Will Friends Tell Me that I SMELL BAD? Will Boyfriend Say Something? | True Friends Test

– Surely, you guys remember our twin swap video We totally thought it was the funniest video ever

Well, we kinda came up with a new concept for another video similar to it, which we're calling "A True Friend Video" Basically, we're gonna test our friends to see if they would tell us if something was wrong So, for instance, if I had something in my teeth I just want to know if my friends would say something If they would be true friends and tell me

(upbeat music) Hello – Hello – So for the first shot today, I have my two roommates and my boyfriend coming over – Well, your roommates live here, so they're not coming over – Yeah

Basically, I'm going to mess my makeup up subtly, but it's going to be bad – Like orange lines like she didn't blend her foundation – Maybe too thick of eyebrows or something Something that doesn't look purposeful, but looks bad – Looks bad Like somebody should say something

Like, "Oh, you didn't blend your face right" – Someone should be like, "Girl, your makeup looks bad, okay?" So the situations we have are something in your teeth, smelling bad We literally bought deer pee – Deer urine – It smells terrible

– It smells horrible – We're actually gonna spritz it all over – I actually think it kind of smells like rotten corn on the cob – Anyway, and then having really bad makeup, which I honestly don't think that Asa will say anything about it I don't think he'll even notice – Boys never notice

– Boys just don't notice sometime – I think Tina might – Tina didn't say anything about the twin swap video so she might not say anything – Oh, I think she will If she notices it, she will

But the thing is it has to be noticeable, but otherwise – It has to be noticeable enough And then the last one is having your dress tucked "in to your spandex" because I've actually seen that happen to a lot of people

More than you would think – And I've seen a lot of people – I'm always the kind of person that's like, "Girl, pull your dress up

" – Yeah, there's this one girl at school one time who had her dress tucked in to her undies She made it all the way – Pull the dress down – Down the hallway – Without anybody telling her – And nobody had said anything – We're about to test our friends in our friendship and see if we have strong enough friendships for them to say something to us so that we don't "embarrass ourselves" even though these are all fake situations

– We'll see how this goes – And comment down below if you would want somebody to tell you if they smelled bad – I know some people don't want people to tell them – Yeah, I would want someone to tell me if I had something in my teeth – I absolutely would – Or if I smelled bad or my makeup looked horrible

– Absolutely – But you know, you do you (upbeat music) – (Brooklyn) Bailey's before makeup This is normal – See, blended makeup

– (Brooklyn) Yep, blended makeup Normal eyebrows, let's go First things first – Eyebrows Ugh, I don't want to mess up my eyebrows

Do I like over arch them? – (Brooklyn) Make them super thick, way, way, way outside the lines on your eyebrows – Do you guys think this is subtle enough? It doesn't seem horrible Compared to my other eyebrow it seems big time bad I don't want to alert them to the fact that something is going on Oh my gosh

This is both eyebrows Why do I feel like you can't even tell? They're so thick My real eyebrow is half that I'm kinda loading on the blush a little bit Loaded on blush and eyebrows, way over-lined eyebrows

Bad eyebrows So far this is what it looks like You can't even tell On camera it doesn't look horrible – (Brooklyn) Oh yeah, that looks really bad

Oh my gosh, that's horrible I would most definitely say something Yikes! We're attempting to make a foundation line Can you even tell, though? – This is my faux-foundation line IF you just looked at me like this and I was talking to you, that's pretty bad

– (Brooklyn) I don't know Now you've gotta do your lipstick a little crazy, and I think that will help – Oh, boy! Okay – (Brooklyn) Whew, oh my gosh! – This looks like I did it on purpose – (Brooklyn) But they don't know that you did it on purpose

It's not like in their head that you're trying to trick them And that is the after look I think Bailey's having a mini-heart attack over the way she looks – This is not subtle! If I walked out there and the first thing they say is, "Your makeup looks bad," that's not the point I feel like I look like a clown

– (Brooklyn) This will be a test of true character Also, maybe their observation skills Okay, Tina just got home, which means we're about to film the one where Bailey has her makeup really bad I'm really excited to see what happens because her makeup looks really bad We'll see if Tina actually says anything

Oh, she's coming inside Gotta go! – Come sit here and let me make sure it's in focus – Let me fix my hair Where's Brooklyn? – (Bailey) She's upstairs studying Okay, so they told me to ask you a bunch of questions about your family and stuff, your dog, personal things about

What? – You have mascara right here Do you want me to lick it? – (Bailey) Yeah – I literally can't get it off

– It's on both sides, too? – Yeah, it's on both sides I can't get it off – I'm gonna mess my eyeshadow up Did I get it all? – Yeah, that's all – Did I mess my eyeshadow up? – A little bit

(laughs) I mean, it's kinda gone – How many siblings do you have? – Um, two, two older brothers – Okay, I'm trying to think of what else Having brothers, is that hard? Was your mom good about teaching you how to do makeup and stuff like that since she has two other boys before you? – My mom wasn't very involved in makeup and stuff so I honestly learned from YouTube – Yeah, my mom taught me how to do makeup so I feel like I'm pretty good at it

I feel like I can do it now You can do makeup – Really good at makeup – I grew up in a house where learning how to do makeup was something you just did – Right

– What would you say is your best makeup skill? Are you good at eyelashes, eyebrows (clears throat), putting on blush, contouring? – I mean I wouldn't say I excel at one, specifically I just know how to put makeup on my face and figure it out I mean I guess when I was in cheer I was pretty good at eyeshadow – I kind of like something that just takes a while to learn how to do I like experimenting with my eyeshadow

– You do – My skill I would say is probably eyelashes or eyebrows I feel like I've gotten really good at doing my eyebrows – Yeah, you've always done You kinda do them bold

– My eyebrows look good, do they look good today? – (Tina) Yeah, they're looking on fleek – What? – (laughs) – What, do they not look good? No, do they really not look good? – I can't do this This has to be a joke – Wait, for real, they don't look good? – They're like overdrawn in a different color – They're not the right color? – Did you get a new one? – How long have I been wearing that for? – (Tina) Did you get a new one? – (Bailey) You passed the test! – (Tina) What test? – A true friend! – She does a lot of blush usually, but this is like – A whole other level! – Loud material

(laughs) – Okay, let's see if Asa will notice I don't think he will I messed it up even more because I didn't think he would notice Hey, I'm over here! (Bailey) Come sit down (Bailey) Right here

(Bailey) Let me check to make sure you're – (Asa) What're we even saying? – (Bailey) In focus – How are you doing? You didn't tell me you were gonna look this cute – Awe, thank you – Look, from my bike, again – (gasps) Oh no! – The little thing would spin back and clipped me

– Oh my gosh! – You've got lots of mascara on you = Help – You look good, babe – I look good? – You look really good – Thanks, you like my makeup? = Uh huh

– You actually like it? – Yeah, I think you look cute What? Is this a prank? – Do you see the color of my eyebrows? They're orange! – (Brooklyn) You failed! – They look fine to me I was shocked a little bit because I was thrown off, but – (Brooklyn) But you said it looked good! – It doesn't look bad – Well thanks for being nice – Uh huh I'm not gonna say you look bad – Look at how bad my makeup looks

Look at how bad this is and he didn't say anything He just said, "What's on your nose?" – (Asa) What is that all over your nose? – It's the extreme highlight – (Asa) Walk away Look how bright it is from a distance See, from here I can obviously tell that something is off

– (Bailey) Asa tell me what you just said – So I was telling her the reason that I didn't say anything, I wasn't lying, I just genuinely thought she looked good I just told her that that's just how I always see her I always think she looks good no matter what she's wearing – (Bailey) You're a good boyfriend

– Thanks – (Bailey) Even though you would've let me walk out like that – I would've – (Bailey) 'Cause you thought I looked good – Yeah

(upbeat music) – (Bailey) Okay, this time we're doing something in our teeth Split in half – (Brooklyn) Cilantro – (Bailey) All right, come on Brooklyn Get that into your teeth

– Nope, that didn't do anything – (Bailey) Here let me try Okay, that's not subtle – (Asa) Just chomp on some actual pepper for a second – Or bite into an Oreo and don't lick your teeth

– (Asa) Yes, that's it – We can't get anything to stick in Brooklyn's teeth And they're coming over here soon Looks like we're trying black pepper – (Tina) How the crap am I gonna get black pepper? – (Bailey) Tina got it in her mouth

Yeah, that's not noticeable enough – (Asa) Okay, that's pretty good – Hey – (Bailey) Don't close your mouth – I can

(knocking on door) – (Bailey) Hi! – (Cam) Hey – (Tina) Hey Cam – Come look at this, I think this is so funny Look at this (Bailey) What are you showing him? – Do I have something in my teeth? Oh, I do? Thanks

– (Bailey) Tina really was convincing – He got it in two seconds He got it so fast (upbeat music) – Okay, so the tooth one was kind of hard to notice, and also was kind of too easy So we're doing a different one now, yay, our favorite one

We bought this on Amazon It's called Harmon's Doe Pee It smells so bad Anyway, as I was saying, this stuff open the bottle and smell it so we can get a genuine reaction – All right

(gags) – Okay so you guys can obviously tell that it smells horrible! I'll put it on myself but I'm only spraying it on my clothes so my hair doesn't smell bad Okay, I'm gonna go put it on, we're gonna have some friends over, and we're gonna see if they'll say anything about me smelling really bad I'm gonna hug them, get all up and close, up in their business, and see if they'll say anything about me literally reeking like a freaking trash can I would want someone to tell me if I smelled like a trash can (whispers) We'll see

Okay, spraying the nastiness (gags) We're just gonna tell Luke that we just finished filming and that's why the camera is still out So it's on the tripod Everyone do your best to get him to sit next to me Luke! – (Luke) Have a good day? Come give me a hug

Good to see you – Come sit on the couch with me – (Luke) Did you guys cook something? – No, why? – It smells like meat (group laughing) – It smells like meat? – (Brooklyn) That's so specific – Is it someone? No, you don't smell bad

– Is it me? – (Bailey) Is it you? I guess it's not you, no – (Tina) Is it her? – Is it me? Luke, is it me? – (Luke) I don't think so – Okay – (Brooklyn) Is it the candle? – (Bailey) Oh, maybe it's the candle – (Luke) Did you guys just light this? – Yeah

– (Brooklyn) Yeah It should smell good with the candle – Yeah, it shouldn't smell like meat – (Asa) Meat-scented candle – It's not burning, but it's like meat

I don't know – (Bailey) I gotta pee, be right back – Thanks for narrating – I think it's her So I think it's time for FaceTime date

– Did we ever figure out what that smell was? – Meat? – (Brooklyn) Is it the house? – (Luke) It's your shirt? – Is it me? – (Brooklyn) Luke's too nice to say something Luke's like, "Yes, but no" – Luke's like, "Yes, but no" Okay, we're filming a video (Luke groans) – What? – (Bailey) If you could say anything

– I'm sorry I mentioned your shirt – (Bailey) No! You're supposed to, it's good I smell so bad, I smell terrible, and sweet, little Luke didn't say anything He was a nice guy I don't know if I would tell someone they smell bad 'cause that's kind of one of those things where you're like, "Ohh, that's a little awkward

" I might tell someone their makeup's bad, but I might not tell them they smell bad, I don't know I'm gonna go change because I'm tired of smelling terrible We do have one more, we're gonna see if anyone will say anything when our dress is tucked into our spandex because that happens a lot So we're gonna do that whenever Bethany get home, our other roommate But the smelling bad one was interesting

(upbeat music) – Okay Oh, an outfit change queenie I like how your dress is tucked in to your tights – (Brooklyn) Is it really? – Yeah – It's been a few days since we filmed the "True Friends" video, and we actually have an edit up right now, we're going through that

But I had this ingenious idea because some of our team members and my mom are coming to visit us today at our house And I was like, "Oh my gosh, they think this video is over" "so that means they're not going to expect us" "to prank them, and put it in the video" Since I messed my makeup up last time, and that seemed to be the one no one really said anything about she's gonna mess her makeup up – I've already got my eyebrows looking a little jank up in here – So she's gonna mess her makeup up

Because it was me in the video I don't think that they'll expect it Cross our fingers that this works because if it does it's gonna be hilarious Okay, so far she's got mascara on – My eyebrows are just the scariest thing I've ever seen – (Bailey) But you gotta do a little bit of orange

– I did orange – (Bailey) Okay – An orange undertone – (Bailey) Put heavy blush on and then just leave it at that – This makes me hurt

Hurt! I don't like murdering my makeup – Okay, let's go set this camera up Okay, it's up, do you guys see it? It's hidden right there If we can somehow pull this off we will be legends They planned this video with us and now we're gonna prank them with it – I look like Pennywise

– (Bailey) From far away If you get up close into those eyebrows – I didn't want, they're so bad – (Bailey) From far away, would not say something – That's insane

– (Bailey) Look at the color, hold still Look at the color difference Pretty bad – I know my mom well enough to know that if I put mascara on my eyelids she would call it out in the first five seconds I don't want her to notice it that quickly

– (Bailey) Hi! Our puppy is here (Brooklyn screams) – Hi! – Hello, how are you? – Good, how are you? – I'm good – (Brooklyn) Sana! – (Bailey) We have a weird yellow wire right there and even with this black one it wouldn't matter that much – Are you doing something with your eyebrows? What's going on? They're really dark – (Brooklyn) Oh are they? I'm doing a new eyebrow thing

I told you she'd say something – (Sana) Are you filming? (everyone screams) – (Bailey) We predicted you'd be the first one to say it We were worried because we were like, "She's gonna ruin it for Sana and Dana" (screaming) – I hadn't even noticed I feel so bad for Asa and everybody now

– (Bailey) NOT A TRUE FRIEND! – (Bailey and Brooklyn) NOT A TRUE FRIEND! – I said that they looked good though – Looks good – It worked Okay so I think the only thing we figured out with this video is nobody will tell you if you smell bad So if you want someone to tell you you smell bad just don't smell bad, I guess

'Cause no one will say anything, but people will mention if you have mascara on your eyelids, and they will tell you if you have food in your teeth, and they will tell you if your dress is tucked into your spandex But nothing about you smelling bad And I get that though 'cause I don't think I would do it either so I don't blame anyone It was like 50/50 for the most part I think boys are less likely to say something to a girl, you know what I mean? Like, you know

But that's kind of a wrap of the video Hopefully you guys thought it was funny, and if you want us to do a part two of this video please comment down below and tell us, and give us some ideas of how we can test our friends to see how they'll react 'Cause we did the swap, now we did this video We need another idea so give it to us guys All right, I love you guys

I'll see you next time

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