WOULD YOU RATHER? Ft Brooklyn & Bailey with Ashlund Jade

– Would you rather lick a sweaty armpit or chew on a clean toenail? Eat rotten cheese or rotten eggs? Eat a dead rat or a live worm? Forget who you are or forget everybody else? Have no one show up to your wedding or your funeral? Here's some different opinions on this (upbeat music) Hey guys it's Camry and right now we are on tour in Connecticut? Yes Fairfield, Connecticut and we have everybody here, well not everybody, but most everybody

So we got Ashlyn, her mom, Whitney, the twins Brooklyn's doing my homework over there Thanks Brooklyn The real MVP over there Then we have Charlie and Mindy number one

Number one Got two Mindy's here And we are going to be playing would you rather, but before we get onto the video, make sure you go check me out on Instagram, my username is @KAMRINOELM Well now let's get onto that video So I have a list of a whole bunch of would you rather questions I'm going to be asking everybody their question

Okay, so first, would you rather lick a sweaty armpit or chew on a clean toenail? – Ew – Ew – Oh my God – Ew, chew the clean toenail – [Kamri] Ew, that's gross

– Yeah, that's gross I wouldn't want to lick somebody's sweaty armpit – [Kamri] That's nasty This one kind of fits Ashlyn, because she does both these things So, would you rather be a horrible singer or a horrible dancer? – Ah, dang

– [Kamri] Imagine performing and you like– – If I was performing, yeah, I would rather be a horrible dancer, cause then you'd be good at singing So it's all good – [Kamri] Bailey, eat rotten cheese or rotten eggs? – Hmm Cheese – I was going to say cheese – Yeah, eggs are– – Rotten eggs

– [Kamri] No, cheese is mold – Cheese is like, it's mold – [Kamri] Cheese is mold, so okay Let's see Brooklyn

You can hear them next door Would you rather eat a dead rat or a live worm? You almost ate one of those – I almost ate a live worm – That's not bad – I would, you can swallow a live worm and not taste it

– [Kamri] A dead rat? – A dead rat, you'd have to like chew and like – [Girl] It taste like chicken – A dead, but it's not cooked

– [Kamri] It's not cooked, I don't think I think it's just dead – I'd much rather eat a worm – [Kamri] Whitney, would you rather be the most popular girl in school for 5 years or have the greatest friends ever? – The greatest friends ever, obviously – [Kamri] That's obvious! – Who would even choose the other one? – [Kamri] That was an easy one

For Mindy's best friend out there This is the moment of truth Would you rather win 50,000 or have your best friend win 500,000? – Oh – Do you even have like a really close friend? – I have lot's of really good friends So would I rather win 50,000 or have my best friend win 500,000? – [Kamri] Yeah – Probably my best friend, because she will give me 50,000 She'll give me half

– 250,000 – [Kamri] That's what I meant to say Okay, um, I'm gonna answer one Ask me one – Okay

Kamri, would you rather – [Kamri] There's like three pages of questions – Be the funniest person in the room or the most intelligent? – I feel like in the long run, being the most intelligent would be the best, so probably most intelligent

Oh this is a good one Would you rather have no one show up to your wedding or your funeral? – Wedding! – Are you serious? – [Girl] You'd rather have no one show up to your wedding? – Yeah, oh yeah, I want my wedding with like two people (arguing) (laugher) – [Kamri] Aw, that's sad – [Girl] But, that's the group of people you affected – [Kamri] This is a controversial

– [Girl] Like I'd rather have a tiny, like I'd rather elope and get married in Vegas and then have a huge funeral – Comment down below that's so sad

We have some different opinions on this So comment down below what you guys would choose Have no one show up to your wedding or no one show up to your funeral I don't know which one I would do What would you do? – Wedding

– I would totally want a big wedding – [Kamri] Wedding, wedding, what about you? – Funeral – Funeral? – Funeral – [Kamri] Funeral – Wedding, big wedding You're dead

You don't even know who's there – [Kamri] I feel you can still have a fun wedding without people there But, you can have, like a funeral without people isn't anything Okay, I'm going to go take you over to where the crew is – I don't want anybody at my wedding

– [Kamri] Really? So you would rather have nobody at your wedding – I want everybody to come to my funeral – [Kamri] Yeah, that's what I thought, but they were all saying– – I'm gonna be dead No I'm not gonna see anyone there, I'd rather have them– – I'll be with them in spirit (laughter) – Unless you can call your wedding a funeral – I want to hear all the good things they have to say about me – [Kamri] Yeah, alright Okay, would you rather become completely hairy or completely bald? – I think I'm both

(laughter) – [Kamri] True What about Lucas? – Completely bald – [Kamri] Bald? – Yes – [Kamri] What about you Ashlyn? – Hairy – [Kamri] Hairy? – What what? – [Kamri] Be completely hairy or completely bald? – Bald, I feel like, I'd rather be bald

– I'd rather be hairy I think – You can shave it and wax it – [Kamri] I don't know You could wear a wig Get your eyebrows tattooed on

Would you rather forget who you are or forget who everybody else is? – Forget who I am – [Girl] Really? – Then you would forget who your mom, your dad – [Kamri] That would be sad – If you forget yourself would you then remember your family? – [Lucas] You can always find yourself somewhere – [Kamri] Oh, Lucas True

True Yeah, I don't know That's a hard one Here you go Lucas, would you rather wet the bed every day or always have boogers showing? – If you wet the bed, nobody can see you (laugher) – It's hot, warm – [Kamri] Ew, no

Gross, I'd probably have boogers rather than wetting the bed – Really? Boogers? – [Kamri] Yeah – Then everybody could like see it – Everyday, all day – Every single day – [Kamri] Okay, then maybe not

Go on a date with Bugs Bunny or Mickey Mouse? – Mickey Mouse – Bugs Bunny is so much fun, yeah – [Kamri] I don't know Minnie? That's not even an option Um, lose your eyebrows or your eyelashes? – Eyelashes

– Eyelashes – I would just put fake eyelashes on – [Kamri] Yeah – Not if there's nothing there though I would say eyebrows because then you can get them microbladed

– [Kamri] Yeah, that's true – What's that? – It's like tattoos – [Kamri] Yeah, kind of, but they look really realistic Would you rather continue with your life or restart it? – Continue – Continue! – [Kamri] Have a missing finger or an extra toe? – Extra toe, I play drums

– Extra toe – Extra toe – [Kamri] Actually, oh yeah extra toe, yeah If it was an extra finger, that'd be nice – I wouldn't mind extra fingers

Take my ring fingers off so I can never get married (laughter) – [Kamri] Would you rather kiss a jelly fish or step on a crab? – Oh – Kiss a jelly fish Do they even have mouths? – Yeah, but they, it's electrocution – [Kamri] Yeah – Yes, thank you

– [Kamri] Or step on a crab? I'd step on a crab – If you step on a crab, you'd probably kill it (laugher) – [Kamri] What if it's a smaller crab? – Okay, there we are going to take your advice Step on a crab – [Kamri] Would you rather be a tree or have to live in a tree for the rest of your life? Have to live in a tree? I would live in a tree

– You can't go anywhere if you're a tree – [Kamri] No, that'd be awesome Yeah, you can have food You can be friends with the chipmunks – Palm tree

– [Kamri] Oh yeah Would you rather be able to read everyone's mind or always know their future? – Read their mind – [Kamri] Yeah – That's basically knowing the future – [Kamri] Yeah, that's true

– It's like that movie that he reads the girl's mind – Uh, yeah What guys, What Women Want – Yeah – That's an amazing movie

– Yeah, that movie was funny – [Kamri] Okay, last one Would you rather know when you are going to die or how you are going to die – How – How

– 'Cause then maybe you could prevent it – Then you can, then you can say, wait this is what they are talking about right here – [Kamri] But, what if it is like hit by a car Then you can really avoid that – Don't cross any streets (laughter) – [Kamri] Don't go outside

– [Girl] If you know you're gonna die, you can't avoid it – Yeah that's true – [Kamri] I feel like when, I'd rather know when, because then I can like prepare myself – Yeah, when is better – [Kamri] Yeah, yeah

Thank you guys so much for watching this video You can subscribe to my channel by clicking right here and you can check out some more of my other videos by clicking over here and make sure you guys comment down below some of your answers to those would you rather questions and I'll see you guys soon Bye! (upbeat music)

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