Who Wore it Better? UGLY CLOTHES Challenge Twin VS Twin

– Hey guys! – Hello! – So y'all love our "Who Wore It Better?" videos so much! Of course we're doing another one and this time we are calling it – [Both] Who wore it better ugly – Clothes – We've got four ugly items that our team picked out I haven't even seen em yet

But we're spose to style them and try to make em look cute – Kay so this time when we post the Instagram story we are actually not going to show faces So that way its not bias Its solely – You people think its bias? – Its solely off of cause they, look this isn't me

This is coming off the comments on the last "Who Wore It Better?" Video – Okay – So we're gonna do that – We can try it – And see how it goes! (upbeat music) – [Bailey] Oh boy! – [Brooklyn] These look interesting! – [Bailey] Oh boy! Hmm – [Brooklyn] Huh – [Both] Hmm, Oh! – [Bailey] Oh actually I actually kinda think – [Brooklyn] Oh we have like yoking! – [Bailey] that's kinda cute I just yoking! – [Girl In Green] That's cute! That's cute! When the team tries to be ugly – [Girl In Stripes] And then – But its actually cute! – They always get mad at us cause we style it and then they're like "What the heck it looks so good" – [Bailey] That is gonna be so easy to make look cute – [Girl In Stripes] That is gonna be really easy – [Both] Oh! Oh! – Its a

– [Both] Oh! – [Brooklyn] Oh its a dress! – [Bailey] Oh! Oh! – [Brooklyn] (screams) – [Bailey] (laughs) – [Brooklyn] (screams) – [Bailey] Oh my goodness (laughs) This one was the (laughs) its okay it when oh! Oh my! – [Both] (Gasps) – [Bailey] Is that a blanket? No! How are you supposed to style that? – (laughs) Go! (yells bird noise) – [Both] (laughs) – Look I could fly in this thing (laughs) – [Bailey] Fly away Brooklyn! – You think I could jump out of a plane with this as my parachute (laughs) – [Bailey] I truly think it would! I truly (laughs) Sometimes I wonder if we're actually 20 honestly (clapping) – Okay so since this one is a jumper its kind of already like an outfit So there doesn't need to be much to go with it

I'm just gonna put a belt with it I got this belt Here you can see all the details And kinda put it around the waist to cinch it a little bit and then tie up the jumper and we'll see how it looks Since we're cutting off our head, there isn't much you can do styling wise from the neck up

So like any hats and stuff aren't really an option so its mostly either shoes and accessories for this one specifically because it is a jumper So I'm gonna go add the belt and see how it looks I quickly realized that um this one is a little far cut on the sides so I'm gonna have to put a tank top on underneath I will be adding that, unfortunately I will not be showing you the cut because its little to much skin But just trust me on that and I will show you with a tank top! This is, this is supposed to be where the uh

Crotch are is and its straight up at my knees Like I'm not even kidding you when I say at my knees This is very typical for me because I am so short

Five foot one inch, gotta love it All the shout out to my short girls And so I'm pretty accustomed to having jumpers that are super oversized So I'm gonna add the belt and show you all! Ta da! So with the belt added its completely transformed the jumper so its less like a balloon and more fitted Look at my butt, it looks so voluminous right now (laughs) What is happening? Why does my butt look like that? Either go bare, I kinda am diggin the barefoot look

It makes it feel a little more hippie-ish So this might be it for me – So my original idea was to get like a bright blue like sports bra and just wear it underneath And then I realized that I don't own one so I did however find this like really cute tan-ish green color

So I think I'm gonna put that underneath This is what look, it, its so cute! I want like the high neck, I want this style underneath it But this is the wrong color, this is like a I don't know if you can see it This is like a green and not a tan like I thought it was gonna be more like The green doesn't really look good so I'm gonna have to go on the hunt for something similar to this but in a color that might match a little bit better

I found a blue shirt which is great! And now I'm gonna just put this necklace on And kinda goin for more of like an Aladdin vibe cause this kinda gives me those like same patterns from like the movie and stuff So I'm gonna put this on and call it an outfit! – I wonder who's gonna win! (laughs) Outfit number one! – First part and we're not going to take pictures with our faces – No faces so it would look like this! As you guys know, since we have three more things to style we will post the stories after we are done with all that So this is number one

Onto number two! Hmm – [Brooklyn] Good luck! – Yup Literally how? I think I could probably tuck the skirt into some pants and make the top just look like – [Brooklyn] No, no! – A tank top

– [Brooklyn] No, no! – 'Scuse me ma'am? Styling! Okay so I'm currently trying to tuck it in while holding these pants up I borrowed them from Kamri because number one, I'm in Dallas and not in Waco so I don't actually even have my closet here I'm living out of a suitcase Number two, I didn't have any jeans with me so I had to borrow some from Kamri And number three, they're a little bit bigger so that way hopefully you don't see the bumps from this

But (laughs) I'm like struggling to tuck it in and keep my pants up at the same time So yeah, here we go, gonna start tuckin it in and see how this goes! Okay Trying to like Pull out the Okay Ah ha! Okay yes! Yes! And now I can kinda wear like a tank top-ish kinda style

In case anyone was wondering, yes you can tuck a dress into the legs and no ones gonna know So I think I'm good, I think I'm done – Not only is it very large, but its also very long This might be the first time I truly don't know what to do (laughs) I'm gonna go upstairs and hopefully find something to give me inspiration but I'm gonna be honest um, I'm prob I think I'm gonna lose on this one I, I really do Okay so after a trial period of going out and complaining to my mom about how hard this was to style, which was not cheating cause she didn't give me any advice I styled it with a denim shirt and I like tied it

So what I did was I took a belt and I wrapped it super tight around and then I pulled the top up so the skirt was shorter I still think on this one, I might not win Just because this skirt is like not traditional and I don't think people are gonna like this as a skirt as much as they're gonna like it as a top But I did my best considering I had to follow Bailey's act and I was put at a disadvantage So

(smacks lips) – Ta dah! (upbeat music) Outfit number two! – This one was freaking hard! – If you actually cut the skirt off of this then it might be a kinda cute crop top – It probably would be – In my opinion

I don't know – If you could cut the skirt off – But yeah, again we'll take the pictures and post them when we're done – [Both] Yeah (techno music) – Hmm Hmm (laughs) These pants are just so straight up ugly Hopeless Okay so you can obviously see I have one pant leg and one shorts leg I managed to tie up the little flare thing so that it looked more like a ruched biker short kind of? And I think my best bet with this is just to try and go with a biker short look cause I honestly have no other idea what to do

So I'm gonna tuck the other side I'll show y'all how I did it So I basically just folded this part up, and then folded it down like this, and then took the back part and twisted it and then tucked it in so it would stay And then I like ruched this part up so it looked all And I I tucked my tank top already too

So its already a crop made into a crop top I think, I, I, I don't know what else to do with this

I don't know what else to do with this so I'm just gonna call it a day and say that that's that for me (laughs) White tank top and biker short look it is for me I guess – You know while the tight flare pant look isn't for me, maybe someone out there likes it I think I'm just gonna leave em as they are Not what I would consider my favorite look Ya know? Its got the, the like reptile-ee rainbow-ee vibe going on here

Ya know, it just it just Yeah I'm gonna look at a few other options but I don't know if it gets, gonna get any better than this Okay so not my favorite outfit in the world but I found this like loose purple-ee sweater Um and I put it on with these pants

Now I realize that these pants don't really have like a light purple in them, they have kinda a dark purple I kinda give up, I think, I think this is as good as its gonna get I thought the cropped looked good but I like it better with the sweater Kinda gives me a Little Mermaid vibes I think this is what I'm gonna stick with

– [Both] Ta da! – Outfit, not my favorite at all Probably would never – Probably

– Choose to buy these pants – I hate the fact that I look like I literally have a camel toe every time my legs even come slightly together (laughs) Okay, so again we'll take pictures and post them at the end

The blanket The blah Okay, I straight up feel like I'm putting on a blanket right now – [Brooklyn] (laughs) – I have an idea for this one I think I can take these sides and tie them

(record scratching) – No! – Ah ha! – That's my – Hey guys (laughs) do you like my new dress? This is honestly like the best way to do it though Boom, boom, boom

Boom, boom boom Boom boom, boom, boom boom – [Brooklyn] Okay so this thing is straight up like a bed sheet I'm going to try some aquamarine mojo up in here I'm going to try and do the wrappy strappy thingy that she does in that

you know what I'm talking bout You know, you know what scene I'm talking about Where she does the wrappies and then all of a sudden she's in this dress that she made out of a shirt so

I'm gonna try that with this and see how it goes So seriously after like – I'm gonna be in the back, just so you know – Ten seconds of tying it, I got to this So its a little poochy with a little knot and off the shoulder! But essentially what I did was, I didn't actually put the dress on I just held it up And then I took the long parts and then I like wrapped it around my body and tied the knot

And then I used the sleeves you can see here, I didn't even put the sleeves actually on I used the head hole to my arms, through the arm holes and it made it super tight So I'm gonna take my sports bra off and then I will be done so – So these are our dresses (laughs) that we made from the brown sheet

Yeah um I keep walking around like this cause I'm afraid the knots gonna fall out – Mines cinched in there, I'm not going anywhere

So lets take some photos and you guys can judge who did better We just posed them, don't we're not gonna

like we can't tell what the percentages are gonna be yet because – What? – [Brooklyn] Yeah I know – [Bailey] I totally thought yours was gonna win! – [Brooklyn] I'm mad about that one cause she covered up her knot in that photo, which the knot made it less cute! And so its not fair – You we strategically take pictures for a reason! – [Brooklyn] Not – [Bailey] Oh you're winning this one! For right now – [Brooklyn] Its not going down, oh there we go

I – [Bailey] We anticipated – [Brooklyn] Predicted – [Both] That one

Oh! (laughs) (upbeat music) – [Bailey] Right side, that's me! – [Both] Okay – [Brooklyn] Right is me – [Bailey] Right is you Left is me – [Brooklyn] Oh

– [Both] Left is – [Brooklyn] Bailey – [Bailey] Me! (laughs) Yes! Finally! She finally won when she felt like she deserved it! Congratulations! – Finally – [Brooklyn] Do a happy dance! – Its about time! – [Brooklyn] Wow

– Thank you, thank you (upbeat music)

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