YouTubers & Celebrities Pick Our DRIVE-THRU Orders! | Collins Key, Sadie, Ro Pansino, & MORE!

– We just got judged harder than I have ever been judged in my entire life (upbeat music) – Okay, you guys

– We are having YouTubers slash celebrities – [Group] Pick our fast food order So I've seen a lot of YouTubers do this with Starbucks orders We decided to make it even crazier So we've texted some celebrity friends and YouTuber friends, "Send us a video of going to any fast food place that has a drive through" – And ordering whatever you want

– I don't know what they've said – We have 11 videos – 11 videos – [Group] Lunch and dinner – [Group] For the next – [Group] six days – That's a lot

– That's a lot (upbeat music) First one is Chloe from Dance Moms We are really good friends – Here's her order – Hi, Brooklyn and Bailey

So I pick Whataburger Get the triple meat Whataburger and ask if you can combine it with the jalapeno and cheese Whataburger Get the jalapeno and cheese toppings, put it on the triple meat Good luck! – Ew! – Okay first of all we are wannies – We are big wannies

– When it comes to spicy things – Wan, wan, wan – Jalapenos Is it jalapeno or jalapeno? Is it possible to put the toppings from the jalapeno burger on that? – [Whataburger Employee] Yeah the toppings are the same it's just the jalapeno burger's gonna come with the cheese topping – Okay can we put the cheese on the triple meat burger, then? – [Whataburger Employee] Yeah absolutely! – Oh perfect! She was very accommodating

– Yeah she was like– – Yeah, no problem! The worst part about this isn't going to be the ordering of it It's gonna be the eating of it – [Group] Thank you – [Whataburger Employee] You're welcome – Okay

Time for the This thing is huge! – That is huge! Huge! – Low key though, smells good Pickles, jalapenos

– Take a bite! – Ooh! I hate spicy things! My gosh – This and my head – No joke, its flavor was good It's just the fact that it's so spicy (upbeat music) – Your girl's hungry

– It's Ricky and Nick – Oh this is going to be bad Please Ricky – Hi Brooklyn and Bailey Ya'll asked for an order

– We're just going to keep it nice and simple You guys gotta go to Chick-fil-A Get french fries, a peach milkshake, and a spicy chicken sandwich But you gotta say hold the chicken and get pickles only on the sandwich – And on the milkshake they normally give you a cherry on top, but you guys are going to have to ask for an additional cherry

And then another additional cherry until they won't let you get anymore cherries Mmm – Wait, what? – Until they say we – Until they tell us that we – can't do anymore cherries – can't have anymore cherries – The pickle sandwich is a no

– That's a no – Vote in one of these polls wherever it pops up if you guys like pickles or not I hate pickles – High-five! That's awkward – Can I get a chicken sandwich– – The spicy chicken

– But can I get no chicken and just pickles? – [Chick-Fil-A Employee] Just pickles? – Yes – [Chick-Fil-A Employee] So do you just want like– A pickle sandwich – [Chick-Fil-A Employee] a bun? Okay yeah, for sure! – Yeah like that And then can I get a peach shake? That comes with a cherry on it, right? – [Chick-Fil-A Employee] Yeah, absolutely! – Is it possible to put more cherries on it? – [Chick-Fil-A Employee] Yeah extra cherries Let's do it

– How many cherries can I do? – [Chick-Fil-A Employee] Infinite – Can I do an infinite amount on that peach shake? Hi, thank you – [Chick-Fil-A Employee] (mumbles) With the cherries – Thank you – Look at all the cherries! (laughs) – I'm dead

I caught it This is the lightest chicken sandwich I've ever picked up Dinner There's too pickles on there Take a big fat bite of the pickles

Perfect – It goes all the way down – They shoved the (mumbles) – They shoved them in It is all the way down the middle – You're joking, no you're not serious

They did, though That's so gross – So thanks, Ricky and Nicky – Thanks Ricky and Nicky For the delicious and interesting dinner order

(upbeat music) It's day two So for lunch today we are doing Rebecca Zamolo Who is also a fellow YouTuber She's also like our big sis – Hey Brooklyn and Bailey! It's Rebecca and I wanna give you guys an order for Wendy's

I want you to order a cheeseburger with only one of the buns, and ask them to cut off the edges Make sure to throw on half of a slice of cheese, one pickle, and one slice of lettuce And then I want you to order a frosty, but ask them if they can throw in one french fry into the frosty Finally, I want you to ask them if you can order some chicken McNuggets and make sure at the end to say that you're McLovin' it – That's like an ultimate diss to Wendy's

Wendy's, McDonald's I don't wanna be that person – Ew, leggo – Can I get a cheeseburger? But is that square meat? – [Wendy's Employee] Yes – Okay, this is going to sound crazy, but I have a thing where I can't eat square meat

So can you cut the edges off of that? – [Wendy's Employee] Okay Did you want the single cheese? – It has to be a half a slice of cheese Is that okay? – [Wendy's Employee] Okay! – Okay and then one piece of lettuce – [Wendy's Employee] Did you want to make that a combo? – Yeah, can I get some, what is it, McNuggets? – [Wendy's Employee] There's 4, 6, 10, and 20 – Uh let's do 4

Can I actually get one french fry put in the frosty? – [Wendy's Employee] Yes – Thank you! It's really good when it soaks, and it's crazy but it's good – [Wendy's Employee] Okay – Ah! (laughs) – [Wendy's Employee] You said soak the fry in there right? – Yeah – Yeah, please

– [Wendy's Employee] I told you, bro All right, just one? – Yeah just one fry is fine You should try it, it's really good – [Wendy's Employee] I'm not judging you – Thank you

(laughs) These people are so nice Thank you so much, guys – [Wendy's Employee] All right, you guys No problem, you're welcome – Check it out! (laughs) – I forgot to say I'm McLovin' it

– Dang! – Dang it! – The cheeseburger – And the McNuggets He didn't even hesitate He goes, "4, 6, or 8?" – Oh look Look at that, they cut the edges off

They cut the edges off (laughs) – I'm crying My gosh – It was really nice – That guy was so nice

– And then he totally did exactly what we wanted Oh we forgot one bun Forget my half I got mine (upbeat music) – So dinner time If you guys don't know Grant, he's like our little brother

He sings beautifully Like an angel So that's Grant – Hey guys, it's Grant So I want you all to go to Arby's

Get the ultimate BLT without bacon and without lettuce And then ask for cheese on top of the bun if you could And also I want you to get some potato cakes on salted fries and a jamocha shake – Say what? – What? – I don't know what any of that means But Arby's

– He said to go to Arby's – That's creative – That's a good fast food place – [Group] Potato cakes – On salted fries– – No

Potato cakes, unsalted fries – No, on – No it's unsalted – Look back, it's on salted – On salted fries

– See, on – [Group] Potato cakes on salted fries – What is jamocha? – I don't know what jamocha is No bacon and no tomato on that – [Arby's Employee] So you want the BLT with no bacon, and no tomato? – Yeah

– [Arby's Employee] Okay – Is it possible to get a potato cake put on top of my fries? – [Arby's Employee] Huh? – A potato cake, can I get those on top of my curly fries? – [Arby's Employee] Uh – This is just a glorified hashbrown – Yeah he didn't put – [Group] Cheese on top – He put it on the middle

– It's just like a cheese sandwich Hey that's pretty good, actually Highly recommend (upbeat music) – Hello – Okay Vanessa and Veronica, the Merrell twins

– So we want you guys to go to McDonald's Order a – [Group] Cheeseburger – A fish filet – And then a McChicken Take out all the meats and combine it into one sandwich

– It's delicious – Apparently And let us know how it is – Yeah, let us know – All right, let's go

Can I get a chicken sandwich, a basic cheeseburger, and a fish filet sandwich? – Ew – All right – Filet-O-Fish Burger – Oh, the burger and the cheese

– Like, bro I will throw up – Ready? Two – I'm eating more chicken than I am – One, go! – If I think about it being fish I gag

– That's pretty good Ya'll should try this Not bad, Merrell twins (upbeat music) – It's Summer McKeen now Kay? So we're gonna watch her video

– My fast food place I think you guys should go is Wendy's And order their spicy chicken nuggets 'cause they're really, really good But if they don't have that then order a hamburger with only lettuce, onions, and mayo – Oh gosh – So that was a very normal order

– That was a very normal order – All we have to order – [Group] Are spicy chicken nuggets – Hi, do you guys have your spicy chicken nuggets? – [Wendy's Employee] No those don't come back until August 19th, ma'am – Okay Can I get just a regular cheeseburger

On that burger can I just get mayo, lettuce, and cheese? – Is that our order was? – See we were anticipating spicy chicken nuggets and they don't have them All right, Summer we're gonna find out if we– – Got your order right – With only lettuce, onions, and mayo – Onions! – Oh we said lettuce – We said lettuce, cheese, and mayo

So we're taking the patty off ourselves – I'm so glad I'm eating a lettuce and cheese sandwich for dinner – We love a straight mayo sandwich (upbeat music) – This is like, what day? – [Group] Four – Okay it's Collins Key and Devan Key

They're like the boy slash really tall version of Brooklyn and I – Hey what up! – Hey what up! – Brooklyn and Bailey, it's Collins and Devan And we challenge you guys to go to Weinerschnitzel, order their classic burger – But, hold everything, only two– – Wait, wait, wait Weinerschnitzel has burgers? – Two buns and ranch sauce in the middle

– And 16 corn dogs – Whoa, that's a lot – We wanna see 16 of them with a sundae on top, hand delivered, smooshed together I want it just in a ball – Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait

– Not ordering that – Just a whole ball of all of this So that's what we're looking for We love you guys – Did they say, "And a sundae on top?" Does Weinerschnitzel do ice cream? – Do sundaes? Is there any way I can get the hot fudge sundae on top of one of those corn dogs? – [Weinerschnitzel Employee] I'm sorry? – Is there any way that you can combine one of the corn dogs with the ice cream, like in a cup or something? – [Weinerschnitzel Employee] Let me ask

I'm sorry, we can't do that – Okay, thank you – They didn't put it any way we asked for it Here's your ranch sandwich With my 16 corn dogs

And a hot fudge sundae that we asked for them to combine with the corn dogs Girlfriend, don't do that Don't do Why are you doing that? Dip the corn dog all the way in Push it all the way in There you go That is a good crunch though – Mm-hmm (affirmative) Not as bad as you thought! – Ew! (upbeat music) – Okay it's dinner time

The next video is from Nia Also from Dance Moms – I want you guys to go to Taco Bell and get the Mexican pizza – That was sweet, short, and to the point – Mexican pizza? I didn't even know they had that

– That sounds pretty normal I feel like I'm going to curse it though and it's going to come and be like super weird – Hi, can I just get the Mexican pizza? Thank you – Wow – What would life be like– – (mumbles) Oh it just fell out of the thing

– You're kidding Oh, Bailey I think she just dumped the whole thing out into the bag – Here's your slice – Aw, how sweet of you

What is this? It's not bad, try it It looks bad – It looks bad – It don't taste that bad – Yeah I was like ew, what? – Good choice, Nia

– A regular meal (upbeat music) – Last day – Because we had an uneven amount of videos, we're doing three today So the first one is Rosanna Do you guys know Ro on YouTube? – I want you to go to Whataburger and get a burger

But instead of meat, I want you to order two hashbrown patties with extra pickles and let's also add a Dr Pepper shake as well So try it out and let me know what you think – That's horrible – Instead of meat

– I don't know what everybody's obsession is with these pickle things– – But it nasty – But it needs to stop 'casue they nasty – Hi, can I get just a regular cheeseburger? Instead of the meat patties, can I get that replaced with hashbrown patties? – [Whataburger] Uh, yes ma'am – Wow, he didn't even – He took that – blink an eye – In

– I guess that might just be like– – A vegetarian thing – A vegetarian thing I don't know

– I don't either Thank you – [Whataburger Employee] You're welcome Do you need ketchup? – Well that was fast, sufficient, and easy We got the Dr

Pepper shake and it looks absolutely gross – Look, they actually put the hashbrowns on there – I am shocked Like is that a normal thing? – Mmm, that's actually really good – I don't know how I feel about that

It's not like gross But it's just like not the flavor you were expecting to get The hashbrown is good – It's really good – What? What? Since we're doing these back to back, it's on to the next one

If you guys don't know who Sadie is, Sadie Robertson and her fiancee– – Just got engaged – Just got engaged Congratulations, guys – They're part of the Duck Dynasty family – Yeah, Sadie's also Asa's cousin

Which is how I know her pretty well And so I had her send me a video – We want you to go to McDonald's and order a fish filet sandwich, but ask them if they could stack an apple pie on top of the fish filet And if there's anyway they could do the ketchup in the form of a smiley face on the bun side that's touching the fish not the apple pie – And since it's not a kids meal you have to ask for a toy

– Yeah because we always want a toy – We always want a toy (laughs) – That sounds – Okay that sounds – Horrendous – Wow! – Hi can I get your fish filet? Can you like make the ketchup a smiley face? – [McDonald's Employee] Ketchup smiley face on a fish filet – Yes Can I get the apple pie as well? Can you put that on the fish filet? – [McDonald's Employee] No ma'am

– Oh, that's a bummer Well, I'll just order them separately and do them myself – [McDonald's Employee] Okay – Wait, is there any way that I can get a toy? – [McDonald's Employee] Uh, you can buy it separately – The toy, guys! Time to build myself a sandwich

Here's the fish filet So if you hit him he speaks (laughs) – I guess – Did they deprive us of our smiley face ketchup? – They did – Wow

Here, oh we have a little sliver of cheese We can probably make it into a smiley face – This is sad – Ta-da! We did it guys! Baked apple pie coming my way – Oh! – Yeah I would eat it again

I like really like this (cheerful music) Like look, I'm gonna do it some more Sadie, you tried to make it gross, but girl this is actually pretty good All right – Last one! – Now this time it's Sofie Dossi

If you guys don't know who she is, she's like this crazy contortionist She does YouTube videos – I challenge you guys to go to Burger King and order a cheeseburger without the bun, patty, lettuce, or tomato, or pickles Good luck – Goes and pays like a dollar fifty for a piece of cheese

– And no bun and no meat – [Burger King Employee] So you just want ketchup, mustard, and cheese – Yeah, thank you – [Burger King Employee] Wait, I'm confused – We just got judged harder than I have ever been judged in my entire life

– This is hilarious! You can have at that – Wow, thank you Sofie – Oh, oh my disgusting Uh-uh don't look at me I'm not talking about that

– I don't know if I would call that a meal – I would call this like a midday snack – Well guys, that is a wrap So I'm not– – No more fast food – Gonna eat fast food for another year and a half

– Hopefully you guys thought this was funny If you did, we can always do a part 2 So, see you later Bye guys!

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