Who’s the FAVORiTE TWiN? Brooklyn or Bailey???

– Oh my god, you're kidding me! – [Girls] What? – You are behind – Who is very competitive like their mother

(upbeat music) – Hey guys, it's Brooklyn and Bailey and today we have our mom with us in this video – Tah-dah! – So today we are having a little competition So it has been an ongoing thing in our family, we are always trying to figure out who is mom's favorite child I don't have a favorite Child, daughter

– Child – Child So we are kind of putting it to the test today between Bailey and I on who knows the most about my mom and whoever does know the most will be the favorite child – For the day – For the day, or the competition

– Moms aren't allowed to have favorite children – Well, we all know that they secretly do – Yeah So you guys can go check out my mom's channel CuteGirlsHairstyles by clicking the link in the description box below or the information button right up there So you guys go check that out, and now, let's get on to the competition

– Okay, so quick briefing on the rules Basically, we are all going to get asked a question and obviously, mom's going to be writing the correct answer because the question is going to be about her, and Brooklyn and I are going to make our best educated guess on what we think the correct answer is And then on the count of three we'll flip our little whiteboards, I lost the word, our whiteboards around and if we got the correct answer, we'll get a point, if we got the incorrect answer, we will not get a point Whoever has the most points between Brooklyn and I at the end of this game is the favorite child – I haven't even seen these questions, so I hope I have the answers for them

– None of us know what they are – I'm a little nervous – What if I don't know the answer? – You'll have to figure one out – Can I make it up? – Yep – Okay

(upbeat music) – I know she's not going to get this one – [Girls] Three, two, one (buzzer) – [Girls] Father for sure! – Father! – That is an incorrect answer! – That is the wrong answer – That is not the correct answer – [Girls] No! – This is called maturity when you can finally admit that you're becoming your mother

– Oh my gosh Nana, if you're watching (upbeat music) – Ooh – I know what this is – Oh, gosh

This isn't right, I don't know Should I write it anyway, I'm going to write it anyway – Ten second rule! – Yeah, hurry up! – Ready? – Five, four, three, two, one (buzzer) – The correct answer would be read minds – Oh, I said flying

– I said eyes on the back of your head – Oh my gosh! Well, she basically already has that – Mom's sixth sense – All right, that was a hard one I definitely did not know that one

(upbeat music) – Sing, paint, write, or sew (upbeat music) – Three, two, one – [Girls] Sew (ding) – This should be easy – [Girls] Yes! – Points! – Finally! – If read had been an option, that would've been on the whiteboard

– That would've been, yeah – We love reading in this household – That was an easy one – That was an easy one – Finally, because we've gotten the past two wrong

– I know, seriously – That was a good one (upbeat music) – Okay – Three, two, one – [Girls] Chocolate! (ding) – Did I spell that right? – It looks like you did

– Yes, you did, choc-o-late – Yep – Choc-o-late – That was super easy – Yeah! – Super duper duper

(upbeat music) – Okay, I'm going to say – I'm going to do a male and a female, how's that (upbeat music) – Oh gosh, I'm going to get this wrong – I have no idea, I don't even know on this one – Ha ha, I don't know

– Okay, ready, three, two, one (buzzer and ding) – What the, Thor, Jessica Alba? – Oh my gosh, you're kidding me! – She got both of those, are you serious? – I feel so proud of myself right now! I got both of those, does that mean I get two points because I got both of them? – No, no – I don't know – It's up to mom – No

– I say yes – No – Two points for Bailey! – But wasn't my answer pretty good? – What was your answer? – I mean, the girl one was just a guess – What was your answer? – For the boy one, one time mom tried to get dad get her concerts tickets to Michael Buble and he ended up getting the wrong concert tickets to the wrong Michael concert and so they never went So I put Michael Buble

– I don't even remember that story – I totally remember it – So I put Jessica because I thought mom would like to sit down and talk about her Honest Company and tactics with Jessica, and then Thor because he's hot – She's not only beautiful but she's super smart and an entrepreneur, which I totally admire, and a mother, so I would love to have a day with Jessica Alba – I knew it

– Thor just because he's hot – Just, he's hot (upbeat music) – What, ugh – Oh, oh – This should be easy

– It is easy – I talk about this ride all the time – It's true, shh, we're giving hints – I don't know, I give up – All right, three, two, one

Toy Story! – Oh, Tower of Terror! (buzzer) – Toy Story's your favorite! – That is your favorite – Mom, can you change your answer? You know, now that you're considering what I'm saying – To be fair- – Tower of Terror does not exist anymore – I know, I know, but I couldn't remember the name of the new one To be fair, they're tied, they're tied favorite

– Do I still get the point? – No, because it wasn't on my board That was a good one, though – Yeah, it was And I know that you're regretting you put it down – I couldn't think of any rides at Disney

I couldn't think of any All I could think of was It's A Small World, and I knew that's not your favorite ride Wasn't about to right that down – Maybe the least favorite ride – Small World is, tell the story

Small World is a ride – Is punishment for us if we misbehave at Disney World Or Disney Land or World We have to go on It's A Small World – Yeah, if they fight, then they have to go on It's A Small World together

(upbeat music) – Ready, three, two, one – [Girls] No (ding) Yeah! – I would not – Five points! – I'm quite content here on Earth – Three

(upbeat music) – Three- – Wait, wait, wait, I want to change mine – Oh my gosh – Okay – Three, two, one – Halloween? (buzzer) – What, Christmas, you hate Christmas because you have to do all the shopping and all the planning and all the gift giving

– Wait, Mother's Day was mine – Mother's Day was the other one I put – We dress up like insane every year because you always say Halloween is your favorite holiday – Questions are so hard – Christmas

– It is Halloween – It's definitely not Christmas – It's not Christmas, I know it's not Christmas – I love Christmas, but it's just a lot of work – A lot of work, yes, I knew that

– Halloween's also a good one – Halloween is literally your favorite We dress up so crazy – But it wasn't on the board, so you don't get the point – No! – On her board, you didn't get the point

– I am right and you know it – No, I think I like the fireworks of 4th of July – Huh, would not have guessed that (upbeat music) – Ready? – Three, two, one – Hawaii

– Hawaii (ding) – Yeah! – Specifically Hawaii with no children – Oh, please – Oh, brother – Oh, please

– If I had a house there, I might let you come once in awhile – Oh, thank you, you gracious woman – Just not every time – So, so thank you (upbeat music) – Probably this one

But I'm debating between two – I don't know on this one – Okay – This is hard – Three, two one

– Dinner – Lunch – Yes! (buzzer and ding) – I said not breakfast for sure – But I was debating between lunch and dinner – That's what I was debating on

– For like date nights? – Yeah, and when we have people in town – We go out to dinner more often, but I would prefer to go out at lunch – Yep, because she likes to stay in in the evening – But you never go out of the house for lunch – Because I like to stay in in the evenings, yep

– I am literally so good at this (upbeat music) – I, okay- – Do you know this? – I have one for clothes – Well, I have one for clothes (upbeat music) – Okay, this is the weirdest way to say this, but it's the only way I could think of it like pinpointing exactly what she would to go by – I think that's the right time period

– Three, two, one (ding and buzzer) – Regency novel time era – I said medieval times with pretty dresses – No – No, Downton Abbey, Jane Austen, all of those, boom! – Which I believe is 18th century

– It's 18th century, it's like, yeah – Well – But I thought this described it better – For the record, I can totally be English – Yes

– For the record – Five, catching up! – Okay, you're still two points behind me though (upbeat music) – Three, two, one – People watching – Sight seeing

– Sight seeing (buzzer and ding) – The culture isn't that your favorite part about traveling? – Yes! – The culture? – Not people watching, sight seeing – That's wrong – Bada bing bada boom! – She's very competitive – She's very competitive

– I'm just, I overthink everything and it's fine, it's dumb – Okay, well, you are behind – Someone's very competitive like their mother (upbeat music) – How about D, none of the above – I don't think I spelled that right

– Three, two, one – Mardi Gras (ding) – Oh, I spelled it right! Whoo, that's right! – But then I added but none – Mardi Gras is fun to look at – Mardi Gras is the best out of those

– It's colorful – This one for sure, I have a story behind what I I mean, yeah – How come we know the answer and you don't? – I'm just sitting here debating on which one I'd rather give up – [Girls] Three, two, one

– I don't think you're going to guess this one – Go – Taste – [Girls] What? (buzzer) – I know what you're saying, because you think I'm like, oh, I don't want to hear mom, mom, mom, mom, mom, mom But then you also don't hear birds chirping and the creek running down the rocks

– But taste, you have to get rid of the taste of chocolate – Brownies – Brownies – All, every food and stuff you put in your mouth – Guacamole, mac and cheese

– Okay, I might've done smell – Okay (upbeat music) – Oh, no, I'm going to do this one (upbeat music) – Three, two, one – Chick flick, rom com

– Regency (ding and buzzer) – Rom com or horror movie – Horror was my second one I said chick flick, that counts – Chick flick, yes, I like scary movies that make you jump – Yes, I knew that, because I love scary movies

I love scary movies (upbeat music) – Ten, nine – I don't think that's right I don't think that's right Eight, seven

– I got it, but I don't – Five, four, three, two, one – Zoey's – Shake Shack? – What? Costa Vida! (buzzer) – [Girls] Oh! – Like a thousand times over! – Yeah – Costa Vida

– I feel dumb now – I eat there like every week – I know, I do too – I forgot about that – I feel really dumb now

– I'm upset because I know the first one and this one's just a guess and so now I'm going to be mad if it's wrong because I know this is what she's mentioned but – Three, two, one – Tahiti for couple, Nepal for bday – What'd you say? Bora Bora or Mount Everest I wrote three, Nepal hike base camp, Bora Bora or Tahiti

– That's wrong, that's wrong, that's wrong We clarified, you said Bora Bora – Hut on water, or Croatia in the fall with friends – That's wrong because I asked like two days ago because we were planning on going to Bora Bora and you said you changed it to Tahiti – Wait, so Nepal or Mount Everest? – Yeah, Nepal is Mount Everest

– Oh, so I got two of the three How many did you get, one? – No, mom, you changed it – I'll say Tahiti counts (ding) Because I go back and forth between Bora Bora and Tahiti – You changed it, you literally just changed it

– So we both get two points – I was going to put Bora Bora – We both get two points – Check, check, check (upbeat music) – It depends on how she's feeling

– Three, two, one – [Girls] Two (buzzer) – But is it one between your legs? – Wait, why would you? – Yes, dang it I almost wrote that and I didn't do it – Neither of us got it! – One under my head – I'm okay with that, neither of us got it means I still win! – One behind my back, and one between my legs

– I almost put that! – Because I have a bad back – I win, I win, I win, I win I win! (upbeat music) So I won, I am officially the favorite child of the day – Oh, brother – Whoo! – What does that even mean? Is it just like the title bestowed upon you? – I get the honor of the title favorite child – Oh, brother

– I would like to be called favorite child anytime you refer to me Hello, favorite child Can you please get this for me? Yes, mother, I can do that for you, because I'm your favorite child – I will say that if it means a yes mother every time I ask for something, then – Oh no

– That was so much fun! We found out how much we really truly know about mom over here Now, if you haven't subscribed to our channel, please do that by clicking the button right over there and if you want to subscribe to my mom's channel, click the link in the description box below Also, if you want to see some of our videos, click the buttons right down here to check those out, it will be so much fun, we love you guys so much, and we'll see you – Bye – Bye

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