Would You Do This on Your Friends’ Night?!? | 12 Days of Vlogmas Day #11

(upbeat music) – Hey, guys! – Hey, guys! – It's Brooklyn and Bailey And for today's vlogmas, we are having some of our friends over

We are having like a girl's night We're going to roast some marshmallows, play some games, eat some yummy snacks – We're so excited, honestly We always have so much fun with our friends – I know and it's just like, I just feel like it's long overdue

Like we kind of need like a good relaxing friends night Yes, it's so true – Okay, now before we get on with the video y'all be sure to subscribe to this channel by clicking the big, red button right down there Do it, do it, do it In the Christmas spirit, go subscribe

Now, let's get on to the video – [Brooklyn] Ash, is trying to eat our food – Back off, dude You're not eating the marshmallows, man – [Brooklyn] Jackson's a ninja – No, no, no, no

– [Brooklyn] so, he's stealing our cookies – So, I was at the store and I was like shopping for the So, I got graham crackers for the s'mores

Oh, shoot This is ripping, okay And I was walking past and I saw these, and these are the world's greatest sugar cookies I am telling you – [Girl] And our family's favorite

– And our family's favorite So, I was like – They're mine

– Mm, I should get them So, I sent a picture to all the girls that are coming tonight and they were like, yes, get them So, I got the glorious cookies – [Brooklyn] Ready to eat – We are ready to eat

– Obviously didn't ask mom, because mom would've said no – [Brooklyn] Bailey's almost an adult She can make life decisions like buying cookies (laughing) – This is why I'm exiting the house while they're doing s'mores to go to the gym – [Brooklyn] Lame

You know you want to eat cookies – [Boy] Eat, eat – Okay, you guys So, it's after the fine arts festival and we decided to have a girl's night So, we're hanging out here

Hi, guys – [Girls] Hi! – We decided to wear our pajamas Oh, Paisley wants to say hi too – Hi – So everyone come around to show their PJs

– Mine's Christmas, um, Santa (laughing) – Santa We got giraffes – Giraffes! – Dogs with Christmas things on them – Christmas socks

– Christmas socks – Yay! (laughing) – [Girl] And jeans! – We got 12 days of socks! – [Bailey] Show them your Christmas socks You got princesses – [Girl] Yeah – So we're gonna go out and roast marshmallows

– Hey – [Bailey] Alright, we're ready to roast Ready to roast – [Girl] Marshmallows! (chatter) – [Girl] Kennedy, what are you doin? – [Kennedy] My socks are wet (laughing) – [Girl] You almost set them on fire – [Kennedy] I know

– [Bailey] You just chillin over here? (laughing) – [Girl] So I was not lying when I said that I once set my hair on fire (laughing) – [Bailey] Please tell the story now that it's been caught on camera – [Girl] Okay so it was like a snowday or an ice day or something here and I was really cold, well particularly my nose, so I had this candle, and I was learning over it to warm my nose and and at the time I had bangs, and my bangs swung into the flame (laughing) And they caught fire – What did you do? – I just like hoo, hoo, hoo! (laughing) I clapped them off

– [Bailey] Oh my god – We are hanging out upstairs in the theater and Katie is having her first massage in the massage chair (laughing) – She picked like the stretch setting so the chair keeps like pulling apart farther and farther – It just keeps like pulling her body apart (screaming) (laughing) – Ow, now my butt just stuck

(laughing) – [Bailey] What's going on Brooklyn? – We're playin games – [Bailey] These are phone games – [Girl] Yes, and I love these – [Brooklyn] Okay my answers are funny for this, I'm excited – [Girl] I think I got one good answer

(chatter) – So Katie and I decided that we wanted muddy buddies, so we have been in the process of making muddy buddies, and it's been a little bit of a tragedy We've hit some run ins but that's okay – [Girl] What just happened here? – Well I went to get powder sugar and it exploded like dumped, me and Katie were both just like – [Girl] Like what just happened? – What do you even do? – Make them, make them! – Bailey! – [Girl] Bailey look at what happened (laughing) – [Bailey] Do I need to get like a paper towel – A vacuum, can you get a vacuum? We are ready, we are cooking our butter and our chocolate and our peanut butter

And we're ready to get the snacks on (screaming) – [Girl] We're apparently having an argument on whether or not pretzels belong in muddy buddies (screaming) – Where'd they go? – [Girl] You're gonna drop the chocolate! – [Brooklyn] Alright and as you can see the muddy buddies got devoured Tonight was so much fun, we had so much fun making muddy buddies and yeah – Thank you guys so much for watching that video

Now comment below on some of the fun stuff y'all like to do with your friends on your friends nights, whatever that is, comment that below Now y'all be sure to subscribe to this channel by clicking the button right over here If you wanna see more of our blogmas videos, click the box over here, and if you wanna see more of our videos in general, click the box right below that Thank you guys so much and we'll see ya later! Bye!

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