom and Kamri Crashed [Bailey]- Green yellow chairs – Your first date mom and Kamri – Green yellow chairs

– Green yellow chairs – Actually is was me and mom who crashed -It was

– It was fro yo, he got gummy bears in his ice cream and they sat in the back table – Hey Look how good I'm doing! [Brooklyn]- I'll give you both points that was pretty accurate – That was good – You did sit in the back table we filmed it, if you want for reference

– Yes, we did You can go watch the video – That was so easy – I voted to give them their space And Bailey and mom- -They didn't care! – Decided to crash

-They didn't care! – No it was fine – What is my biggest fear? – Your biggest fear? – What am I most scared of? – Not like deep, just regular – Claustrophobia

– Yes – I don't know if I spelled that correctly – I get extra points because – Get extra points for spelling it correctly? [Brooklyn]- The reason that I'm claustrophobic, is because Bailey and Kamri locked me in a [No!] dress up chest[No!] – And sat on it, and I was stuck in the chest [Laughter] and I was screaming -No – And they didn't get off cause they thought it was funny – Mind you, just remind we were like 5

You had previously done the same thing to Kamri but with a laundry basket – Yeah I did I sat on the laundry basket-It was payback – Twins, per capita, have a higher rate of claustrophobia then the average person I don't know what it is but my twin sister and I, both have it

-I did not know that was a thing – The science – What is my favorite band? – Dad has pretty much no chance at this, Bailey has a slim chance at this – Yes, yes I know – Your favorite band? -Yes

[Brooklyn And Bailey]- Christian music band – I do have a lot that I love, Chris Renzema [Bailey]- Judah and The Bears? – Judah and the Lions! -Ah! Dang it! – My favorite band is Caamp

C A A M P [Rambling] – How did you get 1 more point than I have? -I didn't! – I was only one behind you [Arguing] – List 3 items of clothing I couldn't live without – Like general or specific? -Like specific – OK

– Three items of clothing? – You can put whatever you want – That's not fair for a dad – K -Yeah – 321 -Dad! He said scrunchies, necklace and socks – I said -Necklace is true

– Your brown sweater, your gray sweatshirt, and your necklace – The items I was specifically thinking of were like, my converse, my brown sweater -Are you telling me these things are wrong?! – I'll award you a whole point and you half a point

– Half a point? – [Brooklyn] You got necklace!-[Bailey] Thank you – What do I do when I'm really stressed out or like anxious? And it calms me down – To calm down? [Laughs] Are you ever calmed down? – Rude! – Oh gosh -Oh no – Remember my last dad joke, no

– I said drive and listen to music-It calms her down, every time she's upset and I tell her -Yes! [Sings] – This is true – [Brooklyn] Drive and listen to music – They deny but it's true -Good quiet humor right there

– How many unread/ unopened emails do I have? – Like are we supposed to guess and specific number? -Yes – Where's my phone? -Are you looking at your own email to get reference? -Yes – Bailey you're way worse at opening emails than I am I open all the important ones, but the unopened ones are a bunch of junk mail and I clear them out all the time and like unsubscribe and whatever But

-Ready! – Always just keep coming back -32

1 – 6,750 -3,000 – Uh it's 4,602 -I'm closer! – Dang it! – Dad's closer I'll give him a point

– I have 12,000 on mine – Yeah no, I have 4,602 – I need to go through mine – If I had to dye my hair any color, what would it be? – I know – Answers

now – Like the silvery platinum -Yes

– [Brooklyn] Silver platinum blonde, same thing – Bingo -I think having my hair gray, like Daenerys on Game of Thrones [Brooklyn]-I think I would love that – I'm a big list person

Name 3 of the lists that I keep on my phone constantly I have 7082 lists on my phone

– If you guys are like list makers like I am and you just keep random lists on your phone, just cause it makes you happy, vote on the poll right here Because I relate to you on a personal level – I know I got all of these right Baby names -Yes – Books I want to read

-No – You don't have a list of that? – Good reads -And then I said bucket list – Bucket list is true Places traveled, I do have that

Bucket list is true People you've kissed, yes [Roaring Laughter] -Dad got it! – Boo! [Brooklyn's Dad] – Yes – You have a list of people you kissed? – Yes cause when I'm twenty something or thirty something and I have a kid, and I want to be able to say, 'look at the list' Everybody does that! – What specific volume do I like to have my music at, while I'm driving? – I'm pretty sure Kamri can list it yeah I'm pretty sure Kamri can do it cause I'm pretty sure Kamri, put hers at the same volume

– I don't know I'm just gonna guess – You can't change it! – I didn't I had it on here! -Cheat don't cheat! She's cheating, Kamri's over here giving us answers – She's not

– K 321 go – 26 – It's dad [Brooklyn] 27! – She gave it to him! [Arguing] – I like mine at 17, and I figured, she's probably at least 10 over that Literally what I was thinking

– If I'm listening to loud music, and I want to drown out everything, then I always put it on 27 I'm pretty sure Kamri does the same thing -Oh! He's only half of a point behind me now – What was the first song I memorized all the words to? – Oh! – I think Kamri knows this one too – Wait you gotta be careful how you ask this question, because, I know songs that you know the words to that she wouldn't know

– No, the first song that I ever in my memory -Complete song ever -remember memorizing all the words to – But is that true -Got it! – I had a karaoke machine growing up -[Shushing] You're giving hints – Go – [Singing] Part of your world

-Yes, that's true [Arguing] – Was not what I was talking about! – The karaoke machine was a dead giveaway! – The last question that I have and then we're on to the speed round Why did I get my cartilage piercing? [Laughs] – By the time I got to question 20, I did not know what to ask I was out of questions – She wanted it and also, someone dared her, it was like a dare slash like I'm feeling spon

– You did it on a dare? – I'm feeling spontaneous, it was like a I'm feeling at lunch with a friend, and so they ended up going to get piercings[Arguing] – So dad said no That's not right – She knew I didn't want her to get it

-Yes I did, and I got it anyway- She did it anyway! – Because I wanted it! My friends were all going to, well they were all daring each other to go get tattoos -A dare – And I didn't want a tattoo so I was like, 'but I'll come with you, I'll watch y'all get tattoos' Then they got in there and they were like, 'No, no, no we can't do it

' And I was like 'Well I wanted a cartilage piercing for a long time, and I want to do something fun And so I got the cartilage piercing [Bailey]- I got this story correct – Don't ever get a piercing for no reason, other than a dare -What! -Ever

– Dad's speaking -Don't do anything you would regret – Okay, so that ends my long question -That wasn't fair – Are we ready for speed round? – Yes

-I'm always ready – K3 Summer or winter? – Summer

-Summer – True, true – Movie night or exploring? [Both]- Exploring -True, true – Uh, sleeping with wet hair or dry hair? – Wet

– Dry – True, no – Uh, big party or small gathering? – Small gathering – Small gathering – I gave myself

you just got the answer the [Gibberish] – You have to answer the same time – Laundry or dishes? 3 2 1 – Laundry – Laundry

– True, true – I'm gonna answer after him cause I know I'm gonna get these right – Amusement park or day at the beach? – Oh Amusement park – Amusement park

– True, true – Pancake or waffle? 3 2 1 [Both] Waffle – True, true – Horror movie or comedy? – [Both] Horror

– True, true – School or no school? – No school -No schoolschool! School! School! – True, not true

-Ah! – Fiction or fantasy? – Aren't they the same? – Yeah, technically – Technically no, they're not [Arguing] – I'm just gonna say fantasy – I would've said fiction? Because- – True, not true -Yes! – Count up your points, oh wait I can already tell you who won [Bells Dinging] [Bailey] -Woo Hoo! – Bailey won I'm not surprised, but my dad kept up very, very well – Yeah, you actually kept up very well considering

– Thoroughly impressed-I technically do get a point on the first song you ever memorized [No!] – Yes I do! I was there – You can give yourself a point but you still lose

– And then there were a few others [Laughs] – Looks like I'm posting your most embarrassing picture So don't forget guys, go follow us on @brooklynandbailey on Instagram and the watch our story to figure out or see, cause it's the most embarrassing picture Cause I'm about to go post it so, make sure you go do that – I'm not embarrassed – Thank you guys for watching and we will see you next week! [All]- Bye! – Dad, are you being serious, did you put a serious answer? – Well it has to do with your favorite character

– Spirit animal -Not a rabbit – It's not Judy Hopps from Zootopia -I wondered if you would get that – She would've said cartoon character if you were talking about Judy

-Uhhh – See what I mean? No chance!

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