WHO Wore it BETTER? | DIY Challenge Twin VS Twin

– Hey guys – Hi! We are going to try something today – It's going to be disastorous, I can promise you that

– We're going to do a "Who Wore It Better?" Only, we're going to make our clothing [Upbeat Music Plays] – We have access to like, the same supplies We have the same fabric – How much sewing experience do Bailey and I have? – Zero – I probably have more just because I, like, handstitch things – But we were really young, we did – Yeah – Now, not so much

– So, for those of you that do this for real, please do not make fun of us because — – Kudos to y'all – This is supposed to be funny – We have no idea what we're doing – So our base will be, our team, like got all this stuff, so we didn't know what was coming 'til just now – This fabric — – It's like a gold, creamy — – There's a lot of it, so we'll be able to make something out of that

And then just a whole lot of ribbon and buttons and fabric glue – And flowers for some reason? – And also, we have a sewing machine, does that mean we know how to work it? – Mmmmm, no – And to make it even harder, Bailey and I decided we're not even going to look up tutorials, you're just going to see me, guessing how to be a seamstress in this video, so — – Trying to lay it out so we can split it in half This is a lot, I mean it's all okay because we're probably gonna mess up and have to start over like three times Yellow brick road, yellow brick road, yellow brick road

Oh, boy Supplies I'm going to be taking is elastic, my half of the fabric, and either the sewing machine or handstitching Goodbye! Actually, I need the sewing machine, so I can't go anywhere – The stuff I'm going to be taking is the fabric, the elastic but Bailey has it, some of these buttons, maybe some fabric glue in case I need it And also, hand stitching stuff, but I don't have the hands to get it right now so — Wish me luck

– Okay, so I feel like I need to point this out because I know I'm going to get comments asking me about it, but it's so gross, so if you see this black tape on my toe, it is because I am trying to get rid of a wart, and I heard that putting duct tape and like Apple Cider Vinegar on it, so just, please ignore it, it's gross, it's disgusting, no one wants to talk about warts, but just so you know, that is why I have duct tape on my toe, you'll probably see it in this video, so just a heads up on that – Finn, make yourself so comfortable No, no, sit All my fabric is laid out, I don't even know where to begin I guess the first thing I should do is — Finn! – First things first, I honestly, to be honest, am not a huge fan of this fabric

We're just gonna have to make do with what we got, cause that's the only fabric I have I'm thinking that I can do a, like, a a tank top? Kinda like a dual strap tank top, with like, a, one of those elasticy waists That's a little cropped, and I'm going to put buttons on the tank, so it can, like, button Maybe? Or maybe I'll just do straps I don't even know how to make it

But the thing is, I know like, the measurements and stuff, like I'm going to have to measure my waist, and here to here, and here to here, and all these things, and my chests, and bluh bluh bluh So that's the first thing I'm gonna do, is try and measure, see if I can get the fabric cut correctly – So I ran upstairs, and I'm feeling a little more confident, because I realized, first I was gonna measure my measurements, but then I was like "that's gonna be confusing", so instead I'm going to measure a shirt that fits me well, and I'm going to measure the front piece and the back piece, that I'm going to end up stitching together, and then the bottom, I was hoping to do something like this Ahhhhh I have not a single clue what I am doing – Okay, I measured my waist, my bust, and like the length of my torso, and I marked it on my fabric, so this is like, my waist sizes from there

Here, and then this is my, like, around my bust And then this is, like, my torso, top to bottom So I can kinda need this like, whole rectangle of fabric to make my shirt So, I'm just gonna make a cut here, and a cut here I'm gonna have to, like, somehow get it to be like — I don't know

[Laughing] This is really stressful SOS! This is how she's trying to block herself from seeing my stuff, this is cracking me up Okay, bye! Good luck! I feel like this piece of fabric is all sorts of messed up I don't really know where I went wrong Something, this is wrong, and I know it

But we're just gonna have to do it anyway I'm already stressed about this, and I don't think it's going to get any better, so – You guys can probably just barely see the outlines of my measurements, so I'm gonna go ahead and cut this out This is one side, and then I'm going to basically draw this out again, and cut it out, and then try and stitch it together and see how it looks Oh, no

It would like sit right here, and have all this space – I got my fabric, I don't know if you can see I got it pinned around the stretchy band, so I'm gonna try and sew it, I don't know if this machine is going to work So I have no idea if me making the bag is going bigger is going to fix the problem, but I did it any way We're about to cut out the back side of the shirt

Okay, now I have my front and my back of the shirt One is drastically larger than the other We're stil gonna try and stitch them together I still haven't even started on my bottoms, are you doing bottoms? – Let me get to my top first – Yeah, I think we're just gonna do top, cause this taking five-ever to do

I have so much more respect for people that do this Okay, I kinda know how to pin, only a little bit, because I used to do some kind of stitching, so here we go All right, I decided to call my Grandma because she's going to help me set up the sewing machine, cause I cannot figure it out, screen is so blurry Hi! – Look who's here – How does one thread a sewing machine? – Uh, what kind of sewing machine are you trying to thread? – I don't know, it's this thing — – Is it your mom's Bernina? – Yes Well that's nice After getting poked a million times, I am now realizing it was not smart to try and make one bigger than the other, so I am gonna go ahead and recut another piece that is as big as the back, so that they can match

Try number three! Haha, one pin down, the correct sized cut out, let's go She got it figured out guys – My stitches are going to be so crooked, and so bad, this is the worst thing ever I pinned my whole shirt the wrong way Uhhhhhhh

Again, everybody! We're doing it again Hahaha! My little stretchy waistband, look at how cute the stretchy waistband is! Go me, go me, we got the stretchy waistband stretchy waistband – Ow! Dang it – I've stitched one of the sleeves on, and then I decide it's going to be easier to hand stitch the sleeves on so I can get them to be the right length So, I'm gonna hand stitch the sleeves on, stitch the buttons on, and then I'll be done, we'll see if we can put it on

[Laughs} I feel so stupid, I swear I am smart, okay? I swear to you, this — I I just have no idea what I'm doing And I got so excited, cause I stitched up my shirt, I accidentally stitched up the freaking armhole So I have to go through and pick it out, and then like go over it again, to make sure all the stitches stay in place, and AHHHH I just keep messing it up! – I just found out I can't get into my shirt doesn't matter what I do cause it's too small So I'm gonna have to take an entirely different route

To figuring out how to get this thing to work, I have an idea, but it's a little farfetched But I think I can make it happen Honestly, it's gonna be real cool if I even get anything wearable out of this I just sewed myself some really ratchet rope strings Because the sides of mine, when I put the shirt on, had about this much space between them because I am terrible at measuring apparently, So I decided to take this and I would do, like, a weaving pattern on the side to fill in the spots, but also keep the shirt secure, and also make it look a little trendy

Because, you know, it was kinda bland at first – Here's the thing, right? I stitched this sleeve on, and then this one I stitched, like, under the armpit, so I'm gonna have to, like, try to stitch it while it's on to get it good Also, this stretchy band waist did not turn out the way I wanted it to It's not tight at all It was supposed to be, like, tighter, like that, and it just did not turn out that way

It's like, super loose So that's also a little whoops on my part But, uh, the rest of it is not that great now – Uhhhh, okay, okay! – So the detail on this side is like this woven — Obviously this is Callie's shirt, that ideally you would wear a bralette with, but I just wanted to try it on Now that I have it finished, I am going to style it, so that I can be the one that finally wins a challenge

Oh, my gosh, this shirt went through it, but it turned out actually really cute, in my opinion, someone feel free to take this design, and make something of it Because I am never going to be able to make something like this ever, ever gain Here's my full look, ta dah! So I actually decided to pretty much do minimum amount of styling, besides this really cute headband on top of my braids, because I love the shorts that I'm wearing, so, um, this is my outfit, and here is Brooklyn's final look Ooooh! Ooh la la! Stitched by the one and only Brooklyn McKnight It's time to do the Boomerangs, and posting and letting y'all vote on Instagram story

– Time for some pictures, go! – The results are in on Insta story Now, drum roll please [Drumroll Noise] – The winner is Brooklyn! – I continue my streak How do we feel? – I feel defeated, there's literally not a chance for me to win one single one – I normally like, um, she's typically, like, more fashion forward, so the fact that I keep winning these "Who Wore it Better" makes me feel really good

It is very cute These shirts might fall apart in about ten minutes – We might have to cut her out of hers – You can see my thing, and I originally did it with the– this, like with this stretchy band, and the stretchy band was too big, so then I figured out if I just flip it it's actually way more comfortable – Time to cut you out

– The issue is that I didn't get a way out of this, and putting this on over my chest when the fabric is not stretchy, you can see I, uh, can't breathe in this So — [Upbeat Music]

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