Who Will go VIRAL on TikTok?? Twin VS Twin

– [Brooklyn] Hello everybody (stutters) – [Brooklyn] Anyway, we are testing a couple of theories on whether or not I would be more viral on our TikTok or Bailey would be more viral on our TikTok – [Bailey] We got this idea from Niki and Gabi, so shout out to them – [Broklyn] Shout to them cause they always have good video ideas – [Bailey] Great video ideas! – [Broklyn] And so we're gonna try it because we're curious

We have the same TikTok Bailey and I have one TikTok we're gonna post every other one So like mine, hers, mine, hers, mine, hers, mine, hers and we have like specific categories that we have to follow First one is dance Second one is comedy Third one is – [Bailey] Trend – [Broklyn] Trend – [Broklyn And Bailey] And fourth one is re-creation – [Broklyn] Lip syncing? – [Bailey] So basically what we're gonna do is each one of us are gonna film a TikTok, our own strategies behind them and then we're gonna leave them up for, I don't know two days and then count how many views we got on each single TikTok

– [Broklyn] And see – [Bailey] Who ever has the most views – [Broklyn] Who's more popular! (Upbeat music) – [Broklyn] Alright y'all my first strategy for this TikTok thing okay this is just a theory but I have a theory that if you wear a crop top in your TikToks people like it more, so I put on this fun, cute, little colorful crop top today I did my hair all cute because I think the people like it when you look like cool So my second strategy for the dance TikTok is finding a popular song but not too popular, but just popular enough that it like might explode You know what I'm saying? (upbeat music) – [Broklyn] I've been dancing for the last like twenty minutes I finally chose a dance its one that Charlie and Addison and like all of them have done

(Hip hop beat) – [Broklyn] You know what I'm talking about? You see the sweat on my lips That's from me dancing for the last twenty minutes these TikToks, more work than you think they are (Groovy music) – [Broklyn] In my drafts I have four versions of the dance I'm gonna just have to pick the one that I think I did the best in Fingers crossed this one does well hopefully I can put it up before Bailey puts up her first TikTok today so I'm hoping that will give me a little boost in algorithm

Fingers crossed guys (Groovy music) – [Bailey] I am actually the one between the two of us I am the one that watches the most TicToks So I'm the one that's probably Knows more about like what is trending on TikTok So I'm gonna go try and find like a trending dance and then I'm going to dance to it

I never dance by myself it is always the two of us together so I'm gonna feel so dumb Just absolutely ridiculous After much deliberation I think I'm doing this dance Its pretty simple, it shouldn't take me too long and some really popular people like charlie did it recently So it should be on its way up

(Funky music) – [Bailey] I always feel way more confident when I'm dancing with someone else and when I'm singing with someone else and me dancing by myself I just feel like a fool (Funky music) – [Bailey] Ughhh three hundredth time a charm right I took dance for like thirteen plus years I should know what I'm doing and I feel like I look like an untrained monkey trying to dance (Funky music) – [Bailey] I think I finally did it

Wahoo I probably look so stupid but I did it correctly finally so I'm just gonna go ahead and post it in So I finally posted it and I added you can see some trending hashtags in hopes that that would bump me in the algorithm and get me more views so far its only been up for like ten minutes and not even ten minutes and we have ten point five k Wish me luck! (Hip hop beat) – [Broklyn] Something, just now realizing is that I'm at a complete disadvantage because I'm single Which means I can't be one of those cute TikTok couples that Bailey I know is going to post a TikTok of Asa which I just think is unfair

Hi Finn and I are gonna be making a TikTok I am think that I'm gonna do the flip the switch TikTok (switch noise) I'm gonna dress him up and then I have obviously an outfit on and then I'm gonna put it on him Lets see how it goes Okay this is what I have him in right now

A bailer button down shirt that tied in the back and a little bow tie, this is your bow tie and I'm gonna put a little baseball cap on him He's like what are you doing to me and then I have on this outfit I'm gonna have to replace it Sit down, good job mkay then look at the look at the closet Hold on I got to get him to hold still

Look at the mirror, right there Finn sit finn Buddy you gotta sit, sit Finn (Beach music) – [Bailey] So don't mind the mess behind me this is our studio area I am so excited for this one

I should do this sharpay (funny noise) – [Bailey] There was a trend going around at one point where girlfriends would in front of their boyfriends and they would walk in with out clothing on However obviously you guys know me well enough to know I will not be doing that with Asa at ever and so instead I thought it would be funny to do a play on the trend where I start it off just like all the other girls behind the camera I've a got a towel in my hand but I'm like dressed in this crazy costume and I'll walk in and drop it so the people on the camera think I'm doing the trend and then I'll turn in the mirror and it will actually be me in like a clown costume or something and I know that we have this costume cause we have an attic full of wakkadoodle costumes These are all of the costumes bins, all of them I don't know why its like having trouble focusing but And also all of these too

I found this bad boy (Grunting) – [Bailey] Yes! Huh oh my gosh! (Laughs) – [Bailey] This is perfect Now I'm gonna go walk in on him like this and get his reaction I kind of look like the guy from Good Mythical Morning with this beard Is it Rhett? Its Rhett

I make an ugly man (door creak) – [Asa] What the heck? What is this? What the crap? – [Bailey] Thank you – [Broklyn] You guys know the TikTok sound where its like Hey Hey You know where its like super awkward

That's the one I'm gonna be doing Only I'm gonna make a funny joke about like online classes Ill show you the TikTok when I'm done I'm filming my uh lip sync TikTok (Laughs) – [Broklyn] And I have to play multiple characters so I've got like my triple hoodies on here my double hoodies on (Playful music) – [Bailey] Okay y'all so I posted the one of me and Asa like not even an hour ago

I've already had some of my friends sending it to me cause it hit the for you page! Wahoo! So hopefully that will generate a lot of views because right now Broklyns dance one is like doubling mine So I need one to go viral so that it could put us on even playing fields again So hopefully that's the one that will go viral Yes! – [Broklyn ] Hey something that I've been thinking about we have like strategies for this thing right? So I'm thinking that my strategy might be that I post on our Instagram story tell everyone to go watch my TikToks we technically never said we couldn't do that (Evil laughing) – [Broklyn] Me being an evil genius

Hopefully that helps all of my TikToks go way more viral than Baileys so I can win (Laughing) – [Broklyn] Okay y'all so Bailey and I are filming a video where we are going to see who can actually be more popular one TikTok So we're each posting four separate TikToks today Uhmm so part of my strategy is to post on here and tell y'all to go watch my TikToks and my TikToks only so that I can be more popular Go check mine out and give em a nice little like cause this is my strategy Go! Go! Go! – [Bailey] You're cheating! Broklyns been posting IGS shout outs to her TikToks and I didn't know because I thought we we're just testing TikTok but she's been using our other platforms to push people to go like her TikToks

Which is cheating Rude! I went ahead and put up my own IGS and hopefully I can catch up If she wins I say its unfair winning but I'm just gonna have to do my best to catch up Make some good quality content or something

(Playful music) – [Bailey] Okay the next video I'm filming is Re-creation Which basically we clarified is like lip-syncing basically to a different sound Also clarification if you can't hear some of the sounds on this video its because YouTube will demonetize if we use copy righted music or sounds (Playful music) – [Bailey] I finished filming it now I gotta caption it And I'm gonna do

Like if you can relate We're doing hashtag short, hashtag for you page, hashtag twin Okay I posted it I just really want to do well (Playful music) – [Broklyn] So its the end of the day and I still need to film my comedy TikTok

I just need to catch up cause right now Bailey just posted a TikTok and it hit the for you page Rip Okay so if you've never seen this TikTok trick before you get a funnel and then you you put it in like the waistband of your pants like this and then you put this on top of your head and like knock it into the funnel and then you tell the other person to do it and while they are trying to knock this into the funnel you grab a glass of water and pretend that you're drinking it and then you dump it into the funnel So it gets their pants soaking wet and you get their reaction and its really, really funny

And then do that (screams) (Laughs) – [Broklyn] Okay you out the funnel in like this and then you put it on your head and you try to get the dice into the funnel okay So here – What's that cup do? – Its cause I just have a sore throat so I'm drinking some water So im gonna go drink and then you do that – I'm gonna have to hold it here – That's fine – Wait (Screams) (Laughs) – [Broklyn] I have high hopes that this will go over well because Bailey posted her like pranking her boyfriend in a costume and its hit the for you page and its getting a lot of views so we need to just like sky rocket this last TikTok in order for me to win So please let's do this thing

(Hip hop beat) – [Bailey] So there is a popular trend going around called hot mom check We posted a TikTok doing like this thing Whatever Whatever you guys know what I'm talking about that thing and mom did it with us and it went viral and got posted on like a bunch of meme pages because no one could tell which one our mom was – [Mom] I don't okay – [Bailey] Because she looks so young

So I'm gonna do as my trend the hashtag hot mom check – [Mom] This is so awkward – [Bailey] Thanks mom are you gonna show me out now – [Mom] Maybe, depends on how nice you are – [Voiceover] Hot mom check (Upbeat music) – [Bailey] Hey guys Broklyn posted on Instagram and shouted out her TikToks

Cheating Still stand by it You know how you guys can text us Well I sent out a message shouting out my TikToks Ill pop up some of the responses

(Pop sounds) – [Bailey] So thanks guys for being on my team those of you who are not cheaters Ahem Broklyn, (Upbeat music) – [Bailey] Okay so we've waited almost a full twenty four hours for our TikToks to gather views I'm excited to see who won I feel like both of ours were I cackled Watching some of hers Did you think some of mine were funny? – [Broklyn] Yes I did

I thought the one of you and Asa was really- – [Bailey] True quality content and you guys should definitely check out our TikTok if you wanna watch all the videos that we posted go ahead and check out our TikTok here's the username So now we're gonna calculate the totals So your first one dance – [Broklyn] Three hundred and ninety nine thousand two hundred views Lip sync one was three hundred and twenty thousand two hundred views My trends flip the switch with Finn has four hundred and ten thousand five hundred views

And my comedy one with the siblings has one point four million view – [Bailey] It must of gone viral – [Offscreen Person] Two million five hundred thousand – [Broklyn] So two point five million is my overall score – [Bailey] Okay my turn

So my first one my dance one has two and fifty five point three My lip syncing one has three hundred and thirty five point three My hot mom check has four hundred and seventy two thousand And then my Asa one has six hundred and eighty seven point nine views I didn't catch up to you cause your one went viral

– [Offscreen Person] One point seven million – [Bailey] Ugh! – [Broklyn] I won! – [Bailey] I call for a rematch if you guys want us to another version or another competition on TikTok or Instagram or any social media account Comment down below let us know cause I honestly found this very fun but I'm tired of losing okay I lost both who wears it better – [Broklyn] You were tied in the last one – [Bailey] And then I lost this TikTok one

Its time for me to get my revenge And well see y'all next week Bye! (Blows kiss) – [Broklyn] So like I don't know if I get like a million more points for this or what but Maddie Pruet there you go commented on my dance TikTok and said cutie! Are you kidding me

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