WRECK IT RALPH 2 Disney Princesses NEW CASUAL LOOKS | DIY Halloween Costumes

(bright, cheerful music) – Hey guys, it's Brooklyn and Bailey and obviously by the way we are dressed as Disney Princesses today's video is gonna be about Halloween costumes but we're showing you the casual Disney Princess costumes which are from Wreck it Ralph 2, which is a new upcoming movie – So in the movie the princesses are wearing casual attire so we thought we would go ahead and make costumes of their outfits that you can wear for Halloween or other instances

So that is what today's video is like, but before we get onto the video, we have released a brand new scrunchies, so they've got big ears this time with no wires – I am wearing three of them right here, this is a set – This is our Rapunzel set – Called Rapunzel – So you guys should definitely check them out by clicking the link in the description box below or the information button right over here

Go check those out right now, we are so excited about the brand new scrunchies – They are so cute you guys, definitely go check them out – Yes, and if you haven't subscribed to our channel go do that right now too by clicking the red button down below Alright, we are ready to see the casual attire Princess outfits – Let's go

– Brooklyn and I used what improvisations we could find on the Wreck it Ralph trailer and other pictures around the internet to try and recreate all the Princess costumes Some of them might not be perfect though because as you know the movie is not out yet but we did try our best so hopefully you guys enjoy – [Voiceover] Ruffians, thieves, poison ivy, quicksand? Oh no, oh no, I shouldn't have left my tower Oh, oh hey guys It's Rapunzel, and I'm showing off my cute casual look today

It is very fashionable even though I left the tower only a little while ago, I still know what fashion is So today we're gonna start off with my purple leggings which have the sun on them that is seen all over in my movie, I love to paint it, I love to wear it I love to see it, 'cause that's me, that's Rapunzel And paired with my leggings I also have my pink sweatshirt, which is super comfortable and super, super duper cute and underneath that I have this t-shirt that says, 'Tangled hair don't care', and that's because I don't care 'cause I always have tangled hair On my braid I am showing off this super cute set of scrunchies called the Rapunzel set that Brooklyn and Bailey are selling If you haven't checked that out you should click the link in the description box below

And that is my outfit (bright cheerful music) – [Voiceover] Y'all, I was up all night searching for a frog to kiss, so I'm gonna sip some coffee and I'm gonna try to wake up a lil' bit for ya So hey guys, it's Tiana, what's up? And the first part of the costume is my natural hair, so in the movie I just let my natural curls out and so I'm showing that off right now, the fun natural waves and to start I also have my combat boots with the yellow laces 'cause I love yellow So I also have a pair of yellow jeans that I'm wearing, super casual and comfy, I love going out in them all the time And then I've paired a green shirt on top and it says 'Nola' with a little crown in the middle because you know, my movie and I'm a princess

It says 'Nola' because that means New Orleans which is where my whole movie takes place and that is my costume (bright music) – [Voiceover] I am Merida, and I'll be showin' off me own clothes So today we're gonna show off Merida's casual look in the movie which is super cute So to just start she's wearing these adorable brown boots and then of course we cannot forget the super cute khaki shorts which she is showing off along with this t-shirt that says 'mum' it's got a bear on it because y'all know she turned her mom into a bear Didn't know that was possible but she managed to make it happen

And then on top of that we have this super cute flannel that matches the shirt that I totally love, adorable And then of course, how could we possibly forget the hair Merida's iconic red, curly, crazy hair And that is her casual look (light, twinkly music) – [Voiceover] Oh I'm so sorry guys, I know I'm always late

Oh no, my shoe, I swear I'm always losing this, oh hi guys Anyway to start, my shoes are these brown flats which I absolutely love And I've paired them with these blue leggings for my costume they're super comfy, easy to lounge in of course, which is the point And then I have this gray sweater on top to keep me warm and on the front it has a little graphic that says, 'got to go' and it's a little carriage, obviously it's in my movie, and I'm always running around and the clock strikes midnight (bell tolls) And then I have a blue scrunchie from the Cotton Candy Craze set, which I absolutely love and a blonde wig and there is my costume

(bright music) – [Voiceover] It's a little chilly in here, it's okay, I'll just let it go (bright music) Alright, Elsa is in the house and she is here to stay and her outfit is super cute so we're gonna start with her fluffy slippers, who does not love fluffy slippers? I love fluffy slippers 'cause they keep my feet warm and then of course we have sparkly black leggings because all Princesses need a little bit of sparkle And then we have this shirt that just says let it go, 'just let it go' that should be like, a life motto or something, I need that life motto, just let it go And then of course Elsa's iconic blonde braid which she is showing off right now And that is all

(cheerful ukulele music) – [Voiceover] It feels so nice to be able to row and swim freely, oh hey guys It's Moana, and today I'm gonna be showing you my costume in the Wreck it Ralph 2 movie So to start, I have some flip flops on but you know, sometimes I also go barefoot and I didn't really show my feet in the trailer of the Wreck it Ralph 2 movie so I'm gonna kick those off and you guys can choose what you wanna wear And then of course I have my khaki shorts here, they're a little bit longer and super comfy I love them, they're good for adventuring and of course, the ocean and the beach and the sand and all that

And then I have my orange shirt which is shiny and the little crab on it, you know my movie and the whole song and the good parts and it was great And then I have my hair, which is always just kinda wild and free, it's like, I have fun natural waves and it always pretty much stays the same even in the water which is great And there I have my costume (bright music) (yawning) – [Voiceover] Oh, you guys scared me Hey it's Aurora and I'm gonna show off my last minute casual Princess costume

So to start we have my black flats which she is known for in the movie, just slow dancing all the time, always Pretending to slow dance with her Prince Charming that she meets later, look at me go And then of course we cannot forget the hot pink leggings, and the hot pink sweatshirt that says, 'Nap Queen', because everybody knows I am the ultimate Nap Queen of course, that's what I am known for As the Princess napping all the time And then I have my adorable blonde curls and my pink headband to go with it and that is Aurora's last minute casual Princess look from Wreck it Ralph 2

Voila (bright music) – [Voiceover] Finish each other's sandwiches, that's what I was gonna say Hey guys, it's Anna, what's up? I'm eating a sandwich, of course, naturally because I love sandwiches but here are my brown combat boots for the costume that I love wearing all the time And I've paired it with some jean shorts and they have little zippers on the side which are really cute and then I have my t-shirt that says, 'finish each other's' and then has a picture of a sandwich 'cause you know, sandwiches and all And then of course I have my green little flannel on top to keep me warm 'cause sometimes it gets really cold up in the mountains you know, Anna and Elsa and snow

And then I have my braid and my little streak in it of course, naturally that stuff doesn't go away And yeah, so there's my costume (bright music) – [Voiceover] I am ready to go save an Emperor's life in this outfit So hi guys, it's Mulan and I'm gonna show off my Princess casual outfit so you can see I have my white converse and white ruffled socks that I like to wear sometimes 'cause I like to feel girly And then of course, my black ripped up jeans which are totally tough looking which is what I like

And then of course I'm sporting that with a white tank top and my red jacket that has dragons on it As you can see because Mushu, you know he has a little bit of an ego and he likes to feel appreciated so I thought I'd wear this jacket to make him feel better Ha, I am totally ready and feeling tough So as you can see, my black bob here I am sporting that, it's all styled and looking tough and cute Now this tough chick is ready to go

That's my casual outfit from Wreck it Ralph 2 (bright music) – [Voiceover] I know what you're all thinking, 'An apple, really?' But yes, they are my favorite fruit now because I conquered my fears But to begin with my costume, I have these black flats and I paired it with the yellow comfy lil' tights and I pushed them up so they're like, more casual looking And then I've paired it with this blue shirt, off the shoulder a little bit and it says, 'Poison Apple' 'cause you know, poison apples And then I've got this cute little bralette underneath that's got some red straps, just for comfort

And of course, I've got my hair in their perfect little black curls and my red bow, naturally And there you have my costume (bright music) – Thank you guys so much for watching this video, hopefully you enjoyed our predictions of what their costumes will look like We had so much fun and hopefully you guys will maybe wear them on Halloween Also, do not forget to subscribe to our channel by clicking the red button down below that says subscribe – Right here, do it, do it

Be sure to also check out our scrunchies by clicking the box right here in the middle Go do it, they are super cute we are in love with them So go check them out – So, so cute – If you wanna see more of our videos click the boxes over there and we will see you guys next week, bye y'all – Bye guys

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