Who Wore it Better? Twin VS Twin Challenge

– Hello people! Today we are filming a who wore it better video Basically how it's gonna work is we have four different clothing items

– Three of them are from our shop that we just launched so, we are going to be styling clothing item separately and then we're going to be posting an Instagram story, like poll for you know, the vote on whose style you like better Bailey's convinced that she's going to win – I do think that I will do well – There is one item in here that's like, a little bit more obscure that we're gonna both kinda have a harder time styling – All the other items you can find on our shop

So if you like them be sure at the end of the video to check out the description box for the link 'cause it will take you right to where you can buy them But one pair of pants is from some random shop Our team picked it out and they're – They're gonna be hard to style – Interesting – But we'll figure it out! So (claps), we're gonna get on our way and start styling fresh style! – [Bailey] Okay item number one is this dress – It's the dress from our shop – [Bailey] Could be styled literally any direction

Number two! – To our joggers set So this is gonna be number two This could also be styled in a million different ways And then item number three Our jogger set which I feel like has a pretty set way you can style this

So be interesting to see what we do differently And then number four are these pant things – [Bailey] Yes, they are pants – This is gonna be a little bit harder to style I think We're gonna make it work! So these are our items! – I have a feeling that Brooklyn is gonna style it like more grungy

I'm trying to decide if I should style it like really nice Don't know – I'm thinking that I might do something like put a shirt underneath and then perhaps my colorful tennis shoes 'cause I know she's probably gonna dress it up So I kinda wanna dress it down Just give it like different style

And I kinda wanna do something funky with it So it's not like traditional dressing it down Kay, I looked through all my long sleeves and I think I decided that I wanna pair it like this So it's got like a little stripe and there's like a light blue stripe in here that I'm gonna kinda like pair in – Ta da! This is what the shoe looks like

I apologize if my foot is weird What if we did like a cute pearl headband or something? (gasps) This is perfect! That is gonna go right here Look at how cute this is! This is so cute! And now I'm just gonna get some like fancy earrings and maybe a pinker lipstick and (squeals) – Kay, I decided the texture of the dress was too much with the stripes So I think I'm gonna switch it to a white shirt

Kay, white shirt, major success Like it a lot better I just don't know, like do I have tennis shoes? Do I have flats? I just don't wanna do a heel, because a heel's just too classic, you know? I think I've narrowed it down between this flat or the cowboy boot And I can't decide which one I like better The flat is definitely style

I think I'm going go with the flat I think we're gonna go with the flat Let's do this thing – (gasps) That's cute! I don't think I'm gonna put any necklaces on, I do have this ring I'm gonna put on though It's sparkly too, just like everything else I'm wearing

This is a dressed up version of this dress You see the headband, earrings, this dress, and the shoes Ta da! My toes look so weird! Not gonna lie though guys these shoes are kinda (laughs) I wear heels a lot but these heels are hard to walk in for some reason I feel so cute! Now I wanna like wear this all day

– I would just like you to know that I accidentally dyed this shirt red in the wash the other day by washing it with something that was pink And the only think left that's pink is my armpits So go figure on that As I was saying I might do a high ponytail, I just don't want my hair to be down because I like these little ties So I'm thinking I might do a high ponytail

With like a scarf in it Could try that, let's see what that looks like – [Both] Ta da! – These are our outfits – It's like a really awkward pause I feel so tall right now

– I told you all that she was going to do a fancier- 'Cause I know she's probably gonna dress it up – I told them you were going to do casual too! Brooklyn is gonna style it like more grungy – Now we're gonna go see on Instagram – [Both] Who wore it better? – Kay, I'm taking a picture of Brooklyn Come closer, way closer

Right there Bailey's turn! – Post on Instagram Perfect! Got it! We'll see! – Kay, the next item we're doing is the joggers I don't know if this is the actual order we said earlier but we're doing the joggers And I'm excited

Although I feel like joggers have a specific style to them We're gonna go see what I can do, and what I have in my closet Joggers! I don't know what I'm going to do because I'm not very creative with jeans So wish me luck I don't know what I'm going to do

I can do short sleeve I could do a sweater I could do a jacket I think that's actually what I'm going to do We'll see

– (frustrated groan) There are so many ways to style joggers and I cannot decide I know Brooklyn's gonna do another casual look Or maybe she won't – [Brooklyn] I think I'm gonna do this, with this I also dyed these pink, so just judge me not

And then I think I'm gonna put this jacket over it And then I think I'm going to wear some of these cute pink tennis shoes that I have, maybe – I'm thinking this is super cute And it kinda gives like a tight definition versus like the big jogger So I'm actually gonna try and like dress this one up

More like LA style I guess is what I'm looking for So I can't decide if I should put this on Or if I should put like a fake name brand bag

It's like I bought it off the street in Italy for 30 bucks But it is a fake name brand so it will look fancier So we got this I'll tuck the tie As you can see the tie, I'll tuck that in

And then have this fanny pack So fanny pack look Or I do this bag Oh definitely the fanny pack Definitely

This it is Oh let's go, I'm so excited! – So these are the shoes I'm deciding to wear with this outfit I think the pink matches really well I also think I might just leave my hair Because I think it kinda fits the style

So I think I'm gonna leave my hair I think I'm gonna add maybe my normal choker necklace, just so it has a little something something here But I think for the most part my outfit is good to go Yeah! I like this outfit, its super comfy So if you guys want this necklace which is what I just added to my outfit to complete it

It is on our shop, so you can go check it out You can go get this I love this necklace, I use to accessorize everything, all the time So yeah! So this is my completed outfit – Ta da! – Ta da! So mine again, more casual

– I picked out like an LA vibe – Yeah, Bailey definitely has like a, like she's going somewhere, she's doing something – We'll just have to see what they like better

We'll have to see, I don't know Time for the zebra sweatshirt! I have no clue how I'm gonna style this one – It's time for me to style the hoodie I actually think that I'm going to just wear the whole sweatsuit because that's kinda what it's made to be, is like matching And then I think I might go for like a more monochromatic look and put the hat with it

And some maybe matching shoes, I don't know We need to look at it first because monochromatic can sometimes be all little bit risky So we're gonna try it out, see what it looks like I'll show you and then tweak it a little bit if we don't like it – Okay here's the thing

I can't decide if I love it I think I hate it I hate this, nevermind, we're trying something else (frustrated groan) This is so much harder then it looks! This I like a lot better So now it's just a question of shoes and what I do with the top part

This is too like safari guide Nope Does it match the style? Nope Hair can be an accessory just as much as any other accessory So now I have it in pigtails and I'm going to wear these shoes because they have the tan accents

Cute! Final look, got the shoes Ta da! – I feel like I'm kinda taking a risk with this one because not a lot of people like monochromatic things I kinda like this, I think it's really cute Little rain boots on and then I've got my little matching hat I look like I'm about to go on a safari

But I kinda like it, it's just a cute little comfy style I'm a big fan of it We'll see what everyone says on Instagram – Look he matches – Okay so we did two very different styles

– Drastically different – Bailey did more of like a normal everyday look, which is very cute And I did a like comfy cute, like I wanted to wear the full outfit, the full suit, but I also think the monochromatic look is really cute – Boom, boom, boom Yeah! Let's go see where this takes us

It's just gonna have to be like all the way up to here Oh think, think, think, think, think, think, think! Okay, because these are pants I'm going to have to find some sort of crop shirt to go with it I'm thinking I'm gonna do crop white, because that I think will be the best option – I kinda had a genius idea I happen to have this top, right here, that matches the material of this

So it kinda looks like a dress and I kinda don't hate it Doesn't look, like it looks like a little peaky tube top Okay but for real look at how long these pants are Where even are my feet? Straight up my toe's right here Oh! I'm gonna go put big heels on

– This is the shirt that I found that I think I'm gonna pair it with, this pink crop thing But also these pants are a wee bit big so I had to pin them in the back But also these pants are super long so it's like, no matter what shoes I put with it they're not going to be able to see, 'cause I want to wear these So I'm thinking that I'm going to have to like manipulate some of these layers so that you can see the shoes So I'm gonna try to do that because I like the shoes that I have

Update: I fixed them I've got my shoes I'm gonna have to figure out something to do with my hair But so far I think this actually looks like of good – Absolutely yes! You can hardly see them but they go very nicely

So much effort put into these outfits just to not wear them anywhere Kay, so I just put these earrings in and Ta da! And these shoes

– Okay This is my style I did like kind of singular, slightly curled hair, but I left the top really flat and kind of sleek looking And I took a bobby pin and just pinned the back The front section behind my ear sort of kept it kind of a flat sleek look

Oh, and I added earrings We're gonna see what Bailey looks like and compare our two outfits These are our styles – Ta da! – They're kinda similar because there's not a lot you can do with these pants I think that we each kinda showed our own individual styles

– So we're gonna take a picture and see who won – Let's runway walk them – Bailey and I are about to post all of those stories This video's going live after posting those stories so their results will already be in for the end of this video The fact that we were able to style everything differently, that was an A plus

Also the fact that we both thought the outfits were good, A plus So I think this is kinda just testing our audience to see what their style is 'cause I don't think that there was one style that was better I just think that there might be some people that prefer one over the other She's putting them on Instagram – [Bailey] This is the first one that just went out

– The first polls are going And we will see who wins (bouncy music) – Okay guys we waited a few hours and we're ready to see the results of the voting I'm so nervous! First one – [Brooklyn] Bailey 73, me 27! – Come on people, I thought that was a good one

Next one, ha! – [Bailey] I need to focus on the voting Brooklyn 72, me- what? I like that outfit! Come on guys! – Next one Oh! Me 69, Bailey 31 – [Bailey] They're both cute – This is the tell all because if you don't get the next one then I win

– [Bailey] Are you kidding me? Wow – So let's just talk about the fact that Bailey told me she was going to win, and then I won, so – Rude! – I win! Fashion Queen! – (frustrated groan) It's okay My outfits are cute too though, right? – Thank you for watching and voting – You didn't say they were cute

– They were cute – Okay Thank you Alright, thanks for watching guys, thanks for voting Goodbye!

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